Community Content Spotlight: Azukail’s Canis Minor Bundle

Realms of Pugmire

Eddy here! It’s been a couple of years since I last pored through the Canis Minor community content program for Realms of Pugmire, and there have been a lot of great stuff added in that time! One of the ones I want to spotlight is kind of a cheat, because it’s actually a bundle of the great “100” series of products: Azukail’s Canis Minor Bundle. Each of these small products give you 100 things — 100 books to find, 100 cats or dogs to meet, 100 rumors to hear — each divided between Pugmire and the Monarchies of Mau. I’m always a sucker for a chart full of plot seeds, because they make game prep really easy for me. Plus, these kinds of products are wonderful if the players deviate from the planned adventure. For less than ten bucks you can get nearly a hundred pages of story ideas!

I also like them because it shows that not every community content project needs to be elaborate to be useful. Definitely consider making some of your own Realms of Pugmire community content!


There’s Something Strange, In the Neighborhood…[Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Of course, I’m talking about Halloween coming at the end of the week!

What did you think I was referring to?

Oh, of course – the same thing I’ve been talking about for the last month! The Deluxe 20th Anniversary World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters Kickstarter is now in it’s last week and it actually ends Saturday afternoon on Halloween!

So plenty of time to get in your last pledge boost and then change into your costume for Trick or Treating. Or, you know, you could play a game of WoD: Ghost Hunters using the complete text you’ll have received as a backer!

Which is actually a pretty big deal, because I’ve been reading some concerns from folks who backed our older Kickstarters like Wraith20 and they don’t seem to know that we’ve changed how we do our KSs now.

They don’t know that by the time the KS is over our backers will have the complete text – and that we can do that because the text is really complete. In fact, unless it’s a very different kind of Kickstarter (like for Dark Eras ...5 COMMENTS

Episode 126: Trinity Continuum, Part 2

Onyx Pathcast

In which Eddy runs part two of his Trinity Continuum game for Matthew and Dixie! Things go wrong at a police station — will the agents of Archangel manage to extract their team members from a false charge?

Animal CrossingNewspapers and doom scrolling


First session: Continuum Core Rulebook: Typer: Path YouTube: Path Twitch: Path Discord: 3 COMMENTS

NPC Stat Blocks for Frostlands of Fenrilik, Part 2

Scarred Lands

By Sarah L. Stewart

Continued from NPC Stat Blocks for Frostlands of Fenrilik Part 1

Calculating Challenge Rating

Now, finally, I reached the hard and annoying part: running everything against the table in the DMG to calculate a Challenge Rating and make any needed adjustments.

The table is weird. For simple monsters / NPCs you pick a CR for the creature and then go across for their stats. Here’s what it looks like from CR 4-8, the range I expected my NPC stat block to fall in:

CRProficiency BonusArmor ClassHit Points rangeAttack BonusDamage / RoundSave DC4+214116–130+527–32145+315131–145+633–38156+315146–160+639–44157+315161–175+645–50158+316176–190+751–5616

The second and third values (Armor Class and Hit Points) determine the creature’s Defensive Challenge Rating. The Attack Bonus and Damage (or Save DC for spell casters) set the creature’s Offensive Challenge Rating. The Creature’s CR is the average of the two.

Based on what I’d done so far, my custom ranger NPC stat block’s results were:

Proficiency Bonus +3 (for being 7th level, although this can change if the CR changes) = CR 5-8AC 14 (with leather armor) = CR 47d8+7 Hit Dice (which is 5.5 * 7 = 38.5 Hit ...READ MORE

Now Available: Lunars Screen + Map, plus Halloween Sale!

Exalted, Sales, Scarred Lands, Scion, World of Darkness

Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: the Lunars Storyteller Screen for Exalted 3rd Edition!

Shapeshifters, monster-heroes, divine apex predators — the Lunar Exalted are all these and more.

Once they reigned over the First Age alongside the Solars, but in this fallen era, ten thousand Dragon-Blooded sit upon Creation’s stolen throne. The Lunars of the Silver Pact wage war against the Realm, stemming the tide of its imperialist expansion and bleeding away its strength.

Also available in PDF and Image: Lunars: Fangs at the Gate Map for Exalted 3rd Edition!

Shapeshifters, monster-heroes, divine apex predators — the Lunar Exalted are all these and more.

Once they reigned over the First Age alongside the Solars, but in this fallen era, ten thousand Dragon-Blooded sit upon Creation’s stolen throne. The Lunars of the Silver Pact wage war against the Realm, stemming the tide of its imperialist expansion and bleeding away its strength.

This digital edition is a map of Creation from the Lunars perspective – with additional emphasis on The Caul.


The Halfoween Sale continues on IPR, with 50% off Chronicles of Darkness prestige edition releases until November 1st, ...READ MORE

Community Content Spotlight: The Grays

They Came From Beneath The Sea!

Hi all, Matthew Dawkins here! It’s been a real joy for me to see people creating community content for They Came from Beneath the Sea!, and it’s easy to do, with the template all set up for you to download from the Storypath Nexus.

I wanted to throw a little spotlight over to some of the excellent work by one of our prolific, talented creators, Travis Legge. He’s released more than one product for Beneath the Sea!, but this one is a new kind of threat a lot of you will know from alien invasion movies of the 1950s all the way through to the X-Files, at which point this particular antagonist felt a little bit over-exposed: The Grays.

Travis has presented the Grays in their mould as “People of Earth, we come in peace”, while secretly harbouring aims of invasion. He’s written a couple of very useable story hooks to go along with them (which you can base an entire adventure around), and really displayed a great level of competency when it comes to the Storypath System, as he presents ...2 COMMENTS

GhOOOOOOst Haunters, er, Hunters! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

We’re almost two weeks into the Deluxe WoD20th: Ghost Hunters Kickstarter and it’s getting into the looong plateau before it’s finale on Halloween, October 31st.

What interesting with this KS is that we seem to be surprising folks with what material is being revealed to backers. One backer is interested in the Arcanum. It’s mentioned in there.

Another, the Benandanti and Necromancy.

In there.

Today someone noted Numina in the revealed text, and Matthew mentioned that the team used a lot of the previous WoD material, including WoD: Sorcerer.

So if you still aren’t sure, and/or you haven’t backed one of our KSs for a few years, please do be aware that we have the complete text and are revealing it throughout the course of this Kickstarter. It’s what we do with our KSs now, and means that if you back the project you will be able to see whether you’re favorite stuff is in there.

(And with this team of creators there’s a really solid chance that it will be, as they love working in past WoD material and probably know that ...29 COMMENTS

Episode 125: Deep Dive – World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters

Onyx Pathcast

In which Eddy, Matthew, and Dixie take a deep dive into World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters!

Matthew sells used carsClassic World of Darkness support books“Most Haunted”The two branches of 21st century horror cinemaScooby Doo and the light touch of ghost storiesHunters who might just be wrongOrpheus and other public huntersDixie isn’t scared by ghostsHow to use WoD: GH with the various 20th Anniversary gamesOur halloween plansYA horror books (more) (again)


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NPC Stat Blocks for Frostlands of Fenrilik, Part 1

Scarred Lands

By Sarah L. Stewart

You can make people or things for your players to interact with in 5e in several ways: monsters / creatures, non-player characters (or NPCs, which in 5E are more like monsters), and NPC stat blocks. NPC stat blocks are generic character builds you can apply to any humanoid character, either directly or as a template. I’ve been GMing some edition of D&D for over twenty years and have created a lot of custom content for my own use. However, creating NPCs for 5th Edition D&D is a little tricker than some previous editions (especially if you want to publish them) so I’m going to describe here how I made a humanoid NPC stat block for Frostlands of Fenrilik.

When writing a D&D 5e publication for the Slarecian Vault, we’re only allowed to reference or include outside resources that are part of the Open Game License (or OGL): the System Reference Document for D&D 5th Edition (published by Wizards of the Coast), and official Scarred Lands publications like the Scarred Lands Player Guide for 5e OGL, Yugman’s Guide to ...READ MORE

Now Available: Sunken Bones and More for Pugmire!

Realms of Pugmire, Sales, Scarred Lands, World of Darkness

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Sunken Bones for Pirates of Pugmire!

Storms regularly sweep through the Acid Sea, and they seem to rise up at the worst possible time. Dalmatian Cove is a known, but hidden, location where those harsh storms frequently sweep ships. Explore the cove and meet its residents in this adventure fraught with danger and opportunities for a hardy band of scallywags. 

Sunken Bones is a story for fourth to fifth level characters, in which your crew will lose your ship to a natural disaster and then bargain for the resources to recover it. The Graveyard is one of the most dangerous places in Dalmatian Cove, but it isnít the only risky element at play. This story also provides opportunities for building relationships with key figures who make Dalmatian Cove their home and assists in uncovering some of their secrets. 

This adventure is designed to be run as part of the Going on the Account chronicle detailed in Pirates of Pugmire. It is set after The Race and before Heart of the Storm. However, it is possible to run this adventure completely independently of ...READ MORE