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DriveThruRPG’s Science Fiction Month sale continues! For the rest of the month, three core book PDFs for the Trinity RPG are on sale for 50% off! Read all about the original edition of Trinity as we prepare for the upcoming Trinity Continuum and Trinity Continuum: Æon!

Trinity Rulebook

In the 22nd century, humanity has ventured to the stars. Yet amid the wonders of this new age, makind faces many dangers from without and within. Alien races, fractious colonies, contending governments, ruthless corporations and aberrant mutations all vie for supremacy. At the center of the conflict stands a new breed of humans — men and women with psychic powers — whose actions will determine mankind’s ultimate fate.

Trinity Technology Manual

The Future is at Your Fingertips…

It’s the 22nd century, and science puts the universe in the palm of your hand. Spaceships take us to distant stars. Computer agents roam the electronic OpNet. Bioapps commune with psions’ minds to become living weapons. Technology has taken us to unimaginable heights. What more can we possibly accomplish? The Æon Trinity knows.

Now Open Your Mind

The Trinity Technology Manual is every psion’s source on the science and innovation for the 22nd century. New spacecraft, weapons, bioapps, battle suits, computers, drugs, gadgets – it’s all here. Sure, psi powers are okay, but there’s nothing like the cool comfort of a blaster in your hand.

The Trinity Technology Manual Features:

  • All kinds of new devices to give you the edge over the Aberrants
  • Full-color setting information and dynamic design schematics so you can see what you get
  • New rules, systems and game tips for 22nd-century technology

Trinity Players Guide

A Multitude of Questions

With the return of Aberrants, the rise of psions and contact with alien races, citizens of the 22nd century face complexities heretofore unknown in human culture. In such turbulent times, it can be tough to know where you fit into the scheme of things.

A Universe of Answers

The Trinity Players Guide broadens the scope of the Trinity Universe while simultaneously filling in key details. You’ll not only learn the extent of influence that organizations like the Æon Trinity and the United Nations have upon society, you’ll see how the man on the street copes with matters of galactic significance. Plus, you’ll find juicy character information, including Merits and Flaws and an optional new Aptitude system. An absolute must-have for all Trinity fans!

Trinity Players Guide includes:

  • New character creation options, including Merits and Flaws, new Backgrounds and an alternative Aptitude system
  • Expanded information on myriad facets of 22nd-century society, from the United Nations to daily life
  • Revealing details about the Æon Trinity, the psi orders and Aberrants

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  1. Already have ’em all. Now if only we got some more teasers for the upcoming revamp edition. *hint hint* 😉

  2. What’s the word on the new editions? Any dates showing up yet?

    I pretty much have all of the old books.

  3. No dates yet. Base mechanics system is still being worked on as per Monday meeting blog posts elsewhere on the site 🙂


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