Scarred Lands 24 hour Warning!

LandingPage__0017_ScarredlandsFewer than 24 hours remain on the Scarred Lands Kickstarter for Pathfinder and 5e!

Less than 200 years ago, the world of Scarn was home to prosperous people. The inhabitants of the world toiled the land, hunted the beasts, and built civilizations. But all this was in the shadow of the world’s most awesome inhabitants, the titans.

Beings of monstrous power, the titans derived their strength from Scarn itself, ultimately wielding nearly limitless power. A titan could sculpt mountains, gouge out new rivers, and even breathe life into entirely new species of creatures. With time and patience, the titans might have made a paradise of Scarn, but they were forces of nature that lacked compassion for their creations or that vital spark that might have made them something more.

The children of the titans, though, were gods. For reasons unknown, the children were not themselves titans. They still drew power from Scarn, but they draw the greatest portion of their strength from the intensity of their mortal believers. In time, even the most evil of the gods realized that the day might come when the titans would capriciously cleanse Scarn of mortals. The loss of the mortals’ faith and vitality would cripple the gods.

When Denev, titan of the earth itself, spoke out against her siblings, the gods took it as a sign. The Titanswar, pitting one titan and the gods against a dozen other titans, erupted. Scarn shook in the wake of the struggle. The landscape of Scarn shattered under the force of the combatants’ blows.

In the hands of the original creators, this 3e FRPG setting of a world torn by war between gods & titans returns for Pathfinder and 5e!






2 responses to “Scarred Lands 24 hour Warning!”

  1. Ian W Avatar

    Since you guys are doing other stuff in the publishing side more, is there any chance of a Tri Stat DX revival at some point?

  2. Chaz Avatar

    Can’t freaken wait.scarred lands took my dnd virginity.loved it ever since.