Preview: Mysteries of the Dragon

The Ordo Dracul work tirelessly to improve the Kindred condition. Or at least, their Kindred condition. They pursue the Mysteries of the Dragon, ways to understand and reshape basic elements of what it means to be a vampire. In building them, we wanted to show that not only does the Order succeed at beginning to transcend … Read more

Rules of the Night

Vampires don’t play by the rules, but we do. As a standalone book, Blood and Smoke is going to feature the core Storytelling system rules, with the God-Machine Chronicle updates baked right in. The chapter’s designed to be lean and mean, providing the basics you need to play Vampire, with pointers to the other books for more detailed subsystems. (And, … Read more

Preview: The First Estate (plus other news)

The First Estate It’s a lot of money, isn’t it? More than you’ve ever had, I think. And it’s all yours if only you won’t tell. Part manorial lords, part men in black, the Invictus safeguard the Masquerade. Vampiric secrecy is the absolute highest of all concerns. In order to protect it, the Invictus must … Read more

Preview: The Order of the Dragon

You have in you the seeds of something great. Of meaning and power beyond imagining. All you have to do to unlock it is transcend your curse. The Ordo Dracul follow in the footsteps of Dracula, the smartest and most dangerous vampire who ever unlived. Dracula knew that he had been cursed by God. Rather … Read more

Preview: The Friends of Jenny Redteeth

They want your freedom in exchange for safety. They want your soul in exchange for blessing. They want your body so they can “improve” you. They want to you to show up for coffee and donuts and talk about revolution. They want all that. But they’re getting your middle finger. Because you’re free. Your secrets … Read more

Preview: The Chapel and the Spear

“When something’s right, then something is worth to die for. When I feel that something is wrong, then something is worth to fight for.” –The Sounds, “Something to Die For” (Bottom line at the top: <Click here for the working draft of the Lancea et Sanctum>.) A vampire always, always has something to do. But the problem … Read more