WoD: Mirrors on sale!

mirrorsAs part of DriveThruRPG’s Science Fiction Month Sale, we’re discounting all three Mirrors PDFs by 50% for the next week!

World of Darkness: Mirrors includes three new “what-if” setting hacks for the World of Darkness. The World of Darkness Revealed, wherein the monsters stand exposed for all humanity to see; The World of Darkness Destroyed, which gives you the option of playing out the global apocalypse; and The World of Dark Fantasy, a fantastical spin on the system and setting.

Mirrors: Infinite Macabre includes suggestions and rules shifts on how to incorporate the World of Darkness into a space opera game.

Mirrors: Bleeding Edge includes themes and props for two styles of cyberpunk game: Tomorrow Country and Metalground.







One response to “WoD: Mirrors on sale!”

  1. Neall Avatar

    Mirrors informed a great deal of Sardonyx’s design, so this is a pretty great deal.