Reprint Repro-a-GoGo is now LIVE!

We’re all out of the traditionally-printed copies of several of our core rulebooks from previous crowdfunding campaigns. So we’re going back for more!

This should help us fund a new print run for:

  • You, if you back this. Fulfillment, probably later this year. No development needed, just printing.
  • Other campaigns: we like adding core rulebooks as add-ons to other campaigns (we did a bunch of those on this campaign too!), and this helps us keep doing that.
  • Retailers: Put our games in front of other faces at physical game stores!

The books have all received minor edits to fix a few errors we’ve noticed over the years.

If the campaign exceeds expectations, we may also be able to add other books to the print schedule that have never seen a traditionally-printed hardcover release, like Trinity Continuum: Assassins or the Scion Player’s Guide: Saints and Monsters.  That will be determined as the campaign progresses.

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