They Came From the Last Few Days! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Yes, we’re down to the last few days of this extra-long Kickstarter campaign for They Came From Beneath the Sea!

Holding a Kickstarter over the Xmas holidays is always a risky venture, but we’re pretty happy with the response we’ve gotten from this brand-new game. The extra time time allow a bunch of groups to try out playing the Early Access version that is available to all backers, and it seems like hilarity has been had by all!

Except for one group, actually.

But, to be fair, that was sort of the point of their playtest. Allow me to explain.

C20 Players Guide art by Jeff Holt

Red Moon Roleplaying contacted They Came From Beneath the Sea! developer Matthew Dawkins with an interesting idea. As much as they liked the inherent humor in TCFBtS!, it wasn’t really the tone they’d set for their podcasts. Their previous broadcasts have been much more strictly horror oriented.

So, they asked Matthew, could TCFBtS! handle a non-humor session?

“Hell, yes!”, I imagine Matthew responding, although I’m sure his real answer was less rude and a bit longer.

In fact, Matthew and I ...10 COMMENTS

Episode 35: New Year, New Plan

Onyx Pathcast

In which Dixie, Matthew, and Eddy talk about Midwinter and plans for the new year.

Second try, because the InternetMissing Doctor Who episodesPirates of PugmireLegendloreDixie played a game at a con!Deviant: The RenegadesContagion ChronicleLet The Streets Run RedPrince’s GambitT.I.M.E. StoriesOutcomes from the Onyx Path SummitUK Games ExpoOnyx Path in retail (and Matt McElroy’s hard work in that area)We all talk about Eddy’s wife, MichelleDixie talks about her court brunch


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An Introduction [They Came From Beneath The Sea!]

They Came From Beneath The Sea!

This excerpt comes from the Introduction chapter. There’s less than a week left on the Kickstarter for TCFBTS!

They Came From Beneath the Sea! art by Aaron Riley

You are about to land in a lonely zone of terror… on an uncharted atoll in the Pacific! You are part of The Second Scientific Expedition dispatched to this mysterious bit of Coral reef and volcanic rock. The first group has disappeared without a trace! Your job is to find out why! There have been rumors about this strange atoll… frightening rumors about happenings way out beyond the laws of nature…

— Opening Crawl, Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957)

There are few better ways of opening a game about science fiction, fantasy, monsters, horror, and comedy, than a quote from Attack of the Crab Monsters. The above snippet from a 1950s B-movie classic tells you so much about what this game contains. Your Director will introduce mystery, your characters will find adventure, and a communal story of daring deeds, bold feats, and heroic deaths shall unfold. In They Came from Beneath the Sea!, all these things are possible.

The stage is set at a nebulous point in the 1950s. A new ...READ MORE

Now Available: Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition

Changeling: The Lost, Pugmire, Sales

Now available: Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition! Get it in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG, or order via Studio 2 or Indie Press Revolution for direct purchase for individuals or retailers.

Once upon a time, they took you from your home.

They promised you a place at their side, and meaning in your life, and they surrounded you with beautiful things.

But the beautiful things were oh so sharp, and they laughed when you bled.

Day by day, they changed you. But day by day, your will grew stronger.

On the last day, you smashed your way through the beautiful things and ran, not noticing as you bled or feeling as you cried.

You fought with courage and cleverness and took yourself home.

Now the beauty and the horror are yours, to have and to hold and to live.

Welcome to once upon right fucking now.

Changeling: The Lost Second Edition includes:

Everything you need to create and play your own changeling, a human abducted by the fae and transformed by the experience.A complete setting of faerie wonder and macabre horror for the Chronicles of Darkness.A guide to changeling society, caught between the twin poles of human ...1 COMMENT

1001 Nightmares [Dark Eras 2]

Chronicles of Darkness, Vampire: The Requiem

Hello, everyone! Meghan here, with a preview excerpt for you from the One Thousand and One Nightmares era, including two of the four Kindred covenants prominent in the Islamic Golden Age. Let me tell you a story…

Golden Age Covenants

Even at its height, the Camarilla never touched many of the Abbasid Caliphate’s lands. The covenants here evolved independently of those in Europe, although pockets where the Invictus and Lancea et Sanctum hold sway exist in the caliphate’s western reaches.

Ahl al-Mumit

“My rage is my weapon, but it is also my curse. Inshallah, I will one night overcome it.”

You want to join the Ahl al-Mumit because: You are angry that you’re dead and you don’t know how to deal with it. You think mortals waste their humanity. You are driven to hunt down other monsters.

The big picture: We rage at our cursed condition and the injustices committed against us. We always feel close to frenzy, and one wrong move could end with watching a sunrise. Fortunately, we possess the gift of Karamat, the magical rituals Europeans call Theban Sorcery. Karamat reminds us ...READ MORE

Scenes From Mid-Winter [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Here’s our Onyx Path gang, minus yours truly as I took the pic, at Mader’s, the enduring German cuisine restaurant in Milwaukee, where we had our Onyx Path Summit dinner after seven hours of Summitting. So if our heroes look a bit beat, well, seven hours of meeting after most of us flew in that morning, and then some imported beer, will start to tell.

Beat, but happy.

Matthew sits in Mader’s Big Giant Chair for the first time!

Even though, right now, we’re all a bit beat and cranky and some of us are sick since we went from the Summit to the con to flying home. Our Monday Meeting was a bit disjointed accordingly, so I’m just going to give ya’ll a run through of the highlights of the Summit and the MidWinter Convention that followed.

Wednesday was the Onyx Path Summit, and we started off with a person by person review of last year. Where did they see Onyx Path? Sometimes that was TTRPG industry-oriented, sometimes creatively, sometimes where we are in the eyes of our fan community.

My piece of ...43 COMMENTS

Fiction Friday: Vigilant

Scarred Lands

An excerpt from the Prologue of Through Shadows and Dreams Book One: Vigilant, a novel for the Scarred Lands setting.

AV 150, the second Wildday of Tanot

Eochaid crouched under the foliage, breathing slowly and listening. The asaatthi were out there somewhere, searching for him — maybe ratmen and hags as well. He kept out of the light, hugging the shadows, trying to stay low. He heard the crack of a tree branch. A bird fluttered past, spooked from its nest. Someone — or something — was nearby.

A tiny spider slid its way down a thread onto the back of his hand, tickling him. He didn’t move, barely breathing, ignoring the itch as it walked across his knuckles. He hoped it wasn’t poisonous, that it wouldn’t bite. There on the edge of the Blood Steppes, deadly spiders were too common.

He heard voices moving closer. Growls and hisses: at least two asaatthi. He squinted so the whites of his eyes wouldn’t be visible in the foliage and silently prayed to Tanil that his camouflage would be enough to hide him, and ...READ MORE

Episode 34: LIVE(ish) from Midwinter!

Onyx Pathcast

In which Matthew, Dixie, and Eddy sit IN THE SAME ROOM and talk about Midwinter and product announcements with Rich Thomas. (Show notes are light, because we’re putting this up as fast as possible.)

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Vance [Cavaliers of Mars]

Cavaliers of Mars

As many of you know, Rose’s elevator pitch for Cavaliers was “if Mars has canals, Mars must have a Venice.” That Venice appears in Cavaliers as Vance. Here’s an excerpt from the Cavaliers of Mars rulebook covering the city of Vance.

In the central portion of Meridian, Vance lies atthe intersection of several canals, and is thus rich in Mars’ most valuable commodity: water. The city is actually built on top of the canals, creating, at the surface, a network of subcanals that carry freight and people.

The city is monumental in scope, carved from huge blocks of red and white rock, and reaching nearly a dozen stories towards the sky. Locally, the inhabitants enjoy shade, sweet water, and the produce of the farms along the canals. Trade, both by canal and caravan, also brings exotic goods and great wealth.

At night, the city is lit with many-colored lanterns, according to a superstition deeply held but long since forgotten. Windows are made from glass salvaged from the Prismatic Wastes, ft together into intricate patterns.

Vance does not possess a skynavy as such, though its ...READ MORE

Now Available: Map of Concordia!

Changeling: The Dreaming, Sales

Now available in print from DriveThruRPG: Concordia Map!

The gates to Arcadia, the original paradise, are closed. Only the world of humanity remains. Without any awareness of our true nature, humankind crushes us beneath its banal heel. Joy and laughter are gone; only the Dreaming remains. We are changelings, the forgotten ones, neither fully fae nor wholly mortal. The last of our kind on Earth, we have built ourselves an invisible kingdom. We are everywhere, yet you have never seen us. 

The poster version of this beautiful Changeling: The Dreaming art is a full color 12″ x 18″ poster to hang in your own home!

Originally created by artist Tony DiTerlizzi as art for the Changeling: The Dreaming game book and available separately for the first time.

The Concordia Map is also available in various forms via RedBubble!

Kickstarter Update

They Came From Beneath The Sea! has two weeks to go! So far we’ve raised $32,850, or 164% of our $20,000 goal, thanks to 617 backers. Thank you! We’ve hit six stretch goals, which include:

New Director’s Screen ArtworkThreat File! Additional Aquatic Alien Adversaries, Extra Amphibious AntagonistsA New Scenario PDFCharacter PackBacker T-Shirt

Did you ...READ MORE