Time to Stitch the Body Together [Promethean: The Created]

PrometheanLogoAw, yeah. Open development for Promethean: The Created Second Edition.

We’re gonna keep this quick and dirty – I’m in the middle of running a Kickstarter at the moment, and I have to split my focus a little. So here’s the drill:

  • Promethean 2nd Ed is in redlines at the moment. I have the first drafts in from authors, I’ve read through them all and marked them up, and now I’m in the process of sending them back for corrections.
  • I need playtesters. Some of the authors are playtesting, I’m playtesting (you can read the ongoing chronicle I’m running here, if you’re so inclined). If you want to playtest, don’t comment here (I mean, you can, but I might not see it). Email me at blackhatmatt at gmail. I’ll get you an NDA form for your group; everyone has to sign one. ETA: OK! I’m good! Got a lot of people wanting to playtest, so I’m not longer taking playtest requests. Thanks, all!
  • I want to know what you want to see. Other developers have made a good show of doing these vote things. So, let’s do that.

Do you want to know about: Refinements or Lineages?

Vote now. I’ll tally votes on, let’s say, Tuesday morning.

58 thoughts on “Time to Stitch the Body Together [Promethean: The Created]”

  1. Mage spoilers and the beginning of Promethean spoilers on the same day? You spoil us!

    Anyway, put me in for Lineages. Interested to see how Extempore are “technically a Lineage”, and how the idea of multiple demiurges fit in.

  2. http://youtu.be/_J6-3l3hCm0

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Promethean was the first gameline that got me into World of Darkness and is still my favourite.

    Are there any restrictions on which countries the NDAs apply to?

    Lineages are where the Created are coming from, but Refinements drive where they are going to and shape their quest for humanity. I will vote refinements.

    • Also, in terms of things I want to see, above and beyond the vote, is how Humanity is going to be handled. I guessing it would be a far cry from the new Integrity system for 2e, but I’d be interested to see if there are any tweaks.

      And I’m pretty sure the one question that everyone will be all over is… How will Prometheans and Qashmallim interact with the God-Machine?

  3. I would love to playtest… but alas I already have two NWoD games going, a third might stretch my abilities a bit 🙂

    I vote Lineages at any rate!

  4. Lineages. Eager to hear more about things like the Golems’ new emphasis on language, the Unfleshed’s standardization, and the Extempore in general.

  5. Refinements.

    (hoping Plumbum is a viable starting Refinement this time – it always struck me that “What am I?” should absolutely be a common starting drive, not something reserved for failures.)

  6. Huzzah! Man, I’d be all over that playtest if my group weren’t already probably full up on what gaming we can fit into a week. We’re still not done exploring Demon, man, and you guys are already on to Promethean and Changeling!

    I think I’m wading against the tide here, but I’m voting for REFINEMENTS. Phosphorus is nice and shiny, and having the supporting cast like Silver step up to the big leagues is great, but I also want to hear what new perspectives are being cast on the classics.

  7. I’m torn, but I guess my vote has to go to Refinements. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Plumbum to be in the 2e Core, and I’m powerfully curious about the new Phosphorous thing.

    I really hope Promethean 2e allows us some discussion of the situation with The Principle and the God-Machine (if the Demon Storyteller’s Guide doesn’t already cover that); it’s the only bit of crossover I care for, and I’ve been curious about it since before D:tD released.


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