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Episode 251: Mailbag: Part Three

Onyx Pathcast

In which the trio answers questions submitted by you, the listeners. We talk about Neil Breen and parasocial relationships for far too long.

BreencourseParasocial relationshipsHow’s your day going?Beverage Goblin TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@thecenteredlife/video/7201246552885660974After-school stuffCavaliers of Mars and Rose Bailey’s workFantasy heartbreakersYes, Dixie meant 90s anime version of Sailor Moon, not American version. Don’t @ her.Easy and difficult projectsScion!Pugmire!Food archaeologyDarby gets a fish


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The World Below: The Klo’tha

World Below

Matthew here, following on from Rich’s tease of the klo’tha in Monday’s blog!

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed the art for the klo’tha show up during Rich’s Inktober campaign, during which he illustrated, drew, or painted a different beast for The World Below each day of that month in 2022! Rich subsequently posted about the klo’tha with one of their original setting write-ups, to give any of you World Below enthusiasts a little more information.

Now I’m going to give you some further information and lore, still.

The klo’tha are one of the many peoples inhabiting the World Below. One of the questions that comes up often in the game is “who has the right to be here?”, as the subterranean realm in which adventures take place is home to native peoples, refugees from the surface, invaders from realms hidden in the deeper darkness, and alien entities seeming to spring up from nowhere. As resources become contested and many groups feel they have “the right” to exist in the World Below, murderous campaigns of slaughter rage from level to level, making some strata ...13 COMMENTS

Now Available: They Came from Beneath the Sea! on Roll20!

Sales, They Came From Beneath The Sea!, Trinity Continuum: Aberrant

Now available on Roll20: They Came from Beneath the Sea!

They Came From Beneath The Sea! is a new game encompassing the wonder, horror, thrills, and hilarity of 1950s science fiction. This game will evoke all that is great in the B-Movies of decades ago, and provides a dynamic, fun experience at the table.

This package includes an addon with Card Decks for quips and cinematics, and a compendium that contains threats, character archetypes, tropes and abilities, and anything else you’d want to run your own game of They Came From Beneath the Sea!

Other Recent Releases

Did you miss one of these recent releases?

Mar 8: Adversaries of the Righteous, Facets of Truth: A Lunars NovellaMar 1: Realms of Magic and MysteryFeb 22: Storypath Tasty Bit: A Fight at the Museum, Pugmire Core Tokens and Maps (roll20) Sales

IPR’s OGL (and More) sale continues! Get 50% off OGL titles like the Legendlore rulebook and GM screen, Monarchies of Mau, Pirates of Pugmire, Scarred Lands hardcovers, plus books and screens like Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition and Dark Eras 2!

Crowdfunding Update

Our next Kickstarter will be for the Trinity ...READ MORE

Paddy Cake, Patty Cake! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

I never get the spelling right, but at the end of the week there’s the St. Patty’s Day celebration when both the rivers and the beer turns green across the USA.

What does that have to do with Onyx Path and all of our many games and worlds? Not much, actually. Our folks will or will not be celebrating, and being careful out there as they do, but this week we’ll be rocking and rolling on our projects as usual!

Now, back in the day, St. Pat’s Day was actually an official day off for old White Wolf, and many, if not most of the company, got together at an “Irish Pub” in Atlanta when they opened. And a bunch of the crew stayed well into the evening. A lot more folks stopped in for just a bit, but there were certainly some that partied hearty.

I mean, really hearty. Yet, there were surprisingly few fights, and the worst damage was usually from impromptu touch football games across the street. In other words: a lot of people were blowing off steam, in ...13 COMMENTS

Episode 250: Mailbag: Part Two

Onyx Pathcast

In which the trio answers questions submitted by you, the listeners. We talk about the Riddler longer than intended.

Dixie forgets the name of Special Mission Lady ChaplinMovies and TVHow do we introduce players to lore-rich settings?What color is the letter J?Runaway freight trainsHow does Matthew run so many games?Creatively rewarding and white whalesDixie gets pedantic at the RiddlerSaw!Darby pupdatePerfect days and favorite books to work onRecasting the Pathcast Movie


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Realms of Pugmire 2e FAQ

Realms of Pugmire

Hey all! Now that the Realms of Pugmire Kickstarter has wrapped up, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it. Not only are some of the people backing it new to Onyx Path crowdfunding campaigns, but this is one of the rare times when both editions are produced by the same company. So I thought it might be a good idea to go over some of the questions I’ve been getting and give some answers!

Now that Realms of Pugmire is Kickstarted, when will I get my book?

I’m tackling this one first because a lot of the later answers hinge on the context of this one. Kickstarter is not a pre-order system, although it might feel like one. There isn’t a book sitting in a warehouse ready to go – we still have to make it. Officially, the Kickstarter lists the release date as March 2025. That said, Pugmire campaigns generally deliver faster (one of the advantages of having a lot of control over the property!), but it’ll be at least a year before you see anything resembling a finished book, and closer to two.

Is everything on hold ...READ MORE

Now Available: Adversaries in print, plus Facets of Truth novella!

Exalted, Sales

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Adversaries of the Righteous (Collected Edition) for Exalted 3rd Edition!

A privateer crew sails the frozen winds of the far North, hunting for riches.

Deep beneath the Blessed Isle, a Fair Folk prince plots vengeance from within her crystal palace.

Not far from Cynosure, a long-dead ruler returns from the Underworld and rallies his descendants to reclaim their stolen territory.

In the East, an ancient god’s Chosen sells powerful artifacts to the highest bidder, while out in the Western oceans, a war god and her bloodthirsty children prowl the angry waters.

From bustling cities to remote villages, from Underworld fortresses to Heaven’s bureaucratic halls, to the Bordermarches of the Wyld and beyond, Adversaries of the Righteous features a collection of full character entries designed for Storytellers to include in their games as antagonists and allies, or to use as examples for creating their own. Mortals, elementals, gods, denizens of the Wyld, the Exalted, and even stranger peoples populate both Creation and the pages of this book, as well as groups and organizations for intrepid Chosen to encounter.

Also available in ...1 COMMENT

Onyx Pathcast CCL! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

That’s 250 for the non-Roman Numeral readers out there. Why that, you might ask? Because…

Congrats! to our Terrific Trio of Onyx Pathcasters – Dixie, Matthew, and Eddy – for their 250th episode!

That is just SO MANY episodes! It is amazing how consistent these are in terms of what the gang have been covering, their continuing range of interests, and how the hell do they always sound like they’re genuinely having a great time?!

I dunno. I have to psyche myself up before every appearance on the show, and they do an episode a week! Plus, they manage to cover all of our games from so many different angles – reviews, retrospectives, interviews with the creators, actual play sessions, the list goes on.

Plus, it’s all them – and a few guest hosts. They decide on subject matter and approach – nobody at Onyx Path determines their content. Even when perhaps I should, Mr. Dawkins.

He knows what I mean…

Seriously, I’ve been thrilled by both our talented Trio’s repartee and incisive commentary, and how far they’ve run with this “lil podcast that could”. ...8 COMMENTS

Episode 249: Mailbag: Part One

Onyx Pathcast

In which the trio answers questions submitted by you, the listeners, and talks more about both swans and podcast crimes than anyone anticipated.

Barreling toward episode 250Conspiracy theoriesMatthew is pedantic about people’s questionsMatthew also has opinionsOur feelings on streamers!Who do we think it is??Exalted: Essence is streamlined!Onyx20 and StorypathNew editionsStreaming services and actorsA tortured metaphor

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Now Available: Realms of Magic and Mystery!

Realms of Pugmire, Sales, Scion

Now available in advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: Realms of Magic and Mystery for Scion!

A Wealth of Terra Incognita to visit

Realms of Magic & Mystery expands the setting of 2nd Edition with details about 28 new Terra Incognita, six new Axes Mundi, and a wealth of additional information about otherworlds and how to use them in your series.

Realms of Magic & Mystery requires Scion: Origin and is compatible with all of the other Scion 2nd Edition books. Inside, you will find:

Expanded information about several Underworlds, including Elysium, Mictlán, Valhalla, and YomiMore than 20 entirely new otherworlds, including 10 strange places, eight Midrealms, and several new Overworlds and Underworlds.Advice to Storyguides for creating new otherworlds, including step-by-step instructions for creating them.New Boons, Callings, Knacks, and Relics that are either associated with the various realms in this book or that help characters interact with and travel between realms. Other Recent Releases

Did you miss one of these recent releases?

Feb 22: Storypath Tasty Bit: A Fight at the Museum, Pugmire Core Tokens and Maps (roll20)Feb 15: The Contagion Chronicle: Global OutbreaksFeb 8: Victorian Mage merch Sales

DriveThruRPG’s GM’s Day Sale begins! For the next two ...READ MORE