Episode 131: Why are games?

Onyx Pathcast

In which the trio discusses what games are for. This is an exhaustive topic and we didn’t get into every piece we planned!

Lengthy ramble to start.What Eddy gets from different gamesA bit on punishing GMs/gamesA conversation on player buy in, genre, and toneSome discussion on player expectations and twistsA bit on tone/genre regarding Vampire: The MasqueradeA bit on video games


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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!


It’s time again for DriveThruRPG’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

Nearly every PDF in the Onyx Path catalogue is on sale, between 20% and 40% off! Products from across our community content programs — Storypath Nexus, Canis Minor, and Slarecian Vault — are also on sale, making a total of nearly 700 Onyx Path products in the sale! Holy heck!


[Changeling: The Lost] Kith and Kin Preview

Changeling: The Lost

Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition illustration by Ken Meyer, Jr

Greetings, changelings! Meghan here, with a preview of two of the many new kiths appearing in the upcoming Kith and Kin supplement for Changeling: The Lost. Please remember that the text is subject to change in final development. Enjoy!


“Drink it up. Drink it all up. What, you don’t like the taste of your own medicine?”

The brews of the True Fae are as strange and wondrous as those who consume them: Wines so dry they leave a mortal gasping for water, smoky whiskies that set the tongue aflame, and of course, absinthe, the green fairy. As with all things in Arcadia, the green fairy is both simpler and more complicated than it seems.

Absinthials brewed absinthe for the Gentry. They were taken specifically for their imagination and the places their dreams wandered. The Fae forced them to brew these dreams into the single most potent beverage on either side of the Hedge. Some Lost report seeing their Keepers in the throes of visions from the bright liquid.

Most Absinthials escape when the Gentry are ...3 COMMENTS

Now Available: Yugman’s Guide 6, Creature Collection VTT Pack, and more!

Sales, Scarred Lands, Scion

Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad, Part 6 for Scarred Lands!

Pay Heed to the Wisdom of Yugman the Sage

A century and a half after the Divine War, the titans lay defeated and scattered across Scarn and beyond. As the people of Ghelspad work to build a new world on the war-torn remnants of a fallen paradise, new heroes rise, and new threats emerge. Yugman the Sage brings an overview of these new heroes and villains, as well as the tools they use to rise to power.

Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad Part Six includes two new Ranger subclasses, including the Hornsaw Sentinel, as well as new spell and new magic items.

Also available from DriveThruRPG: a Virtual Tabletop Token Pack for the Scarred Lands Creature Collection!

Bring the updated version of your favorites to the virtual table top in this hand-picked selection of tokens and maps, featuring adversaries from the storied history of the Creature Collection and the Scarred Lands.

This VTT digital assets pack includes:

VTT Tokens for every creature included in Creature Collection 5e, ready to use in your ...READ MORE

Community Content Spotlight: Morty Corgi

Realms of Pugmire

One of the things I love about Canis Minor is just how creative people can be. Morty Corgi’s Scroll of Mysteries is great because it’s actually kind of a jam on various Pugmire ideas. Featuring a dozen different creators, some of which have written on official Realms of Pugmire stuff before, this book has new breeds, callings, houses, background, masterworks, enemies, tricks, secrets, and spells! It’s very much in the spirit of old-school RPG magazine content — a grab bag of new things that aren’t strictly official, but can be a hell of a lot of fun. I liked it so much we even used it as an experimental print-on-demand release, so you can put it on the shelf next to your official Pugmire books!

I like this because it shows you don’t have to do community content all by yourself, but you can get a team of folks together. Definitely consider making some of your own Realms of Pugmire community content!


Rust Never Sleeps! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

“Dead Man’s Rust is the most blood-spraying, face-melting, ass-kicking, heart-wrenching, undead-filled, heavy-metal pile of awesomeness ever conceived of for the fifth edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game!”

These are the wise words of Travis Legge, developer for Dead Man’s Rust – which just went live on Kickstarter today! Just look at that wrap-around cover art by Aaron Riley! EPIC!

Check out last week’s MMN blog for a far more in-depth rundown of the project details, and check out all the many links in our Media section below for video detailed looks into the Scarred Lands, including those from the Gentleman Gamer himself, Matthew Dawkins!

There are also a ton of Actual Plays of Dead Man’s Rust listed, with different sections of the adventures being played, and many more to come!

As I write this we’re past the halfway point to successfully fund, and there are still a few really cool rewards in the upper tiers left! Remember, this is one of our Kickstarters where the backers receive the complete manuscript by the time the KS ...19 COMMENTS

Scarred Lands: Dead Man’s Rust is now on Kickstarter!

Press Releases, Scarred Lands

Dead Man’s Rust, a mega-adventure for fifth edition fantasy, set in Onyx Path’s Scarred Lands setting, is now on Kickstarter! This book contains:

A complete campaign taking characters from level 1 to 10Detailed write-ups of four major locations in central Ghelspad: the Broadreach Horizon, The Gleaming Valley, the Hornsaw Forest, and the necromancer’s stronghold of Glivid-Autel.New playable options including races, subraces, and subclassesNew monsters, magic items, and more!

The Dead Man’s Rust Kickstarter campaign is designed to enable Onyx Path to create a  hardcover setting supplement that will sit proudly alongside your existing ScarredLands 5th Edition books, including the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide and the Scarred Lands Creature Collection. The book will be approximately 180 full-color pages featuring evocative fantasy artwork. Exception funding may allow us to add Stretch Goals that further develop the setting and add additional materials for play, including virtual tools to aid online play and possibly more character options and location details! We also want to get at least one print run into traditional distribution and available for sale at game and hobby stores.

>>Join the adventure now! <<


Episode 130: Dead Man’s Rust interview with Hiromi Cota and Jessica Ross

Onyx Pathcast

In which Matthew interviews two of the contributing authors to the upcoming Scarred Lands mega campaign, Jessica Ross and Hiromi Cota!

I wanna C.O.O.L. R.I.D.E.R.Dead Man’s Rust is coming to KickstarterHiromi’s many and varied contributions to Dead Man’s Rust!Jessica’s wide and wonderful contributions to Dead Man’s Rust!What exactly is Dead Man’s Rust about? Where does it start, and what’s the end game?How did Jessica get into roleplaying, and her mixed relationship with D&DHow Hiromi got into roleplaying waaay back whenHiromi’s experiences as a writer with a diverse backgroundThe dangers of pigeonholing authorsHiromi and Jessica’s dream projectsCheck out our Kickstarter!


Grease 2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grease_2Scarred Lands Player’s Guide: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/197803/Scarred-Lands-Players-Guide-OGL-5e?affiliate_id=13Scarred Lands Creature Collection: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/304849/Scarred-Lands-Creature-Collection-OGL-5e?affiliate_id=13Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition: https://dnd.wizards.com/Blue Rose: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/203007/Blue-Rose-The-AGE-RPG-of-Romantic-Fantasy?affiliate_id=137th Sea: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/185462/7th-Sea-Core-Rulebook-Second-Edition?affiliate_id=13Dragonriders of Pern: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragonriders_of_PernThe Time of Troubles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_of_Troubles_(Forgotten_Realms)Shadowrun: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/286850/Shadowrun-Sixth-World-Core-Rulebook?affiliate_id=13Broken Earth Series: https://www.goodreads.com/series/112296-the-broken-earthHiromi’s Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Hiromi-Cota/e/B0854H5MQ2%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_shareStarfinder Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path: https://paizo.com/store/starfinder/adventurePath/threefoldconspiracyTrinity Anthology May Edition: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088PKH7G9/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i6Jessica’s website: https://www.writejess.comHiromi’s website: https://www.hiromicota.comJessica’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/writejessrHiromi’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/hiromicotaOnyx Path YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnyxPathOnyx Path Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/theonyxpathOnyx Path Discord (#onyx-pathcast): https://discord.gg/5uckcBk 1 COMMENT

Wolfenoot Sale!

Chronicles of Darkness, Realms of Pugmire, Sales, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Werewolf: The Forsaken

Another Wolfenoot is upon us, and so, of course, so we’re joining in on DriveThruRPG’s Wolfenoot Sale! Up to 50% off select PDFs!

We have over 80 items in the sale, including:

Realms of Pugmire: Pugmire rulebookRealms of Pugmire: Monarchies of Mau rulebook Realms of Pugmire: Fetch Quest deck-building card gameWerewolf: The Apocalypse: Werewolf 20th Anniversary EditionChronicles of Darkness: CofD: Dark ErasChronicles of Darkness: CofD: Dark Eras 2Werewolf: The Forsaken: Werewolf: The Forsaken 2nd Edition

… and much, much more! Have a howly Wolfenoot!


Now Available: V5 Let the Streets Run Red, plus Dagger of Spiragos VTT

Sales, Scarred Lands, Vampire: The Masquerade

Now available in PDF and print-on-demand from DriveThruRPG: Let the Streets Run Red for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition!

What motivates an undead body to go on walking, talking, plotting, and biting?

The Hunger is an obvious motivation. It drives all vampires to commit foul acts in the name of sustenance.

The Beast, too, gives a Kindred drive. Whether in fear of the Beast within or in attempts to master it, that constant nagging growl makes an undead monster march on.

Touchstones — those throbbing links to mortality so many vampires hold dear — might drive a vampire to kill just to protect someone none the wiser to their guardian’s bestial nature.

Politics. Philosophy. War. Brinkmanship. They make a vampire think, feel, and fight for something, whether it be tangible or ethereal. These things give a Kindred meaning.

Whether letting the Beast rage in the gun-happy South Side of Chicago, chasing prey around the Loop, plotting out in Gary, or fleeing the Inquisition into the murky swamps of rural Illinois, Chicago always gives a Kindred an activity or two to fill up their nights.

The one certainty ...READ MORE