The Gods Are With Us! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Yes! Our Scion: God crowdfunding campaign on BackerKit funded in just a minute over two hours last Tuesday, and we’re rolling close to 300% funding right now. Over 1600 backers and we’re not quite a week into this thinger.

Which does not mean we’re going to just leave this up to the gods – no, we’re going to continue to push the campaign out into the public awareness as best we can, and now BackerKit is doing much the same! If you can do it, please do try and let folks know about it, too!

The more the merrier! Here’s the link:

Again, I note that there are some things that are different than our previous crowdfunding efforts, as this BackerKit platform is still in the beta-testing stage. Some things are already helpful to know about, like:

1- Scion: God‘s campaign will not charge you until the campaign is over – this is like KS, but unlike IndieGoGo.

2- In order to get an Add-On, you need to raise your pledge by the listed amount for that Add-On and then manually pick it in BackerKit after the post-campaign area is live on BK. This is how KS functioned for most of its life, and how our backers used to have to include Add-Ons in their pledges. (This may get changed by BK after our campaign is over to bring their site more in tune to what KS backers have become used to. Again, beta version).

3- Backers still get to download sections of the Scion: God text as they are revealed throughout the campaign. You can still read the whole manuscript and decide to drop out if you don’t like it. (Backers can also still reply to the comments form to inform us of any concerns or tweaks they want us to know about).

4- Scion: God is indeed the last of the books that were core books in First Edition. Is it the last core book for 2e? We shall see. What we do know is that Scion: God 2e is very much a different take on the subject than God 1e, so please do take the opportunity to see how our new team of creators have approached and solved the problems of getting to this power level. We think you’re going to love it!

5- Shipping charges come after we’ve finished the campaign, as we are in a time of great turmoil in the shipping services arena and it’s getting harder and harder to estimate what shipping fees will look like even several months in advance. (I’ve been talking here for quite a while about the challenges we’re all facing post-Covid lockdowns so that you folks know what to expect, and this is one of those things). It’s not a BackerKit specific thing, though, it’s crowdfunding fulfillment in general.

Scion: Dragon Screen art by HIVE Studios

One of the ways we’re getting the word out is by giving our creators a chance to talk about Scion: God. Last week, Hiromi and the team sat down for a panel on our Twitch channel – which you can watch if you subscribe or wait for it to show up on our YouTube channel. I didn’t tell them, but I listened in, and it was a really fun panel filled with all sorts of solid info on what’s in Scion: God – and also the thoughts and ideas of the team as they wrote and developed it!

Their discussion of the new pantheons and how and why they are constructed as they are, and just the general way that myths and religions and oral histories inform what we “know” about these beings is well worth the time to listen in on!

Good stuff all around, and they are clearly also having fun talking about their baby!

Nova Companion art by Digital Art Chefs

It’s One Week Until …

Which means we have one week left of the They Came From! celebratory month for our Ten Year Anniversary! Time is just flying by! Why, next week I’ll probably be talking about which game line is being celebrated in November!

But it’s not November. Yet.

Which is why, here in the last full week of October, we’re releasing a They Came From! Tasty Bit: They Came From Beneath My Bed!

Inspired by Are You Afraid of the Dark and Goosebumps, and the like, you too can relive those scary nights where you were sure you heard something move under there. My bet is on that damn ventriloquist’s dummy, but insert your own terror here.

Our various sales are continuing, with a general Halloween Sale at DTRPG joining our month-long 90% off discounts on They Came From! PDFs and IPR‘s Half-oween sale that features our They Came From! physical books, as well as other lines! Links for all those are in the Sales area below.

This Friday They Came From! is the featured game line for our Friday Night Game Night With Onyx Path event at StartPlaying Games – details are below. It’s a great chance to get some playing in, and if you are interested in running a game or two, there’s still time to register your game!

Of course, our Onyx Pathcast this Friday is about They Came from! games, in a skewed way. Like much of what our Pathcast does! Eddy and Matthew will be riffing as they watch Fateful Findings together. This sounds like a bad movie, but great fun, and you can see how Matthew pulls lines from quips and for quips in the game even as you listen along with this experience!

I mean, I could be wrong. It could be a great movie! But the quips will still be really funny!

Scion: Dragon art by Ivan Vegar

Over the weekend, we supported two conventions: the virtual Roll20 Con where we had some online shenanigans going on, including a drawing for some physical Scion books, and the physical GameHole Con. From what our folks who attended have reported, there were more attendees than previous years – which is a great sign for our industry and hobby. Proof of vaccination was required for tickets, so that too is a good thing.

Our gang had multiple games running throughout the con, and they all were totally filled up, which is also pretty awesome!

On a totally different subject line, I found yet another “artifact” of the early years while unpacking my office…and this one is a special treat for our own Ian A. A. Watson: my original notes for the creation of the symbols for Aeon – which we still use today:

Interestingly, not a bunch of sketches; those would come after I worked out the references from both our real world and from what we were already developing for Aeon.

And running along a theme of stuff I personally have done, here’s this week’s installment of art for Inktober, as picked by Matthew Dawkins from the pieces I’ve done so far this month. These pieces may tell you a great deal about the setting I’m drawing them up as concept art for…or they may not!

Here’s the description I included when I posted this Gold Dragon last week:

The prompt is Heist. Do not plan a heist against a Gold Dragon. They are avaricious & vain, laying in magma streams in order to apply molten gold and jewels to their armor plates. They also use various precious materials to overly decorate their horns. Brush pens.

And on the opposite side of the dragon spectrum, here is the note for this Fossil Dragon:

Here’s the Fossil Dragon matched with the prompt Gargoyle. Done w/ink pens.

OK, it was the first one, I was out of practice for the description writing thing. Let me add that they are, in fact, fossilized and can turn other things to stone. And they are mean ones. Which makes them really scary, and segues right into my last bit for y’all this week!

See you all next week, on Halloween!

Which is one of the few times I could write this in all of our MMN blogs during these:




Funded in a minute over two hours on BackerKit crowdfunding… Scion: God!

Join over 1600 other folks who have already backed the Scion: God Backer Kit crowdfunding campaign! Can we make it to over 2000?

Onyx Path Media!

This week:

Eddy and Matthew provide a commentary track to one hell of a They Came From film: Fateful Findings (2013)!

As always, this Friday’s Onyx Pathcast will be on Podbean or your favorite podcast venue!

Onyx Path Media now has its own blog on Tuesdays! We’ll continue posting our highlight of the week here, but Tuesday will be the day to visit if you want to catch up on actual plays, interviews, deep dives, and other assorted Onyx Path media!

Please check out our attached media schedule for the impressive number of videos on our Twitch channel this week! In particular, keep those eyes open for our Storypath Showcase, where we give an excellent profile of our various Storypath games and how to play them!


Ekorren is back with another Exalted 3rd Edition video, this time focusing on the Dragon-Blooded and asking the big question: who the hell are they?

The Onyx Path News discusses recent and upcoming releases! You can find it on our YouTube channel (click the bell to be informed when we go live!) but if you missed the last episode, here it is:

Virtual Tabletop!

The Scion: Origin and Scion Hero Compendiums are now available on Roll20!

Scion is just the start! They Came From Beneath the Sea! and other
Onyx Path RPGs are in development for Roll20 virtual tabletop!

The first of our official Scion sheets designed for Foundry VTT are
now available!

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On Sale This Week!

When the lights go out, and you’re all tucked in, that when it comes! They Came From Beneath My Bed! is this month’s Tasty Bit PDF and will be available this Weds on DTRPG!


Because dates for physical conventions are subject to change due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, we don’t yet have a list of upcoming physical conventions. Instead, keep an eye out here for more virtual conventions we’re going to be involved with!

Game Night With Onyx Path Publishing at Start.Playing is THIS FRIDAY, the 28! Our special focus is the They Came From! (But any of our game lines are welcome!)

Please spread the word about GMing games as much as
possible. Details on how list a game are at the bottom of the page in
the FAQ:

And now, the new project status updates!

Our full list of projects will be available monthly on our blog! Check out September’s full list report here:


Here are the projects that moved to the next stage of production:

Post-Editing Development

Exalted – Exalted: Essence Edition

  • Danielle: I’m excited to see this slimmed down version of Exalted 3e come back from editing. The developers have it in hand and are doing the magic to make it the best it can be.


In Art Direction

  • TCF Cyclops Cave  and Classified Jumpstarts – Trying to find splat artists for both (as my main guy is doing the Adventure JS). Gonna get Maria to see if any of the New Zealand crew are up for them.
  • SCION God 2e – ongoing!
  • TC Adventure Jumpstart – Denmark, Riley, KMJ, and John Wilson are working on it.
  • Squeaks in the Deep Companion – Getting first sketches in.

In Layout

  • Exalted Essence – Getting stuff together for Maria to design us up some page textures.
  • TCFBTG Monsters from the Crypt – With Ron Thompson.
  • SCION Realms of Magic and Mystery – Maria is rattling artist cages. I’m getting Josh to lay it out with holes.


  • TC Adventure! – Adding in additional text from Danielle on this.
  • TC Proteus Nova Compendium – 2nd Proof
  • Ex3 Adversaries – Awaiting 2nd proof notes
  • CtL Hollow Courts Novella


At Press

  • Scion Dragon – Files sent to traditional printer. PoD proofs on the way.
  • Scion Dragon Screen – Working on getting printing started.
  • Scion Masks of the Mythos – Files at traditional printer.
  • Scion Masks of the Mythos Screen – Working on getting printing started.
  • MTC Book of Lasting Death – PoD proof on the way.
  • CtL 2e Kith and Kin – Awaiting PgXXs.
  • TC: Mission Statements Awaiting PgXXs.
  • Victorian MageM20 Victorian Mage – Going into Indexing.
  • They Came From Beneath My Bed! Tasty Bit PDF on sale Weds on DTRPG!

Today’s Reason to Celebrate!

Today is the birthday of the Deadguy – our old friend, Rich Dansky! The master of Wraith and the first (or at least one of the first) of the old White Wolf crew to jump into making video games – Rich has never stopped working as a writer both in and outside of that arena, and has mentored sooo many creators in all of gaming, that I won’t embarrass him by going on about it further! Happy Birthday!

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  1. This nicht be something i missen in all of the last months Updates, but what is the current Status of Ex3 Accross the 8 Directions?

    • If you go to the September Release Roundup blog page, as noted each week in the MMN blog, you can find Across the 8 in Art Direction.

    • Still on our docket to be worked on. We had a couple of false starts as editors shifted around, but we do still think it is an excellent project and we’re hoping that once we see more Exalted game books going out at a regular pace then we can dedicate efforts towards this non-fiction essay book. Thanks!


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