Announcing: Mummy

Hi, gang! Yes, it’s been a few weeks since my last blog update, but uh, we’ve been a little busy over here.  🙂 The first and most important low-down is that the Mummy: The Curse Kickstarter has launched (link below). We’ll be looking to shout it from the rooftops through the holidays, since we only … Read more

Pre-Launch Post

Hey, gang. So, that was a crazy bunch of weeks. But they happened, and now this is happening: I’ve just finished proofing the core set for Mummy: The Curse, ladies and gents, and I’m pleased to relate that it looks really good. And I mean good even for a perfectionist like me. Between the talented … Read more

Mummy: The Guild

Hi, gang. A couple weeks ago, we introduced the concept of the decree — a personal polarity that defines the core of a given mummy’s soul — and then last week we offered a sneak peek at the cults of the Arisen. Beyond these differences, mummies also organize themselves into guilds: circles that teach Arisen … Read more

Mummy: The Cult

Hi, gang. Last week, we took five to dish a little on our design philosophy behind the Arisen. This week, we’re back to spoiling the hell out of our new game–in this case, cults. From a WoD design perspective, I wanted cults to fill the role filled in other games by elements like bloodlines (Vampire) … Read more