Waggin’ Tales & Wraithy Wails [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

With tails wagging and tongue’s lolling, we are racing towards the last days of the Fetch Quest Kickstarter campaign! If you haven’t yet checked it out, please take a look at this easy to learn, cooperative, deck-building card game for all ages. The KS page has reviews and how to play links, and as a backer you can download a print’n’play version of your own and start having fun right now! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/fetch-quest-a-deck-building-game-in-the-realms-of/description

And once you do, let us know what you think! Card games aren’t our usual thing, so the more feedback we get on the game or the way the Fetch Quest Kickstarter is set up, the better we can do the next ones!



Changeling: The Lost 2nd art by Ken Meyer, Jr



Here are a few more bite-sized treats selected from what we talked about in the Monday Meeting today:

Our sales partners at IPR‘s sale on prestige edition Chronicles of Darkness books (Demon: The Descent, Mummy: The Curse, Dark Eras, Beast: The Primordial) and their Screens ends June 24th. These are the remaining books from their respective Kickstarters, and are ...3 COMMENTS

Episode Seven: Dissecting Vampire the Requiem

Onyx Pathcast

In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew talk about their experiences with Vampire the Requiem, and talk about some of the design decisions that went into it.

We totally plan these episodes (not really) We each talk about our experience with Requiem The differences between Masquerade and Requiem, and between first and second edition The social dynamics of Requiem Planescape and the X/Y/Z axis The science of number of choices Eddy gets academic, but it doesn’t last Dixie talks about how second edition mechanics makes you feel like you’re struggling to not be a monster The focus on relationships, and ghouls in particular Breaking points The role of noir and the detective tradition in Requiem 19-2, the Wire, and the influence of police drama Matthew breaks down the power design, and how it avoids redundancy Eddy asks Matthew and Dixie what their favorite clan and covenant combinations

You can pick up Vampire the Requiem at DriveThruRPG: http://drivethrurpg.com/product/123898/Vampire-The-Requiem-2nd-Edition


Fiction Friday: Flowers of Hell: The Demon Players Guide

Demon: The Descent

“The Startup” is the introductory fiction to Flowers of Hell: The Demon Players Guide for Demon: The Descent.

The press swarmed all around the courthouse, slowing exit. Hundreds of people ?ocked, all eyes on Eric as he left the courthouse doors. He practically danced between the rows of reporters. His grin grew with each step down the courthouse stairs. He mugged for every camera, and posed for gaudy cellphone pictures.

The press exploded. They fought over his limited periphery, climbing, shoving cameras, and thrusting microphones over one another, like beetles on a corpse.

“Start wherever you want, Mister Pearce!”

“Tell us about the orgies!”

“Tell us about his wife!”

“Tell us about Thailand!”

“What does it feel like to win the case?”

Eric smiled, and held a hand up to pause the crowd. “What does it feel like to win the case? I’ll tell you what it’s like.”

He stopped, and motioned up to the courthouse. His practiced, exaggerated gesture made the crowd look back to the building, even though they knew what they’d see.

“See these steps? When I walked down these stairs, I felt like Rocky running up the steps ...READ MORE

Murray [Realms of Pugmire]


Eddy’s latest:

In September 2017, my pug Murray passed away. He was the inspiration for Seneschal Murra Pug, and one of the pets that acted as the initial inspiration for Pugmire as a whole. The night he passed away, this small fiction piece came to mind, full-formed. It’s sad, and I still tear up to read it, but it’s something that shows just what kind of depth Pugmire can have.

Yosha knocked hesitantly on the thick oak door to her uncle’s office. She heard a deep “Come in, come in,” and pushed the door open.

Behind his desk, Seneschal Murra, Prince of Pugmire, shuffled papers from one part of his desk to the other. Yosha noticed his fur was getting grayer every day. At this point, it was more gray than black. She wondered if he would end up being completely gray at some point.

“You sent for me, Uncle Murra?” Yosha sat in the chair across from him, paws folded in her lap.

“I just need you to sign some papers, niece. A mere formality.” He flipped through the stack, and carefully extracted one. ...3 COMMENTS

Now Available: More Journals for V20 and W20!

Chronicles of Darkness, Sales, Scarred Lands, Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Now available from our RedBubble store: Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition Bloodline Journals! You loved last week’s Clan journals, so we’re following those up with some of the most popular Bloodlines, using Mark Kelly’s depictions from Lore of the Bloodlines!

V20 Baali (journal) V20 Daughters of Cacophony (journal) V20 Gargoyles (journal) V20 Harbingers of Skulls (journal) V20 Kiasyd (journal) V20 Nagaraja (journal) V20 Salubri (journal) V20 Samedi (journal) V20 True Brujah (journal)

But that’s not all! We’ve also added Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition Tribe Journals:

W20 Black Furies (journal) W20 Bone Gnawers (journal) W20 Children of Gaia (journal) W20 Fianna (journal) W20 Get of Fenris (journal) W20 Glass Walkers (journal) W20 Red Talons (journal) W20 Shadow Lords (journal) W20 Silent Striders (journal) W20 Silver Fangs (journal) W20 Stargazers (journal) W20 Uktena (journal) W20 Wendigo (journal) Kickstarter Update

Last week we launched the Fetch Quest deck-building card game Kickstarter! With 7 days remaining:

We funded in 21 hours, and have since raised $17,016 of our $6,000 goal, or 284% We’ve got 381 backers We’ve passed three stretch goals: A Kickstarter backer T-shirt Fetch Quest Booster Cards: 6 Pioneers from the Monarchies of Mau

Did you miss one of our previous Kickstarters? The following Kickstarted products are still open for preorders ...READ MORE

The Cryptocracy [Contagion Chronicle]

Beast: The Primordial, Changeling: The Lost, Chronicles of Darkness, Mage: The Awakening, Mummy: The Curse, Vampire: The Requiem

Matthew Dawkins here once again! In the first episode of the Onyx Pathcast we discussed the Contagion Chronicle. That discussion included coverage of the Cryptocracy: one of the “splats” in that upcoming book. The splats in Contagion are classified as the Sworn and the False, with the Cryptocrats as a proud member of the former.

Meghan Fitzgerald wrote all the player options for this game, due to my desiring consistency and connectivity across the Sworn, as well as knowing how Meghan excels at this kind of writing. We took a different approach to writing this book, with my assigning Meghan the task of writing the splats before any of the other writers were hired on. I wanted the Sworn detailed so every writer who came on later had a firm base from which to work for the remainder of the book. I think it’s worked out pretty well.

Today is not the day I unveil all the Contagion Chronicle’s secrets, but as we discussed part of the Cryptocracy in the podcast, here is the full splat in written form for your reading ...20 COMMENTS

How To Get A Head In Fetch Quest! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

This time, I’m not going to fling my highfalutin verbiage at you praising Fetch Quest, our newest and ongoing Kickstarter campaign. I’m going to let these folks do it!

Our very first link is from Geek City USA and takes you to their How To Play vid:

Next, our old friends at Geek & Sundry gave us a nice wag of the tail:


Egg Embry called out Fetch Quest in a post about All-Ages Games Kickstarters on the Tessera Guild website:

4 All-Ages Games Kickstarters You Should Back – No Thank You, Evil!, Scales & Tales, Ratmen Temple, and Fetch Quest

We’re third in their list, I think, so go ahead and scroll down!

Professor Thorgi gave Fetch Quest the spotlight on his YouTube show, Kick It:

And our latest is an interview with creator Eddy Webb on FlamesRising:

Interview with Fetch Quest Designer Eddy Webb

Hope you’ll check out these multi-media plaudits for Eddy’s wee little card game set in the Realms of Pugmire. It’s really great to see so many folks express interest and spread the word about it. We hope you can too!



Scion Hero Modern ...22 COMMENTS

Episode Six: Interview with Rich Thomas

Onyx Pathcast

In which Matthew and Dixie interview the boss, Rich Thomas. And Eddy gets put into a cupboard. Again.

Eddy gets kidnapped into the cupboard again Matthew and Dixie talk to the boss, Rich Thomas! Rich talks about his time as art director (among many titles) in the early days of White Wolf Publishing Rich’s work as an artist in Vampire: The Masquerade, as well as one of the first 49 on Magic: The Gathering Working on television graphics in Philadelphia and meeting his wife, Lisa CCP, the World of Darkness MMO, and the formation of Onyx Path Publishing The build up to the new World of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness. Did the Chronicles of Darkness “kill” White Wolf? Creative highlights that Onyx Path has hit: W20 Ultra-Deluxe covers, Pugmire and worldbuilding, bringing back original creators, and second edition Chronicles of Darkness games How does Rich handle when a game loses a key figure midway through the development cycle? Richard Dansky, Wraith 20th, and the integrated nature of the game design community Matthew unleashes the emergency questions! Cavaliers of Mars, Pugmire, and They Came From Beneath The Sea! Humor in RPGs Your questions! Did we ask ...4 COMMENTS

Fiction Friday: Cavaliers of Mars

Cavaliers of Mars

The fiction for Cavaliers of Mars‘ chapter 4, “Luck,” by Audrey Whitman.

My name is Étienne, and I’m the unluckiest man on Mars. Wait, let me go back.

Six weeks ago, I found a scale the size of a dinner plate. When I tried to hide it in some machinery, I found another one. Just as I picked that one up, Issac (my boss’s son, and too intense for my own good) walked by. And he wanted to go tell Ms. Turhan himself, right now. Now, I was more than happy to give him all the credit, but he dragged me along, too.

So, I found myself explaining to the Captain how these aren’t even the first scales I’ve seen, and yes, probably I could point the locations out on a map. I mean, I made those maps. Next thing I know I’m dangling in a rope harness above the central block. Well, the block that’s at the center of our maps at least — I think we’re actually southwest of the true center of the complex. But I’m swaying there in ...1 COMMENT

Character Creation: Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition

Vampire: The Requiem

In our latest installment of our character creation series, Bill Bodden builds a Nosferatu character for Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition.

I find vampires to be fascinating creatures. Legends and stories about them have developed independently across the globe, and the shape and form of these legends is as varied as the cultures from which they sprang. Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition has its own setting conventions that tap into the lush fabric of vampiric lore to create something unique within the Chronicles of Darkness, and I’ve enjoyed playing the game.

To start building my character, I refer to page 79 of Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition rulebook, and focus who he is as a human before applying the Kindred template.

Step One: Character Concept

Most players either come to the table with a specific concept already in mind, or they allow the concept to evolve organically during the act of character creation itself. I had only a few preconceptions in mind, so the organic route will work for me this time.

My basic concept is that of a lonely musician. Geoffrey Groves ...7 COMMENTS