[Pugmire/Mau] September Update!

Hello, good dogs and excellent cats! It’s time for another Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau update!



(Yes, I used that joke last month. But it’s still true!)


The stacks of Pugmire before one of the four times we sold out.

Gen Con 50 was amazing for Pugmire. We sold out of the books several times, as well as the Guide screens and Monarchies of Mau Early Access! I ran a couple of demo games (one for Pugmire, and one for Mau), and the Wrecking Crew ran several four-hour sessions as well. It seemed like the biggest complaint was that there wasn’t enough Pugmire events and products to go around, which is a great problem to have!

I lost count of the people who brought their Pugmire copies for autographs or took the time to tell me about their experiences with Pugmire. Thanks to all of you who came to the booth, attended the panels and events, wore the buttons, and otherwise made our launch at Gen Con such a success. It meant the world to me.

While the focus was on Pugmire, I did have a number of people interested in Monarchies of Mau and wanting to know more. The demo I ran also went very well, and I think some of the changes we’re looking at will work well for the game. I also teased some future Mau ideas — nothing concrete, but I definitely have cat-specific ideas in mind. It’s not all just dogs around here!



Onyx Path had a number of announcements at the show. One of them was that we’re going to work with DriveThruRPG to provide a Pugmire Community Content portal! That means that members of the Pugmire community can upload their own adventures and other content. You can even sell them (although Onyx Path and Pugsteady will get a percentage of every sale)! If you’ve looked at programs like the DM’s Guild for Dungeons & Dragons or the Storyteller’s Vault for the World of Darkness, you’ll get a sense of what we’re hoping to accomplish.

I’m still working out details, so I can’t really answer questions just yet. But if you have a cool Pugmire adventure you think others would enjoy, hang on to your notes, and we’ll have more information soon!



The writers are writing for Mau. The deadline for the first draft is in early October, so hopefully next month I’ll have a snippet or two I can show everyone. In the meantime, we’re having important and useful conversations on Slack, like the following:


Eddy Webb: I’m the veteran of a thousand yarn wars.

Just as a reminder, with parts of the game and the world being reconsidered, I can’t start on other stretch goals until we nail things down. I expected this, and we budgeted it into our timeline when we launched the Kickstarter, but for a few months it might seem like not much is happening. I promise you, this is all part of the creative process, and everything will kick into high gear soon enough!



Now that I’m settled in Ireland, it’s time for me to make the rounds of the European conventions. I have to look at my budget and time to see what I can commit to, as well as learning the wrinkles of European travel, but I have already committed to attending Dragonmeet in December. I’ll be there just as an attendee, but feel free to catch me between games for an autograph or just to chat.



  • Now that some other projects are out of the way, I’m back at work on the Fetch Quest card game. We’re eyeballing a Kickstarter for that next year sometime.
  • Writers are continuing to rewrite their stories for the Pugmire anthology.
  • YouTube video scripts for Pan’s Guide are being written.
  • Music is being composed for the non-interactive Pugmire audio drama, so I should be getting a rough cut soon.
  • Earplay is getting close to launch.

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  1. Very interesting. It gives me more incentive to write up the playable bird people I’ve been thinking about ever since I read the Pugmire PDF.


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