Episode 183: Ack! Antagonists!

Onyx Pathcast

In which the trio talks about what makes a good arch-villain, and how to engage with them in TTRPGS.

On children’s books and their possible problemsMatthew has two tangentsWe get pretty political for a few minutesMajor antagonists in TTRPGsHow to highlight antagonistsSeeding antagonists


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Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

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DriveThruRPG is running their annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, running from today through to Monday.

Onyx Path has nearly 500 items on sale this weekend, which includes amazing products from our community content creators!


We’ve got some jumpstart bundles ready to take advantage of the BF/CM sale!

The Storypath Jumpstart Collection contains:

Dystopia Rising: Evolution: Trouble on the Steel PierScion: A Light ExtinguishedThey Came from Beneath the Sea!: Party Beach Creature Feature!They Came from Beyond the Grave!: The Haunting of Abbeyham Priory!Trinity Continuum: A Quantum LeapTrinity Continuum: Aberrant: The Adventures of Teen TomorrowTrinity Continuum: Æon: Quantum Entanglement

The World of Darkness Jumpstart Collection contains:

V20 Dark Ages: Legacy of Lies: A V20 Dark Ages JumpstartWerewolf: The Apocalypse: The SkinnerMage: The Ascension: the Mage20 QuickstartWraith: The Oblivion: Handbook for the Recently DeceasedChangeling: The Dreaming: Yours to Keep: A C20 Jumpstart

The Chronicles of Darkness Jumpstart Collection contains:

Chronicles of Darkness: Time is Come RoundVampire: The Requiem: Reap the WhirlwindChangeling: The Lost: Hearts on TrialGeist: The Sin-Eaters: One Foot in the GraveDemon: The Descent: Demon: The Descent QuickstartBeast: The Primordial: Building a Legend READ MORE

The Architects – Exalted Exigents Preview!

Exalted, Worlds

Hi, all, Dixie here with a preview from Vance and Elliott of The Architects from upcoming Exalted book, Exigents: Out of the Ashes. I can’t wait to share the whole book with y’all, and look forward to making my own bespoke Exalt in the future. Based on today, should I make an Exigent of feasts? Of the harvest? Of gourds? So many options!Enjoy!

The Architects

As cities form and grow, they shelter not only mortals, but also the myriad gods who oversee the things of city life — gods of markets, neighborhoods, streets, and buildings. The ranks of the divine also swell with gods who oversee discord between neighbors, privy-spread illnesses, and the dark alleys where contraband is bought and sold. Foremost among these is the city father, god of the city itself — and above even him is Wun Ja, Goddess of the Shining Metropolis, She Who Hath Laid Ten Thousand Bricks.

The Architects are Exigents who are Chosen by both Wun Ja and a city father, empowered as a hero and champion for a city. To them, the city isn’t just home, but a purpose, a confidante, a weapon, ...5 COMMENTS

Now Available: Aberrant New Team, and Aberrant CC Assets

Sales, Scarred Lands, Trinity Continuum: Aberrant, Trinity Continuum: Anima

Now available in PDF: Storypath Tasty Bit: Amalgamated Idea Dynamics for Trinity Continuum: Aberrant!

Amalgamated Idea Dynamics (A.I.D.) is a corporation dedicated to the expansion of human knowledge and prosperity through science. Founded by nova philanthropist, inventor, and superhero Yuki Yanagi — a.k.a. Doctor Dynamic — A.I.D. works to push humankind’s understanding to new heights while creating innovations that expand the comfort, safety, and prosperity of their partners, clients, and customers. A.I.D. also provides nova security and municipal defense for the city of Madison, Wisconsin, which is home to their corporate headquarters.

Within you will find character sheets and backgrounds for the four members of A.I.D., as well as plot seeds for potential adventures.

This PDF is part of the “Storypath Tasty Bits” program, where every month in 2021 Onyx Path offers a small product that ties into one of its Storypath games.

Also available: Would you like to make your own Aberrant material, and sell it? We’ll soon be opening Aberrant on the Storypath Nexus (scroll down to see more), and you can use these assets to get started:

Aberrant Community Content Artwork AssetsAberrant ...READ MORE

Media Spotlight: Polyhedron Podcast

Trinity Continuum, Trinity Continuum: Anima

Unsurprisingly, this week’s media spotlight goes to the fine folks at the Polyhedron Podcast (of Metahedron Studios), as they’ve been doing a fine job hosting and producing a recent run of Trinity Continuum: Anima, with our very own Eddy Webb as the Storyguide!

This actual play was specifically designed to show off and make accessible the Anima universe. From episode to episode it covers different facets of the rules and setting, so it’s a perfect jumping-on point for anyone with questions about the game.

You can find every episode in audio form on the Polyhedron Podcast’s website, right here: http://metahedronstudios.com/polyhedron

But you can also find the episodes in video form on our YouTube channel!

Here’s the playlist: Trinity Continuum: Anima Actual Play Playlist

And here’s episode one: Anima Episode One

Don’t forget, if you have a review site, actual play, or any other kind of media relating to our games, you can get in touch with me over on matthewdawkins.com and let me know about it, so I can post it on our blog!


Anima Crossing! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Yep! The Trinity Continuum: Anima Kickstarter crossed over to Funded in about seven hours last week, so we’re all thrilled that this cool new game – I mean it’s two games in one – is now crossing Stretch Goals off its list!

We just crossed past this Stretch Goal: the Terra Surge specific Reference Screen – “A three-panel Storyguide Reference Screen with charts and information for running a game set in the virtual world of Terra Surge will be created and offered as an Add On to any hardcover reward tiers.”

And so it is!

We also just went past 680 backers, which is delightful, and we’d sure like to add you and your gaming friends to that total! TC: Anima is the first full new era of the Trinity Continuum, and so doesn’t have a previous edition’s worth of lore and fans – it needs folks to check it out in order to demonstrate just how cool it is!

So please do pass around this link to the KS: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/trinity-continuum-anima-tabletop-roleplaying-game

And if you can use a teaser to tickle folk’s ...13 COMMENTS

Episode 182: Release Roundup!

Onyx Pathcast

In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew cover the past few months of releases! Finally.

Friend contract negotiationsTime travelMummy: The Curse Second EditionDeviant: The RenegadesAberrant: The Adventures of Teen TomorrowBeyond the Grave: The Haunting of Abbeyham Priory!Exalted: Hundred Devils Night ParadeÆon: Under Alien Skies (and Wookies)CofD: Player’s Guide to the Contagion ChronicleExalted: Heirs of the ShogunateTasty Bits: Pets, Dracula’s Tomb, and Car CompetitionLegendlore (it really is great)Trinity Continuum: Anima KickstarterM20 Rich Bastard’s Guide to Magick & Ghost HuntersA peek into our process and the podcast goals


All 71 WWE wrestlers release in 2021: https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/all-71-wwe-wrestlers-released-in-2021/2900-3721/ Chrononauts card game: https://www.looneylabs.com/games/chrononautsMummy: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/347148/Mummy-The-Curse-Second-Edition?affiliate_id=548232Deviant: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/341534/Deviant-The-Renegades?affiliate_id=548232Dearly Bleak: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/367895/Dearly-Bleak-A-Deviant-The-Renegades-Novella?affiliate_id=548232Aberrant Jumpstart: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/361808/The-Adventures-of-Teen-Tomorrow-A-Jumpstart-for-Trinity-Continuum-Aberrant?affiliate_id=548232Beyond the Grave Jumpstart: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/374132/The-Haunting-of-Abbeyham-Priory-A-Jumpstart-for-They-Came-From-Beyond-the-Grave?affiliate_id=548232Hundred Devils: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/374354/Hundred-Devils-Night-Parade-Collected-Edition?affiliate_id=548232Under Alien Skies: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/361206/Trinity-Continuum-Under-Alien-Skies?affiliate_id=548232Player’s Guide to the Contagion Chronicle: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/361809/Players-Guide-to-the-Contagion-Chronicle?affiliate_id=548232Heirs of the Shogunate: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/358947/Heirs-to-the-Shogunate?affiliate_id=548232Pets: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/368059/Trinity-Continuum-Pets?affiliate_id=548232Dracula’s Tomb: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/373357/They-Came-From-Draculas-Tomb?affiliate_id=548232Car Competition: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/371145/Scion-Car-Competition?affiliate_id=548232Legendlore: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/370797/Legendlore-Core-Rulebook?affiliate_id=548232Trinity Continuum: Anima Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/trinity-continuum-anima-tabletop-roleplaying-gameRich Bastard’s Guide to Magick: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/359547/M20-The-Rich-Bastards-Guide-to-Magick?affiliate_id=548232Ghost Hunters: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/368774/World-of-Darkness-Ghost-Hunters?affiliate_id=548232Onyx Path YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnyxPathOnyx Path Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/theonyxpathOnyx Path Discord: https://discord.gg/5uckcBk READ MORE

Trinity Continuum: Anima Kickstarter now live!

Press Releases, Trinity Continuum: Anima

2084. In the wake of two massively destructive events, the Federated States of America committed to building a gleaming utopia with bleeding-edge technology and the sharpest minds anywhere. Named Cascade, anyone can move to this brand-new city and live under the watchful eye of the FSA. Just sign up to be a citizen and have the latest in cybertechnology implanted into your head: a brain-enhancing device known as Glass.

One of the biggest escapes is the massively popular MMO known as Terra Surge. What started off as a massive multiplayer fantasy roleplaying game has evolved into a needed social outlet, a sandbox for collaborative creativity, and an escapist fantasy to forget the troubles of the world outside. The fictional world of Synestia has millions of digital citizens known as anima. There are many who seek the simple pleasure of slaying monsters and gaining treasure, but many players also build shops, manage guilds, and live out fleshed-out lives… and all of it is streamed directly into their brains through the miracle of Glass.

Trinity Continuum: Anima is a game of cyberpunk and LitRPG adventure set ...1 COMMENT

Now Available: They Came from Beneath the Sea Jumpstart, plus Technocracy Screen!

Mage: The Ascension, Sales, Scarred Lands, They Came From Beneath The Sea!

Now available in advance PDF: Party Beach Creature Feature: A Jumpstart for They Came from Beneath the Sea!

It’s a beautiful, sunny weekend on the beach. The kids are partying, the beer’s cold, and someone’s passing around what the locals call “jazz cigarettes.” Let’s be honest — life couldn’t be much better in this 1950s slice of American utopia. That is, until monstrous gill-kin emerge from the waves and assault our idyllic town, and shadowy science researchers conspire to stop the party!

You are the defenders of small-town America! And you are the only people who can drive the tide of invasion back into the sea!

They Came from Beneath the Sea! is a campy, action-filled, horrifying tabletop roleplaying game of 1950s science fiction, taking the best (and worst) bits from the B-movies of the era and presenting them as a thoroughly entertaining story. This jumpstart provides you with all the tools you need to start a story of They Came from Beneath the Sea! and tell many stories to follow.

They Came from Beneath the Sea! uses the Storypath System, provided in the pages of this book!

Party Beach Creature Feature ...READ MORE

Media Spotlight: The Lore You Know

Scarred Lands

Our media spotlight today takes us to the hazardous (and wondrous!) world of Scarn, home of the Scarred Lands setting for Dungeons & Dragons. The show in question is The Lore You Know, and your hosts are writers and all around good people Sarah Stewart (morelikethisindustries.com) and Jeremy Hochhalter (of Wanderer’s Haven Publications).

You can expect this show to take you through everything from the geography and history of the Scarred Lands through to the gods, its peoples, the various clashes and calamities that afflict the land, and more! But don’t just settle for this blog when you can check their videos out. Their entire playlist is right here:

And what’s more, here are a few select videos for you to enjoy:

Dragons of Scarn

The Demigods



History of Hollowfaust

Don’t forget, if you have a review site, actual play, or any other kind of media relating to our games, you can get in touch with me over on matthewdawkins.com and let me know about it, so I can post it on our blog!