Belial’s Brood [Night Horrors: Spilled Blood]

Vampire: The Requiem

Hello Requiem readers! This time I’ve got a little preview of the Belial’s Brood from Spilled Blood. Before we get into that, I want to take a moment to talk about what Spilled Blood is. First, it’s a Night Horrors book. This means that it is full of antagonists to use both in your Requiem games, and other Chronicles of Darkness games. It’s also a way for me to introduce some new 2e bloodlines, especially utilizing something that we haven’t done before, which is bloodlines that share something other than clan. There are a few words in the introduction about that specifically, but I hope to also put more detail into an upcoming bloodlines book that will explain how such things come about. But expect to see some covenant specific bloodlines in this book.

The book is broken into three chapters: antagonistic bloodlines, vampire antagonists, and non-vampire or vampire-adjacent antagonists. So instead of having a book completely themed for vampire or non-vampire antagonists, we have a mix of all types in this book. Hopefully, you’ll find something to terrorize your players ...3 COMMENTS

Hang Around, Thanks! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Let’s start serious and move towards our yearly Thanks blog at the end.

I’ve heard from a lot of you asking if the recent messages that White Wolf have posted on their social media are something that will be bad for Onyx Path. As of this writing, everything we’ve heard from over there is that it’s business as usual between our companies. We are still going to be sending projects over for approvals, they are still the ones who OK our pitches for new WW-IP projects, and we’re still running our successful Chicago By Night KS, the first licensed V5 TTRPG supplement.

So fear not, True Believers!

I mean, I just had to channel Stan Lee there, after last week’s MMN blog.

Which was, oddly enough, the least commented-on blog I think I’ve ever posted. Very strange, but I’m just assuming you were all in mourning for Stan, too.

In case you missed it last week, here is the lovely graphic our own Impish Ian Watson made to show what game lines are wholly Onyx Path‘s, the ones at the top, and which are licensed ...33 COMMENTS

Winter of Man: Part 4 of 6 [Realms of Pugmire]


Pugmire adventuring party by Claudio Pozas

Rex dug Rusty’s grave, panting heavily through the night as he strained against the frozen ground with a shovel Spot had. “Most free dogs own a shovel,” Pan whispered to Yosha as Rex dug. “They have to bury their friends more often than we do.” When he finished, Spot gently put Rusty’s body in the hole, tears in his mismatched eyes. Picassa said a silent prayer as Rex filled the grave back in. Each dog was lost in their own thoughts as Boros and Sunny howled and wept until the sun rose.

Spot eventually broke the silence. “I don’t blame you,” he said. He knelt down and picked up Sunny in his arms, who buried his face into Spot’s shoulder. If Spot felt any discomfort from his injury by carrying the heavy puppy, he didn’t show it. “I blame that tower, and that cat, and this Man-damned winter,” he continued. “They killed my wife, not you.”

Yosha stood next to Spot, and raised her head up high. Her eyes were brimming with tears, but her voice ...READ MORE

Episode 26: Listen to our Story(path)!

Onyx Pathcast

In which Dixie, Eddy, and Matthew do a deep dive into the Storypath system that Onyx Path uses for Scion, Trinity, They Came from Beneath the Sea!, and Dytopia Rising: Evolution.

* Newscaster voices! * Storypath system primer/basics of the mechanics * Various systems Storypath does well * Skill + Attribute * Arena + Approach * Storypath is structured like media! * A bit about failures being interesting * Dramatic editing and Trinity’s structure * Momentum and Scion * Integrating mechanics into setting * More about failing before you succeed * Dixie makes a WoW connection! * Wading deeper in the Momentum pool * The “Paths” of Storypath * On…Trademarks? Props? in TCfBtS! * More on Momentum, Conditions. and Flaws * Dice rolling in Storypath, Enhancements, and Complications * System flexibility * Scale in Storypath * A tangent! * You don’t have to memorize the rules to run a game * Power levels in Storypath * Getting meta with TCfBtS! * Trinity’s…continuum * Our personal favorite Storypath games * Another stinger brought to you by us goofing off before recording!

Links: Trinity Continuum:  Trinity Preorders: Scion: Scion Preorders: Dystopia Rising: Evolution: Dystopia Rising: Evolution Preorders: They Came from Beneath the Sea!: Chicago by Night Kickstarter:


Claws and Effect 11: The Making of Vinsen’s Tomb [Realms of Pugmire]


As people put up more content for Canis Minor, I thought breaking down a Pugmire adventure might help people who are struggling with their own creations. So let’s talk about The Secret of Vinsen’s Tomb. There will be some spoilers!

Elements of The Secret of Vinsen’s Tomb came from a playtest adventure from way back when I started designing Pugmire (particularly, the tomb itself). When I rewrote it for the jumpstart, my goal was to showcase to potential Pugmire players how each of they key systems worked. But that’s also all-around good adventure design. I went for at least one roleplay or intrigue scene, one interesting combat or action scene, and one exploration or investigation scene. There’s actually a couple of each of those, and they’re not balanced (for example, there’s some overlap in “combat” and “exploration”). But if you have at least one of each, that’s a good start.

Next, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. A lot of players have remarked that Pugmire has a lot of “white space,” areas of the game world that aren’t detailed or explained. That’s ...READ MORE

Now available: Scarred-stravaganza!

Exalted, Mage: The Ascension, Sales, Scarred Lands, Vampire: The Masquerade, World of Darkness

We’ve got a ton of Scarred Lands content for you this week. Starting with the Scarred Lands DM Screen for 5e, available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG. I think this is the first time we’ve done a GM screen in print, albeit as inserts for a customizable screen, like this one.


A Land Where Legends Walk

Drawing enthusiastically on Greek mythology, the revised and re-imagined Scarred Lands nonetheless retains its place as a modern fantasy RPG setting. This is a world shaped by gods and monsters, and only the greatest of heroes can expect to be counted among them. The most populous continent of Scarn, Ghelspad, plays host to vast unexplored regions, hides unsolved riddles from ancient cultures, and taunts adventures with the promise of undiscovered riches hidden among the ruins of older civilizations. 

Yet the myths of the Scarred Lands are relatively recent events. The effects of the Titanswar still ripple through the world, and the heroines and villains of many of these stories are part of living memory, if not still living.

A useful reference tool for all Scarred Lands GMs, whether printed ...READ MORE

The Mirrorlands [Book of Oblivion]

Wraith: The Oblivion

Emerging from the Shadowlands ‘tis I, Matthew Dawkins.

The Book of Oblivion should be over with White Wolf for manuscript approval by the time this blog goes up, if we haven’t reached editing by that stage! It’s exciting to see another Wraith book near release, and even more exciting for me that we’ve been able to explore some of the other underworlds in this book. Stygia has always been the core setting for Wraith, but this book takes you into the Mirrorlands, the Dark Kingdom of Ivory, the Dark Kingdom of Obsidian, and more!

Here’s an extract from Dale Andrade’s piece on the Mirrorlands!


Haiti is the heart and soul of the Mirrorlands, for it is where Mama Petro, the first Loa, made her triumphant return from The Island Below the Sea. She spread the teachings of Les Mysteres and shared their power in return for pledges of service. Reborn “Les Invisibles,” the Mirrorlands embraced their heritage and forged a new society from the ashes of the old.

Mama Petro formed Nanchons that quickly cemented her “Petro” faction as the strongest power in ...3 COMMENTS

Chicago and The Man [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Normally, I leave the “celebrations of the lives of those who passed” to the Today’s Reason to Celebrate section at the very end of this blog. But in this case, I need to say just a little something about Stan “The Man” Lee, who died today at 95.

People have a lot of thoughts and feelings about Stan. I’m not going to wade into whether he created or wrote which parts of the Marvel Universe. The fact is, having worked on a lot of creative projects, it is very hard to realistically divide up anything creative you do with others.

Even Stan and Jack Kirby wobbled back and forth over the years when they described who was responsible for what. What is undeniable is that his influence over the growth of Marvel, and the juggernaut of iconic and lasting characters that it is, was huge.

His writing, editing, even art direction, were all part of creating those characters and those stories. For me, though, I got into Marvel comics after the birth of Marvel, after his name was on just a crazy number ...6 COMMENTS

Harvest [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

Dystopia Rising

Dystopia Rising; Evolution art by Mark Kelly

Red vaulted the cement barricade and landed hard in cover, any remaining breath driven out in a coughing gust by the impact, the howling of the raiders so loud on her tail she was amazed she hadn’t caught a spear in the back already. As if on cue, a long, wicked looking metal spear flew overhead and thudded into the ground behind her. Poker and Rennie gaped at it and then down at her from where they crouched down on either side of her, their eyes wide and white in the near dark. “Fucksake, light ‘em up!” she wheezed, reaching for her own shooter.

It wasn’t powerful, but her voice seemed to break their trance and the two men rose to firing positions, guns braced on the barricade, and opened up on the raiders charging their position. A second later, Red heard more reports nearby as the rest of the ambush party came to life around them, nearly a dozen shooters blazing and turning the broken terrain of the old caravan lot into a ...READ MORE

Episode 25: A Magical Interview with Dave Brookshaw

Onyx Pathcast

In which Dixie and Matthew interview Dave Brookshaw about all things Mage the Awakening.

In which Dixie and Matthew interview Dave Brookshaw about all things Mage the Awakening.

* We can hear each other! Hooray! * A little talk about the Chicago by Night Kickstarter * Shout-out to “Mirthful” Mike Chaney * Mage: The Awakening is Adamantine level on DriveThruRPG! * Dave got into RPGs through choose-your-own-adventure books * His relationship with Mage the Ascension * Generations of freelancers * Dave has worked on (just about) every Chronicles of Darkness game * Taking over Mage the Awakening * Why Mage? * References, both real and fictional * Talking Signs of Sorcery and Night Horrors * #jerkassacanthus * What gets left out of the books * A bit about Tome of the Pentacle * A bit about Fallen World * A bit about Deviant: The Renegades * Dave’s nicknames * Matthew had to drop out, so that’s why he’s a bit quiet * Sticking to one line * Accents * Eddy takes a moment to talk about audio quality for convention episodes * PAX Unplugged! Dragonmeet! Midwinter!