15 thoughts on “V20 Dark Ages Deluxe Kickstarter Now Open!”

    • I think that was Exalted 3rd Edition, which – if memory serves – was funded in 17 minutes. And Mage 20th was funded in 45 minutes or thereabouts. But the speed’s very encouraging nonetheless. I am very hopeful that we’ll make all or most of the stretch goals

  1. I love when good projects get funded super fast. I wonder how many minutes it took to fund the project, I hope they give us some stats.

  2. Well, I’m in… That ‘visual target’ image of the finished book is what did it for me. Eh, I can get a second job to fund my inevitable contribution to Wraith 20th later in the year, hey? o.O

  3. I’ve got suggestions for the potential Tome of Secrets, unless it’s already covered in the main book:

    – Other timelines : the Dark Ages cover a wide range of centuries, and the previous editions where placed earlier in history. Some GM might want to do extensive preludes, or something akin to a first season earlier, etc. Maybe you could select let’s say 4 ages (An Mil, first crusade, VAD 1st edition, DA 2nd edition) and write something like a page (or more) on each explaining the differences from the V20 timeline. Not as much as a collection of historical dates, we can find that anywhere, but something like a synthesis on the psyche, mind and sociology of that time compared to V20, and a somewhat more detailed description of the changes in the cainite world.

    – I already talked about this in another site comment, but I find it important: extend Koldunic sorcery not as much on the technical aspect of it, but the social aspect of it. Before Tremere Thaumaturgy Koldunism was “the” blood sorcery in Europe, and has been for centuries if not millenniums. It’s important for the other timeline where the Tremere are overly distrusted and in pure survival mode, but it’s even more important for the GM to interpret elder NPC who have a lot of mental momentum/inertia and don’t adapt as fast as others. For a lot of them, Koldunic sorcery (and Assamite sorcery I would guess too for some) is still “the way to go” when one need some sorcery done.

  4. Sorry, can’t edit my comment.

    Another suggestion: for a small (it does cost very much) but extremely important, I would suggest an ePub version of the book.

    Reading a PDF is a nightmare, it’s incredibly slow, it doesn’t scale at all for various screen size, the usual two columns is nice on paper but not adapted to screen reading, and so on. ePub is the way to go.

    Yes it would lose the layout, but I think a lot of people don’t care that much, especially since they would still have the PDF.

    Please please please, a small (even if it’s a first, it probably cost under a thousand dollars to do so) early stretchgoal for an ePub version of DAV20 book, so we could take DAV20 with us to the beach? 🙂

  5. Where can I get the first two entries of the Kickstarter fiction? I only received the third entry via an update from Rose. Thanks!

  6. Finally here it comes! 🙂
    Such an amazing and massive work!
    One question : are you going to update the preview pdf of the rulebook with Merits and Flaws and the Clans Apocrypha?


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