[War Games] Story Seeds

War Games is one of the stretch goals for Titans Rising, but plays well with any aspect of the Scion RPG. As well as containing a full length adventure concerning the eponymous war games, the book contains several story seeds at Origin and God tier! Check these two examples out: 

Origin Story Seed

Origin story seeds provide jumping-off points that focus on what Scion stories exemplify: exceptional people who don’t quite know just how special they are yet.

It’s Quiet. Too Quiet.

Something strange has happened in the Players’ home city. From the moment that the sun rose, there has been a shocking lack of aggression. Nobody has gotten into altercations; there have been no cases of violence or fights anywhere. Events that would lead to flaring tempers simply simmer out. The players’ investigation should lead to them hearing about how the War Gods are up to something.

Pulling Fate’s Strings

This seed can take place in any location. While some may initially consider a lack of tempers or violence a good thing, it should become apparent how unnatural this is. This inability to fight should also impact the players, requiring an Integrity check (difficulty 3) to initiate combat. Once combat begins, SGCs are able to engage in combat as normal but resume their passivity once combat finishes.


  • This may be unsettling, but some people are encouraging this situation, noting how great it is to have no fighting.
  • The building tension could suddenly snap like a rubber band and plunge the city into a wild free-for-all. For players who want a fight, this is their chance. Given the Visitations may occur here, perhaps the players may gain reputations as ill omens.


  • Asim (he/they) is an up-and-coming boxer whose match has been delayed due to nobody being able to fight
  • Cedar (they/them) is one of the outspoken members suggesting that no conflict is an ideal for the future.

God Story Seed

The following adventure can be used to deal with the results of the Polemomakhia (the war game in the book’s title!) and the new expectations thrust upon the Band.

Fair-Weather Friends

The players exceeded expectations in the Games and, in doing so, have also gained a lot of reputation and a surprising amount of goodwill. Players are being approached by Gods with an offer – Perhaps the Players would care to syncretize into these Pantheons? Not as Titans but as newly adopted Gods.

Pulling Fate’s Strings

The Band find themselves with admirers and offers from all sorts of Pantheons. Those who exist as Divine or Titanic figures within a pantheon already will be approached by some Gods within their Pantheon, offering to bring in former Bandmates.


  • Being able to join the Games was an uphill battle with opposition from some parties. Are those parties now smiling and cozying up to the Band?
  • While these offers may seem to be hollow and shallow, at least one of them should be sincere and made in good faith.
  • The Rival Titan Band from the previous Adventures are not taking this loss well. They are working in secret to try to form their own Pantheon.


  • Lugh Lamhfada (he/him) of the Tuatha dé Danann hadn’t hidden his low expectations of the Band, but says he recognizes talent.
  • Ishtar (she/her) of the Anunna cares not that the Players are Titans, she just likes their performance.
  • Makanduk (he/him) of the Balahala seems unconcerned with any greater politics. He thinks that the Band are really awesome.

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