Now Available: C20 Novel and W20 Auspice Cards!

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Now Available in PDF and ebook from DriveThruFiction: Immortal Eyes 4: The Cup of Dreams for Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition!

Two decades ago, sidhe changeling Morgan Daniels watched her oathmates cross through Silver’s Gate and enter the faerie homeland of Arcadia. Now no longer a childling, Morgan hears a call, letting her know it is time for her friends to come home. 

In Arcadia, Morgan’s oathmates engage in a battle to return to Morgan and the Mortal Realm they left behind. A new quest awaits them, one for the elusive and mystical Cup of Dreams.

In the meantime, drawn to San Francisco by a mysterious call, another group of changelings gathers at the Toybox Coffee Shop. Their task: defend the freehold from a series of incursions by servants of the changelings’ ancient enemies.

Combining Celtic lore with old ballads, this sequel to the Immortal Eyes Trilogy reunites old friends and brings together new ones in a tale of adventure, romance, trust and betrayal that is both timely and timeless.

The Cup of Dreams is a sequel to the classic Immortal Eyes trilogy: The ...2 COMMENTS

Mummy Dearest [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

So we unwrapped the Kickstarter for Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition and WOW; we funded in less than a day, and it has been shambling along ever since!

If you caught last week’s MMN blog, I put up a bunch of bullet points describing the features and changes for this new edition, so please give that a read if you’re interested. You can also check last Friday’s Onyx Pathcast for more thoughts from Mummy 2e writer Meghan Fitzgerald, and then this coming Friday’s Pathcast is actually a deep-dive into Mummy 2e – so you can give both of those informative programs a listen, too!

And if you look below, in the Onyx Path Media section, Matthew has several links to Mummy oriented actual play streams you can check out!

If you folks recall, Mummy‘s first edition was a really early KS for us- it started in the first year Onyx Path was in business. It was one of those that we put up during the wild times of early Kickstarter, and it was also created before we had put together the 2nd Edition ...12 COMMENTS

Episode 77: The Chronicles of Meghan: The Fitzgerald

Onyx Pathcast

In which Dixie and Eddy interview Meghan Fitzgerald (who was our first interview ever!) about what she’s been up to in the Chronicles of Darkness and Threefold, and we also talk a lot about Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Matthew is in the seaDixie has FOMOMeghan Fitzgerald is here!Oak, Ash, and Thorn (the Changeling Companion)Kith and KinMummy/Changeling crossover?Mummy: The Curse Second EditionDeviant: The RenegadesMage: The AwakeningNight Horrors: Nameless and AccursedDon’t fact check usA bit on art notesThreefold!PAX UnpluggedWe talk about Fire Emblem: Three Houses for 20 minutes. Literally.


Changeling: The Lost 2e: Mummy: The Curse Kickstarter: Mage: The Awakening 2e: Lodestar and Susuruss: Sam Araya artwork: Threefold for Modern Age: PAX Unplugged: Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Onyx Path Twitch: Onyx Path Discord:


Adversaries of the Righteous: Gleaming Gneiss


A brief preview of Gleaming Gneiss, Ambitious Sorcerer, one of the characters in last week’s Adversaries of the Righteous: The Prince Resplendent and Gleaming Gneiss for Exalted 3rd Edition. Every month we release new Exalted characters from Adversaries of the Righteous, and/or monsters from Hundred Devils Night Parade.

Background: Young Gleaming Gneiss dreamed of ancient wonders far beneath her snowy home in the city-state of Eaves. For years, the dreams taunted her; what felt so real as she slept dissolved on waking. Feathersteel mine tunnels resembled those of her dreamscapes, but never led to the ruins she was certain hid within. Finally, when yet another search failed after years of frustrated exploration, Gneiss gave in to her rage and despair. Stone crumbled as she struck the walls in thoughtless fury; the power of Pasiap burst from her like a landslide. When the dust cleared, the wreckage revealed a timeworn passageway.

At tunnel’s end lay a forgotten settlement’s ruins, just as they’d appeared in her dreams. She found Glacier’s Edge — a machine made in humanity’s image and brought to life by sorcerous ...READ MORE

Now Available: The Art of W20, Morty Corgi, and Scarred Lands Expedition!

Mummy: The Curse, Pugmire, Sales, Scarred Lands, Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Now Available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: The Art of Werewolf: The Apocalypse: A Visual Guide to Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition!

The Art of Werewolf: The Apocalypse: A Visual Guide to Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition

Violence is an art form, if it’s practiced, perfected, and put on display. That’s what we tell ourselves when we cut servants of the Wyrm into slices. We celebrate their destruction, but how that destruction is delivered is the art.

Shifting from Lupus to Homid and everywhere in between: That’s art, too. The stretch of skin, crack of bone, and pop of ligament. Art can be shocking, terrifying, gratifying, euphoric, and transforming, for Gaia is all these things and more.

We are one with the world, the Umbra, and all the Gifts the spirits, Gaia, the Wyld, and even the Weaver bestow upon us. They are a part of us. We are a tapestry, a collage, a piecemeal portrait of fragments, colors, and bloody shades. 

We’re a savage kind of art form, but our lives are still art.

And, like the best art, our lives are precious, rare, and might ...READ MORE

Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition Kickstarter has launched!

Mummy: The Curse, Press Releases, Sales

The Mummy 2nd Edition Kickstarter has launched!

Imagine being both dead and deathless at the same time. Imagine being cradled in the arms of death for years, sometimes decades on end, but all the while knowing you will eventually not only arise again, but possibly awaken to an unfamiliar world. Now imagine that your purpose, your entire existence, is bound within this cycle — that you are chained to it for eternity. You sleep, you wake, your serve your Judge’s will in the lands of the living, and you return to the death-sleep once more. The ancient culture that empowered you is gone, lost to the sands of time…yet you endure.

In Mummy: The Curse Second Edition, you play one of these beings. Those who know they exist, from the cultists who serve them to the dark forces arrayed against them, call them the Deathless. We call them mummies.

This Mummy: The Curse Second Edition Kickstarter is designed to enable us to create a hardcover edition designed to match the look and feel of our other Chronicles of Darkness core rulebooks such as Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The ...READ MORE

Are You My Mummy? [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 5th, at 2pm EST, we start the Kickstarter campaign for Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition! This is significant, at least to me, because Mummy: The Curse was the first Chronicles of Darkness (still New World of Darkness, then) new line we Kickstarted. We had a blast doing that back in the wild and woolly days that seem pretty long ago, and it is so amazing to be able to now present to everyone the 2nd Edition.

In fact, Mummy: The Curse was already being worked on before Onyx Path was formed, during the time that Eddy and I were creating more TTRPG projects for CCP after the success of Vampire 20th. So we’ve got a long association with the line and the concepts presented within it.

Certainly, a lot has changed with Onyx Path, the way we do Kickstarters, and with how the 2nd Editions have tightened up all of the CofD game lines. Both the systems and the setting have benefited from the years of play and thought that came after their initial releases.

M20 Book of the Fallen ...42 COMMENTS

Onyx Path Publishing Announces Vigil Watch and Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad for the Scarred Lands RPG

Press Releases, Scarred Lands


October 29, 2019 — Onyx Path Publishing, owner and publisher of the Scarred Lands role-playing game, is pleased to announce two new serial releases: Vigil Watch and Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad.

Ghelspad is a massive and diverse landscape that is the hallmark of the Scarred Lands setting. Once a paradise, this continent is now scarred by the ravages of the Titanswar. In the wake of divine bloodshed, the people of Ghelspad survive and thrive on this befouled continent. Two upcoming releases explore this setting to give players and GMs more material to draw from for their campaigns.

Vigil Watch explores six different locations across Ghelspad. From the bloody shores of the Toe Islands in the east to the Sweltering Plains of the West, Vigil Watch provides an in-depth look at a variety of locales and cultures. This release will contain:

Expanded information on the culture of the Ironbred and their nomadic home, the Iron CourtA detailed view of Leoni, the center of the Manticora ConfederacyThe frontier settlement of Mansk, home to human and orc wolf-riders under the leadership of Warlord KleshThe ...3 COMMENTS

Release Roundup: October 2019

Cavaliers of Mars, Dystopia Rising, Exalted, Mage: The Awakening, Pugmire, Sales, Trinity Continuum

Great bunch of stuff this month, plus Kickstarter backers have started to receive their Trinity Continuum and TC: Æon rulebooks. Good news all around!

Cavaliers of Mars: Witch-Queen of the Shadowed Citadel (PDF)Dystopia Rising: Evolution: Trouble on the Steel Pier: A Dystopia Rising: Evolution Jumpstart (PDF/print)Pugmire: Pugmire Core Rulebook Phone PDF (PDF)Exalted: Adversaries of the Righteous: The Prince Resplendent and Gleaming Gneiss (PDF)Mage: The Awakening: Signs of Sorcery (print) Merch Cavaliers Art: City of Vance (journals)Cavaliers Art: Cavaliers of Mars Cover (journals) Æon: Æon Trinity (journal)Æon: Psi Order Æsculapian Order (journal)Æon: Psi Order Chitra Bhanu (journal)Æon: Psi Order ISRA (journal)Æon: Psi Order Legions (journal)Æon: Psi Order Ministry of Noetic Affairs (journal)Æon: Psi Order Norça (journal)Æon: Psi Order Orgotek (journal)Æon: Psi Order Upeo wa Macho (journal) Kickstarter

We wrapped up two Kickstarters during October: the Scarred Lands 5e Creature Collection reached $63,130 of our $15,000 goal, or 421%! We also reached enough stretch goals to add 60 extra pages of material!

The second was Deviant: The Renegades, which reached $78,917 of our $35,000 goal, or 225%. Also a good number of stretch goals to add ...1 COMMENT

Episode 76: Save Against Fear Panel: Brick by Brick – Creative Worldbuilding

Onyx Pathcast

In which Dixie, Eddy, Neall, and Rich (at Save Against Fear) talk on a panel with other creators about worldbuilding.

Eddy forgets someone’s podcast(Editing Note: Huge thanks to Josh Heath, for providing the audio. Because this was recorded with one mic, we’ve edited the audio to amplify when the speakers are quiet.)Panelists: James Kirk (moderator), Calvin Johns, Dixie Cochran, Neall Raemonn Price, Eddy Webb, Richard Thomas, and Doug LevandowskiHow important are world settings in a game?What are the most important parts of a world?What are your favorite aspects of worldbuilding?What motivates the creation of a world?Do worldbuilders feel responsibility to remove bias in their worldbuilding?What advice would you give to future worldbuilders?Community pruningSave Against FearPDX ConRich’s D&D gameMatthew sneaks backstage at PDX Con

LINKS:Save Against Fear:

High Level Games Podcast:

Anthropos Games (Early Dark, Fantaji, Centennial Gothic):

Kids on Bikes:



Crusader Kings III: