Now Available: Chicago VTT and Stygia Map!

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Now available from DriveThruRPG: Chicago by Night VTT Assets!

Accept no substitutes: Chicago is the city of vampires.

These tokens are designed to allow you to bring the Kindred of Chicago by Night (for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition) to the virtual tabletop platform of your choice.

Inside you’ll find:

Over fifty character tokens drawn from Chicago by NightVariant character tokens including the character’s name and clanA quick reference pdf containing all the token art for ease of view Merch

Available in our RedBubble store: the Map of Stygia for Wraith: The Oblivion!

All the stories they told you about what it would be like after you died? They were wrong.

There is no Heaven and there is no Hell. There’s only the Underworld, with the ravening maw of Oblivion at the bottom and the impossible dream of Transcendence at the top. And in between, all the Restless Dead.

Are you ready to join them?

This map of Stygia shows for the first time the darkened byways and grand processionals of the city of the dead. Available in various poster and card formats.


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Only Hours Left To SAVE THE WORLD!!! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

…and to pledge for your own copy of the Trinity Continuum: Adventure! beautiful hardcover book!

We’re down to the last couple of days, the last few dozen hours even, with a couple of super Stretch Goals including this one:

Exploring Alternate Timelines! – Discussion and guidance on the timelines created by Max Mercer each time he tried to change the future and how to play in some of them will be added to the Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Companion PDF.

What’s exciting about this Stretch goal is that this is where we use the underlying storyline of the Trinity of game lines so far and mix it into the core concept of this whole Continuum – the idea that our Trinity Continuum worlds/settings may or may not be a single timeline depending on your needs at your table.

Max Mercer travels through time. He could be traveling along a single line through time. Or, the overall setting itself suggests, he is bouncing from timeline to timeline, from parallel dimension to parallel dimension, attempting to do the right things to create ...39 COMMENTS

Episode 151: Back to the Beginning!

Onyx Pathcast

In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew provide a new jumping on point! We talk about our origins with Onyx Path, what we’ve learned in the past few years, and wrestling.

Obligatory wrestling references!Babies don’t have bonesPodcast pre-show digressionsOur origin storiesHow the Onyx Pathcast startedWorking for Onyx PathWhat we’ve learned since episode oneBeing colleagues and friendsFarty horns (more) (again)The finale of the outro music escalation


Trinity: Adventure! Kickstarter is still live! Resident Evil’s Mansion Basement Unraveled A Huge Lie: Music Fixed: One-Letter Typo is the Reason Aliens Colonial Marines Sucked: Path YouTube: Path Twitch: Path Discord: 1 COMMENT

Now Available: Geist Jumpstart and Pirate Assets!

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Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: One Foot in the Grave: A Jumpstart for Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition!

Remove a keystone,and the arch collapses.It’ll be no different with her.

Like every city, Rochester has its ghosts — and like other cities, it has those who prey upon and those who aid the dead. The machinations of a young but powerful Reaper, the Iridescent Maggot, threaten one of the dead patrons of Rochester’s ghost community, and there are none who can stand against it. None, that is, save the Sin-Eaters of Rochester, who will brave even the Underworld to keep their city safe. 

One Foot in the Grave contains: 

A full introductory story designed to guide players and Storytellers into the world of Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition. Nine ready-to-play characters.Abbreviated rules, including everything needed to play out the story. Story hooks to extend play into a full Chronicle. 

Also available: Pirates of Pugmire Community Content Assets!

“Out here on the Acid Sea, it doesn’t matter what your house is or what noble family you’re descended from. All you need is a sturdy ship, a plastic hull, and ...1 COMMENT

Covering the Pulp Genre with TC: Adventure! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

We’re just about three weeks into the Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Kickstarter, and we’ve hit the legendary Sargasso Sea of Lost Ships time period where the KS pledges start to drip in.

We find this “slow time” with all of our KS’s, pretty much, and many of our friends in other companies report the same thing, so it’s not unusual – but we’d still like to get the word out.

This is a great time for folks out there to join us in pushing the KS to friends, family, random strangers – whatever gets more eyes on the KS page!

Our TC: Adventure! team have continued to sit in on interviews and other media – doing their part to spread the word – and you can find those links down below in the Media section.

Meanwhile, we do keep achieving Stretch Goals and building the companion books, just a bit more slowly at this period!

V5 Trail of Ash and Bone art by Ken Meyer. Jr.

In keeping with the theme of the last several weeks of covering the pulp roots of adventure, I’m thinking a ...8 COMMENTS

Episode 150: Listener Mailbag #3 – The Trilogy Continuums

Onyx Pathcast

In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew conclude answering listener questions!

Derek Acorrah joins us from Beyond the Grave and Eddy’s wild mind!The meandering road of the Onyx Pathcast and Matthew’s feud with Ian A. A. Watson.Roleplaying group drama!Matthew continues his Vincenzo rant.Outside of your work for OPP (and White Wolf), what projects have you worked on that you’re the most passionate about?Are there more books planned for the Aberrant line aside those already announced?What OPP games do you play that you do not want to work on? What OPP games have you worked on and want to play but have not had the opportunity to?Tell us more about women as default player characters.How do you get into playing D&D / I want to start but don’t know how or any of the rulesIn my older age, I have found the metaphor for Vampires to sexual assault/violation of consent has become harder to ignore (for example see VTR: “The Kiss” “The Assault”). How do you handle these (and similar) issues at your tables when they feel hard baked into the framework ...READ MORE

Now Available: Yugman’s Guide in print, and Storypath Preview 2021!

Cavaliers of Mars, Sales, Scarred Lands, Trinity Continuum: Adventure!

Now available in print from DriveThruRPG: Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad Collected Volume for Scarred Lands!

Pay Heed to the Wisdom of Yugman the Sage

A century and a half after the Divine War, the titans lay defeated and scattered across Scarn and beyond. As the people of Ghelspad work to build a new world on the war-torn remnants of a fallen paradise, new heroes rise, and new threats emerge.

Yugman the Sage brings an overview of these new heroes and villains, as well as the tools they use to rise to power.

Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad contains:

21 new Social Backgrounds expanding the sects & societies introduced in the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide23 new subclasses, with each base class represented6 new Races and a revised Hollow LegionnaireNew Spells, True Rituals, Magic Items and more!

Also available in PDF: Storypath System Preview (2021)!

The evolution of the Storypath system is tied to our work on the Trinity Continuum, a world of hope, heroism, and peril, and Scion, a world where the children of the old gods walk the earth. 

Early on, we found that both new editions of these games had similar system needs, ...READ MORE

I’ll Be Superamalgamated! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

You’ll be Superamalgamated!

And you’ll be Superamalgamated!

And you’ll be Superamalgamated, too!

We’ll all be Superamalgamated!

The original is a line used by Johnny (William Harper Littlejohn) – one of Doc Savage’s team of adventurers sometimes called the Fabulous Five – in the Doc Savage pulp novels. I admit to adding a little Oprah-style excitement to the above, though. Which, of course, brings us to:

We’re heading towards finishing the second week of the Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Kickstarter and things are looking great! Thanks so much to all of you who have pledged and pushed us to achieve nine Stretch Goals when I write this, including two sets of Ready Made Character, a Jumpstart, and the start of both the TC: Adventure! Addendum companion book and Thrilling Tales which take the Tales of the Aeon Society radio drama and turns each chapter into a playable adventure!

And we’re not even half-way over!

In keeping with last week, I’d like to continue to try and touch a bit on why the pulp genre seems like such a rich genre for TTRPGs to me. It’s less about ...34 COMMENTS

Episode 149: Topics Big and Small (Mostly Small)

Onyx Pathcast

In which Dixie and Eddy talk about everything from Blaseball to editing to neurodivergence.

There’s a ghost in Dixie’s apartmentBlaseball!On editing/cutting RPG writingThe Transformers wiki!Working with disabilities/while neurodivergent

Bonus: Matthew rants about Vincenzo.


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Release Roundup: March 2021

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How’s your March been?

Crossroads Continent: Peoples of the Crossroads Continent (print)Scarred Lands: Vigil Watch (advance PDF)Scarred Lands: Spell Cards II: Yugman’s Guide (print)Scarred Lands: Item Cards IV: Yugman’s Guide (print)They Came from Beneath the Sea!: Monsters of the Deep (PDF/print)They Came from Beneath the Sea!: Storypath Tasty Bit: They Came from Outer Space! (PDF)Trinity Continuum: Adventure!: Tales of the Æon Society 5: A Deadly Trap! (audio)Trinity Continuum: Adventure!: Tales of the Æon Society 6: Zorbo’s Evil Plan! (audio)Trinity Continuum: Adventure!: The Collected Tales of the Æon Society (audio)Chronicles of Darkness: Time is Come Round: The Contagion Chronicle Jumpstart (advance PDF)

Oh yeah, and we announced a Scion TV series is in development.

Merch Dark Eras art: Beneath the Skin (journals)Dark Eras art: Requiem for Regina (journals)Dark Eras art: Fallen Blossoms (journals)Dark Eras art: Lily, Sabre, and Thorn (journals)Dark Eras art: Doubting Souls (journals)Dark Eras art: A Grimm Dark Era (journals)Dark Eras art: The Ruins of Empire (journals)Dark Eras art: A Handful of Dust (journals)Dark Eras art: God’s Own Country (journals)Dark Eras art: Into the Cold (journals)Dark Eras art: The Bowery Dogs (journals) Sales