Episode 53: An En-Rich-ing Interview

Onyx Pathcast

In which Dixie and Eddy interview Rich Thomas for our one-year anniversary!

Welcome back, Rich Thomas!What’s Rich excited about?Trinity!A bit of “back in the day” talkOn art directionPirates of Pugmire!Rich’s Magic-card artState of the Pathcast!On working from homeDixie promotes…the Delaware DMV?Future of the Pathcast?Blog questions!


Us! Rich!: theonyxpath.com MASH RPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/199282/MASHED-A-Korean-War-MASH-RPG Rose Bailey’s works: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/4895/Fantasy-Heartbreaker


Storypath’s Scale

Dystopia Rising, Scion, They Came From Beneath The Sea!, Trinity Continuum

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about Scale: what it is, when it applies, and how we adjudicate it. Hopefully this post will clarify that for those of you wondering how to use Scale in your game.

Scale is a narrative term that is used as a shorthand to describe large differences between two things. We often use Scale as a comparison between two things, such as the speed of a human on foot versus that of a person on a bike, and further, to that of a car or plane. Scale is a comparison mechanic to help us decide if something or someone is so outclassing someone else that a normal roll with standard successes just doesn’t express that difference well enough.

For example, we don’t talk about Danielle’s Scale for running around unless it comes into contrast with something else. If Danielle got into a foot race with Eddy, there is no Scale difference between us. Even if Eddy spent his time off training for marathons, his comparative Scale is not that much higher than Danielle’s, though his Athletics ...2 COMMENTS

Now Available: Fetch Quest!

Pugmire, Sales

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruCards: Our second card game, Fetch Quest!

Fetch Quest is a family-friendly cooperative deck-building game.

Each player represents a pioneer, one of six adventurous dogs on a dangerous quest. The pioneers work together to overcome dangerous challenges and resolve missions. Once the missions are resolved, the quest is finished and the players win the game.

Fetch Quest is a cooperative deck-building game for 3-6 players of ages 12 and up.

Playing time is approximately 60-90 minutes. 

Also available: Fetch Quest: Heroes of Pugmire booster!

Heroes of Pugmire gives you ten new pioneers to use in your Fetch Quest games. Voltaire Vizsla and Oliver Quentin Beagle IV are both ready to take on the quest. Or, use one of the seven provided cat characters to give you games a feline twist!

Fetch Quest is also available via the Roll20 Marketplace!


Noble Knight Games is running a sale on a number of Onyx Path products, many of which are otherwise hard to find.

Scarred Lands products for Pathfinder (the Scarred Lands Players Guide and The Wise & The Wicked 2nd Edition) are upwards of 90% off from ...READ MORE

Pirates of Pugmire Kickstarter is Live!

Press Releases, Pugmire


Onyx Path Publishing Launches Kickstarter for Pirates of Pugmire


May 21, 2019 — Rich Thomas, founder and Creative Director of Onyx Path Publishing, announced today the Kickstarter to fund printing for the Pirates of Pugmire chronicle sourcebook to the Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau roleplaying games. Pirates of Pugmire is a family-friendly tabletop supplement set in the Realms of Pugmire, and is a collaboration between Onyx Path Publishing and Pugsteady.

“Pirates of Pugmire is our first big supplement for both Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau, giving players a ready-to-go chronicle. Dogs and cats can form a pirate crew with lizards and birds, and sail over the Acid Sea for adventure and treasure! It’s the next big step for the Realms of Pugmire, and I’m excited to see what people do with their pirate characters!” said Eddy Webb, the creator of Pugmire.

Pirates of Pugmire is a supplement that requires the Pugmire or Monarchies of Mau roleplaying games. Both games employ a streamlined version of 5th Edition rules. The new supplement contains:

Playable lizard and bird characters Six new callings Rules ...READ MORE

Yarr! Prepare to Cast Off! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Ahoy Matey! Tomorrow, Tuesday the 21st, at 2pm Eastern US time, we’re going live with the Pirates of Pugmire Kickstarter!

So, as you might imagine, we’re pretty busy and excited over here. This is the first major sourcebook for Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau that we’re doing to expand on the lands (waters) outside of the main dog and cat areas, plus it will contain playable Lizard and Bird character info, and a three-part adventure chronicle.

Very much the sort of additions to the first main books that are a load of fun for us to create – and we think to play! – and then you add in PIRATES!, and gunpowder and alchemical weapons, and new classes for the dogs and cats, and treasure chests, and sailing the Acid Sea, and, and, and…


The Realm illustration by Gunship Revolution

What I’m saying is, it was a blast to work with Eddy on pulling this all together using his simplified 5e rules, and we hope folks will check it out!

In fact, Eddy recorded design podcast installments all during the process, and combined them into ...22 COMMENTS

Episode 52: Pirates of Pugmire Design Diary

Onyx Pathcast

In which Eddy talks about the process of making Pirates of Pugmire!

Dixie and Matthew are bitter they’re not in the episodeHow our editing skills have improved! (It’s not much.)August 22, 2018: Outlining the bookSeptember 4, 2018: Concept artOctober 9, 2018: Project kickoffOctober 22, 2018: First draftsDecember 20, 2018: Deadline extensionJanuary 31, 2019: Redlines finishedMarch 29, 2019: Development finishedPirates of Pugmire Kickstarter will go live next week!One of the rare projects where so many of us work together on itWe talk about the success of past Pugmire KickstartersMatthew sings a sea shanty! (Kind of.)Eddy is now the dog guy, not the vampire guy


Realms of Pugmire: https://realmsofpugmire.com Eddy and Matthew will be at UK Games Expo: https://ukgamesexpo.co.uk/Dixie will be at Escape Velocity: https://escapevelocity.events/ READ MORE

Scarred Lands Actual Play, Part 2


Part 2 of “The Great Vilhaim Heist,” a Scarred Lands Actual Play featuring DMed by Matthew Dawkins and featuring Red Moon Roleplaying, is up on our YouTube channel:


Now Available: Vampire Stickers!

Sales, Vampire: The Masquerade

Now available from our RedBubble store: Stickers! We’re starting off with unlocking a ton of Vampire: The Masquerade material, both modern and Dark Ages:

Dark Ages Clan Shield: Assamites (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Brujah (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Cappadocians (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Followers of Set (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Gangrel (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Lasombra (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Malkavian (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Nosferatu (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Ravnos (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Toreador (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Tremere (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Tzimisce (sticker)Dark Ages Clan Shield: Ventrue (sticker)Masquerade Sect: Anarch Movement (sticker)Masquerade Sect: Camarilla (sticker)Masquerade Sect: Sabbat (sticker)Masquerade Sect: Independents (sticker)Masquerade Sect: Tal’mahe’ra/The Black Hand (sticker)Masquerade Clan: Assamite (sticker)Masquerade Clan Variant: Assamite antitribu (sticker)Masquerade Clan: Brujah (sticker)Masquerade Clan Variant: Brujah antitribu (sticker)Masquerade Clan: Followers of Set (sticker)Masquerade Clan Variant: Serpents of the Light (sticker)Masquerade Clan: Gangrel (sticker)Masquerade Clan Variant: Gangrel antitribu (sticker)Masquerade Clan: Giovanni (sticker)Masquerade Clan: Lasombra (sticker)Masquerade Clan Variant: Lasombra antitribu (sticker)Masquerade Clan: Malkavian (sticker)Masquerade Clan: Malkavian antitribu (sticker)Masquerade Clan: Nosferatu (sticker)Masquerade Clan Variant: Nosferatu antitribu (sticker)Masquerade Clan: Ravnos (sticker)Masquerade Clan Variant: Ravnos antitribu (sticker)Masquerade Clan: ...1 COMMENT

Maa-Kep [Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition]

Mummy: The Curse

Matthew Dawkins here, with Meghan Fitzgerald’s Maa-Kep draft for Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition! Enjoy!

Maa-Kep Shadow of Pillars

Spies, Junta, Dapifers

We would never say we know better, of course. It’s just that not taking our advice would be a mistake.

I listened closely while he spoke. The people would love him, he said. They would offer their loyalty gladly, and in exchange they would gain power over their own fates. All it would take was a revolution, guns and fists raised high in silhouette against the orange blaze that would light up the night and banish tyranny. I could see his passion, his dedication. His logic was sound. His preparations were prudent. Even now, I laud his efforts.

He looked up from his maps and schedules to beam a smile my way. He cut a handsome figure, there in the candlelight, and I admit his plan had merit. It was a temptation, as surely as any convincing bait ever is. I smiled, too.

“So,” he said, “what do you think? Will it work?”

“It would have,” I assured him. “It would have worked very ...6 COMMENTS

Prose On Cons. [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Since next week we’ll be going into full New Kickstarter mode for the Pirates of Pugmire KS, let me catch up on a few things we talked about in the Monday Meeting today, and expand on our thinking about attending conventions.

First, thanks to everyone who sent in questions for my interview with the Onyx Pathcast! We had a great recording session last week that, no surprise, ran extra long. So many things to cover, and I wanted to go into enough detail to deliver more than a corporate sound-bite.

Next, yes, I’m still all fuzzy-headed from pollen allergies. Thanks to all who asked, or provided solutions – medical or otherwise!

And, as far as I’ve been informed, all the backer rewards for the Scion Kickstarter should now be out in the trucks/planes/tricycles of the shippers our fulfillment shipper works with. USPS and Fedex mostly, but these days it is hard to pin that down as they all seem to subcontract with each other.

V5 Chicago art by Amy Wilkins

In a little over two weeks, Eddy, Mighty Matt McElroy, and myself, will be ...30 COMMENTS