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Pugmire, Scarred Lands, Scion

Are you a creator? Do you enjoy programs like the DM’s Guild? Do you like Onyx Path’s worlds?

Onyx Path has several Community Content programs that you can join. You can download resources, create your own supplements (provided you follow the posted guidelines), upload your product and even sell it!

Storypath Nexus

The Storypath Nexus covers various Storypath games. Currently, that’s limited to Scion (the only Storypath game currently available) but will soon open to other game lines, like the Trinity Continuum. Get started now with the Content Guidelines and the FAQ.

Here are some recent successes:

Scion Solo AdventuresGuide to Cryptids of North AmericaMany Names of Heimdall Slarecian Vault

The Slarecian Vault covers the Scarred Lands setting for 5e and Pathfinder. Get started now with the Content Guidelines and FAQ.

Recent successes include:

Vengeance of the Shunned Planar Index, a brief overview of the planes featured in the Vengeance of the Shunner multi-part adventure seriesVengeance of the Shunned Peril Primer, a guide to creatures featured in Vengeance of the ShunnedHer Immaculate Prestige Canis Minor

Canis Minor is our community content site for Pugsteady’s Realms of Pugmire setting, which includes Pugmire ...2 COMMENTS

We’re All Jelly Donuts? [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

According to Eddy Izzard, that’s the literal translation of JFK’s famous quote as he entered Berlin during the cold war. I don’t know if Mighty Matt McElroy or Matthew “The Gentleman Gamer” Dawkins issued a similar proclamation as they entered the city for last weekend’s PAX convention, but there they were anyway.

Now, it’s a Paradox Entertainment convention so it was really focused mostly on their electronic games – but Onyx Path was there representing the happy land of Tabletop Role-Playing Games. And from what the dynamic duo reported back, it was a fantastic chance to talk with all sorts of gamers – many of whom were unfamiliar with Onyx Path and/or TTRPGs.

What was really gratifying for our team was just how positive and friendly the attendees were. You never know, going to a new city or country for a con, just how the reception will be. Well, from what they said, it was fantastic! They were able to talk about our upcoming games, both V5 and upcoming White Wolf projects, and also there was a lot of interest in our ...22 COMMENTS

Episode 74: Pathcast on Podbean LIVE

Onyx Pathcast

In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew play around on Podbean’s new live show feature, and take calls from freelancers and fans!

Dixie and Matthew are indignant as Eddy claims to be the sole hostWe talk about our test run episodeDixie talks a bit about Exalted, and some other projects she’s working onMummy the Curse will be our next Kickstarter!Matthew talks about V5 Cults of the Blood GodsEddy talks about Aberrant and Pirates of PugmireMario Kart 8 updateScion update, and Neall calls in!We get gifts and PodPointsMatthew answers some Mummy questions and reveals his origin storyDiscussion about future 20th anniversary booksGames at Save Against FearWe get more gifts! And claps!Questions on Scion: DragonWhat kind of media would we like to see our work adapted into?Questions about future Exalted booksAwkward Silence songRich and Mike Tomasek both call inRich talks about LegendloreSuper-fan Nicholas calls in and says some very nice thingsMeghan Fitzgerald calls inMatthew cuts a promo on Eddy and one more Mummy revelationsA new Scarred Lands show coming on TwitchThe live show cut off “Many Worlds One Pathcast,” but we have some pre-show ...READ MORE

Now available: Æon Journals and Halloween Sale

Sales, Trinity Continuum: Æon

Now available via our RedBubble store: Trinity Continuum: Æon Hardcover journals! These journals come with your choice of lined, grid, or blank pages for character notes or doodles, or whatever else you like.

Æon: Æon Trinity (journal)Æon: Psi Order Æsculapian Order (journal)Æon: Psi Order Chitra Bhanu (journal)Æon: Psi Order ISRA (journal)Æon: Psi Order Legions (journal)Æon: Psi Order Ministry of Noetic Affairs (journal)Æon: Psi Order Norça (journal)Æon: Psi Order Orgotek (journal)Æon: Psi Order Upeo wa Macho (journal) Sales

It’s time for DriveThruRPG’s Halloween Sale! Almost 200 Onyx Path digital products from across the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness are now on sale for 25% off!

Scarred Lands products for Pathfinder (the Scarred Lands Players Guide and The Wise & The Wicked 2nd Edition) are upwards of 90% off from Indie Press Revolution! Both products are an incredible $5 each!

Kickstarter Update

The Kickstarter for the Scarred Lands 5e Creature Collection wrapped up last week with $63,130 of our $15,000, or 421%! We’ve got some stunning art and layout from our partners at Handiwork Games. Thanks to our 1284 backers, we funded in two days and hit ...READ MORE

The Deviant KS Stands Alone! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Yes, we’re down to the last few days of the Deviant: The Renegades Kickstarter campaign, and backers have been talking full-time with developer Eric Zawadzki about all the options contained in the previews AND in the Stretch Goal projects. It’s been really great seeing folks come up with how popular (and unpopular, for that matter) characters in various media can be replicated in Deviant.

There’s been a ton of them, and it’s just awesome how flexible the character creation section is! Dave Brookshaw’s extensive process and playtesting is really paying off with a system that absolutely shines.

So, c’mon! Check it out while we’re still rolling and if you pledge you’ll be getting those sweet Stretch Goal projects as well as Deviant itself with your pledge!

And while Deviant is the last KS standing right now, our joint Creature Collection KS with Handiwork Games ended over the weekend with a satisfying amount that’s over 400% our funding amount, a great number of backers, and a fantastic 224 pages (we started with 160).

A huge round of thanks and appreciation to Handiwork and Jon and ...43 COMMENTS

Onyx Path and Pugsteady Partner with DriveThruRPG for Phone PDF

Press Releases announced this week that the Phone PDF, a new format designed specifically for handheld mobile devices, is now available. At the RPG gaming table, while game masters are likely to have a laptop or tablet nearby, an increasingly large number of gamers use their phones for quick reference.

Typical game manuals and comic books in standard PDF format use the same page size and pagination as printed hard copy editions. That format works well on tablets and monitors, but normal PDFs are not well suited to phone-sized screens.

In early 2019, DriveThruRPG worked closely with Onyx Path Publishing to create the Pugmire Phone PDF – which you can download FREE today! According to Onyx Path developer Monica Valentinelli, the Pugmire phone PDF format is 720 pages long and includes quick links on every page for ease of use. In addition to the Table of Contents, for example, added section menus allow for ways to reference rules and other important information necessary to play the game.

Curious about Phone PDFs? Visit DriveThruRPG’s Customer Knowledge Base to learn more about Phone PDFs, including recommended ...2 COMMENTS

Episode 73: An Editorial Interview

Onyx Pathcast

In which Dixie and Eddy interview Maria Cambone, one of our editors, about editing, how she got started, and sticky babies.

Eddy doesn’t support Dixie’s bitInterview Song!What Maria has done for workWe’re all nerds!How she got started with us.We’re all support classes.Eddy is a MethuselahMaria helped on PugmireMaria is working on Vampire!Ugly, sticky babiesCompanies whose values align with yoursFeedbackWe’re not perfect!Outros are sadDeviant Kickstarter!Creeping at cons

Links: Pugmire: Onyx Path Twitch: PDXCon: SAVE Against Fear: Onyx Path Discord: Deviant: The Renegades Kickstarter:


Claws & Effect: Pugmire’s Callings [Realms of Pugmire]


Designing the callings for Pugmire, Monarchies of Mau, and Pirates of Pugmire was an interesting challenge. My goal with the games was to be a nostalgic reinvention of classic fantasy gaming, so some form of “class” was necessary. But I also wanted them to be evocative of this new world I was creating.

Early on, I decided a couple ground rules:

Each calling would key off two attributes. It would have been easy to tie each calling to one primary attribute, but I felt two gave each calling more depth. Since tricks are picked and refined by player choice instead of a built-in progression, it meant that following one of two rough “paths” could lead to different expressions of the same core calling idea.I wanted six in each core rulebook. Not only did this pair well with the six attributes, but six is generally the number of players I have in my games. I wanted each player to have the opportunity to play something cool.

Let’s look at how well I did!

Pugmire was the first book, and at the time possibly the only ...READ MORE

Now Available: Witch-Queen and Pugmire Phone PDF

Cavaliers of Mars, Pugmire, Sales

Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: Witch-Queen of the Shadowed Citadel for Cavaliers of Mars!

The exiled queen dwells deep in the Labyrinth of Night. She is Yazora, witch-warlord of Venus, and though she has built a cathedral city to her own glory, her very palace imprisons her. The heroes could free her, and her wish to travel Mars with them is sincere… but her power is unfathomable, and her courtiers love her too dearly to let her go.

And as you might expect, it’s all going to go to hell at a splendid party.


New locations in the Labyrinth of Night and the Shadowed Citadel, each with characters and plot hooks.A complete adventure featuring several factions with both parallel and conflicting goals, all set at a party to make Nero swoon.The new Bond rules, attaching heroes to supporting cast and guiding the flow of the adventure.

Also available: the Pugmire Core Rulebook Phone PDF for free!

What is a Phone PDF?

Phone PDFs are specially formatted PDFs with page sizes and navigation links optimized for your smartphone screen. But why settle for our description? Experience ...READ MORE

Mummy Cults [Dark Eras 2]

Chronicles of Darkness, Mummy: The Curse

Anticipating Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition? We’ve included the upcoming edition in Dark Eras 2. In the Rise of the Last Imperials chapter, we’ve offered sample cults which are included in the Mummy: The Curse portion. The text details three sample cults mummies may rely on on — and hunters might encounter. Here’s a sneak preview of The Wang.

Example Cults: The Wang

“Civilization is in danger, father. We must restore it, whatever the cost. If I thought else, would I be your daughter?” — Wang Ming-Yue

A family, the Wang, close to the Imperial Court in Beijing is contacted by sympathetic traders on the Silk Road. They have sacrificed much to maintain a position as a power behind the throne while the Ming were in control. Now they have been forced to sacrifice even more to appease the new emperor’s courtiers and to sop to his oafish, childish decrees. The promise of a new dawn and a new seat of power calls to them while the offer of aid from a family who are near to enjoying the Eight Privileges of the ...2 COMMENTS