Episode Four: Yes Instead Of No

Onyx Pathcast

In which we interview Ian A. A. Watson, Creative Lead for the Trinity Continuum and Community Manager for Onyx Path!

Ian talks about his history with the Trinity Continuum pitch, through the CCP merger, and into the creation of Onyx Path Ian’s love for the Trinity line goes back to 1997 Rabbit holes and why we love what we love The dynamics of the Trinity design team, and how awesome Danielle Lauzon is How the Storypath system came to be How we reframe Storypath between Trinity and They Came Reexamining how we do the development process, and how we are trying new things for Aberrant Ian talks about his Community Manager role What’s exciting about this new version of Trinity Aegis! Anima! (Maybe) Also, Assassin’s Creed We answer some forum questions (did yours get answered? Listen to find out!) Trinity as a pop culture toolbox We talk about fonts! Fonts are cool! Comic Sans Project: http://gamersans.tumblr.com/ Aberrant‘s diversity Ian’s contributions to Vampire: Bloodlines Unofficial Patch: http://patches-scrolls.de/patch/4647/7/ Trinity Backerkit: https://trinity-continuum-aeon-rpg.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders Special bonus at the end! 1 COMMENT

Fiction Friday: The God-Machine Chronicle Anthology

Chronicles of Darkness

God-Machine Chronicle Anthology

This section, found at the front of the God-Machine Chronicle Anthology, features the story Voice of the Angel. It dates back all the way to the original World of Darkess Rulebook in 2004. At the time, it was just one of a number of different stories and plot hooks to use, but it caught the imagination of fans and freelancers alike. This slowly built up until it became the foundation of the new edition of the Chronicles of Darkness.

From the Testament of Marco Singe, the so-called “Pain Prophet” of New Delhi.

When I was 12, my father beat me after hearing what I had done with another boy. It was as I lay on the cellar ?oor, feeling the blood on my back become sticky and cold, that the angel first spoke to me. She filled the air with the scent of metal and surrounded me with a circle of blue ?ame, and I was frightened.

“Don’t be afraid,” she told me. “I have come to speak to you, and through you. At the command of the god-machine you shall hear my words ...1 COMMENT

Character Creation: Pugmire


As part of our continuing Character Creation series, Bill returns to discuss Pugmire.

I love the concept of creating an anthropomorphic dog in a post-apocalyptic, D&D-like setting, and am looking forward to the chance to play Pugmire. Since I wrote part of the Pan’s Guide For New Pioneers, I was already familiar with the rules, but I wanted to create a character for my upcoming game.

Step One: Choose a Calling

First order of business: what kind of job does my dog have? Pages 41-53 of the Pugmire Core Rulebook describe the Callings—think character classes from D&D—and gives six examples of character types for each. Since I often play fighter types, I opt to build a mage this time and choose the Artisan Class. To be an Artisan is to unlock the secrets of the Old Ones through masterwork relics. Then, once a dog finds their focus, they use that knowledge to create miraculous effects.

Step Two: Choose a Breed

If you’ve spent time with dogs like I have, you probably have a favorite breed (or two). I love Dachshunds—especially the way their foreheads ...READ MORE

Now Available: Champions of the Scarred Lands in print!

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Now available in print-on-demand for the first time from DriveThruFiction, the classic Scarred Lands anthology Champions of the Scarred Lands!

A Time of New Legends

The ancient races of the world known as Scarn still remember a time of relative peace, when they were ruled by titans and the land was whole.  Now those times are gone. Over a hundred years ago, the race of young gods overthrew the titans in a bloody war.  Their battles shattered mountains, blighted forests and decimated the inhabitants of Scarn.  The world that survived is now known as the Scarred Lands.  The gods are victorious, the titans have been imprisoned and the people caught between have slowly rebuilt their civilizations.

The Perfect Introduction to a Devastated World

The first Scarred Lands anthology tells the stories of the heroes and villains who have left the greates mark on the new world.  It collects tales of King Virduk of Calastia, the Incarnate, Barconius the holy knight of Corean and more.  Enter this fantastic world in its time of new legends.

Kickstarter Update

Yesterday we launched the Fetch Quest deck-building card game Kickstarter! With 28 days ...READ MORE

King Arthur’s Britannia [Dark Eras 2]

Changeling: The Lost, Chronicles of Darkness, Hunter: The Vigil, Vampire: The Requiem

Greetings to you, Knights of the Realm!

Matthew Dawkins here. I’m posting an update to talk a little about the plans for King Arthur’s Britannia, which as an era, falls within the nebulous so-called “Dark Ages” of the British Isles and Europe. We’re choosing to set this era between 400 and 500 C.E., with a focus on the weakening of the Romano-British and subsequent Saxon dominance of Britain, and where the Arthurian mythos falls within that period.

The team we have on board for his chapter includes veteran Ethan Skemp handling the Changeling: The Lost section, covering the True Fae and the Lost in a time and place where magic and mystery experienced a resurgence and walking off into the woods alone was really a bad idea, Summer turning to Autumn in a realm increasingly reduced to squalor; new hand Alan Gowing handling Vampire: The Requiem, as the Kindred infest the last of the Roman courts and brace for the plunge into misrule, and a revisit and 2nd Edition overhaul of the Bron bloodline from Bloodlines: The Legendary; and David Cartwright, author ...7 COMMENTS

Fetch Quest Kickstarter is live!

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The Kickstarter for Fetch Quest is now live!

Fetch Quest is a collaboration between Onyx Path Publishing and Pugsteady, the home of Eddy Webb’s various projects set in the Realms of Pugmire. With your help, we hope fund the purchase of additional art and to produce and distribute a boxed edition of this card game, allowing further exploration and interaction with the world and characters of Pugmire.

Fetch Quest is a family-friendly cooperative deck-building game. Each player represents a pioneer, one of six adventurous dogs on a dangerous quest. The pioneers work together to overcome dangerous challenges and resolve missions. Once the missions are resolved, the quest is finished and the players win the game.

Are you ready to fetch what has been left behind?


A Dog in a Hooded Cloak Comes Over To Your Table… [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

…And he says he has a mission for you and your valiant pioneer friends. In less than two wags of their tails, you are all ready to follow the cryptic map the stranger has given you, and off for adventure!

That could be how a session of Fetch Quest starts. Story-wise.

Part of the fun, and part of what we’ll be exploring, with Fetch Quest is how the card game connects with the TTRPG. You can play it as a straight-up card game, you can add in your own characters as the pioneers going on the quests, you can role-play the challenges as well as solve them mechanically with the card game rules, and we’re looking at how a card set of missions could be transformed into a TTRPG adventure.

What I’m saying is, if the Kickstarter goes well, we have some ideas to explore.

In any case, the Kickstarter starts at 2pm Eastern US time Tuesday the 22nd – which is tomorrow as I write this. Here’s one of the videos we created to give more details about Fetch Quest:

As always, I have ...25 COMMENTS

Special Episode One: You’re Doing Great, Kid

Onyx Pathcast

In which Matthew and Dixie talk about how great the Onyx Pathcast is doing. But what happened to Eddy?


Fiction Friday: Songs of the Sun and Moon

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

A selection from Loathing in Malfeas by Jason Andrew, one of the stories from Songs of the Sun and Moon: Tales of the Changing Breeds, currently on sale via DriveThruFiction, Amazon Kindle, and B&N Nook.

We were lost somewhere in the Desert of Atrocity, nearly halfway to Malfeas, when the Wyrm-taint began to take hold. There was no shade for the wicked or weary, no hint of relief for those foolish enough to attempt to transverse this Umbra wasteland, where we measured every step in suffering and regret.

Somehow, I remained just conscious enough to keep my tiny rat claws burrowed into Ghunbari’s thick, black mane. I let her superior Crocas form ferry both of us across the wasteland, away from the pack of Banes that had taken a chunk out of both of our hides.

Ever see a spotted hyena the size of a grizzly bear and twice as mean? Imagine how ugly and nasty the Bane had to be in order to take a bite out of that. They swarmed over us, appearing as a plague of skeletal cats screeching with bile and ...READ MORE

Why Pugmire Is Not A Funny Dog Game [Realms of Pugmire]


When I first started hiring writers to work in the Realms of Pugmire, I knew I had to articulate the tone the game goes for. For years I got by with a sense of “I’ll know it when I see it,” but that wasn’t sustainable. Going forward, I had to spell out exactly how Pugmire uses concepts like grief, loss, and humor. So I wrote a lengthy essay/rant about the topic for my writer’s guide, and now I’m sharing it with all of you for the first time ever. Enjoy!

Let me start by spelling it out: Pugmire is ultimately about the power and danger of nostalgia. Everything (intentionally or unintentionally) points back to this concept, whether it’s the fact that dogs worship an idealized humanity or the intentional use of Dungeons & Dragons as a mechanical base. That’s the secret lurking at the heart of this world — Pugmire is built to evoke fondness for what has come before.

Taken a step further, nostalgia can be funny or it can be sad, and in an ideal world, Pugmire strives to be ...3 COMMENTS