Blood Sorcery: Sacraments & Blasphemies

Bottom line at the top: Blood Sorcery: Sacraments & Blasphemies  for Vampire: The Requiem is out. You know that storefront between the massage parlor and the Gamestop? The one called something like New Light Nondenominational Church? With the sign that says “ALL WELCOME!” You ever wonder why, if all are welcome, they’ve got the windows blacked … Read more

Mummy: Magic

Hi, gang. Last week, we talked a bit about how magic suffuses the Arisen, from their fleshly shells to the occult wonders they can work in the living world. This week, we expound on magic in Mummy. Magic as Lifeforce Wherever life exists—or even the potential for life—mystical energy bubbles up from the cosmic firmament … Read more