[Divine Inspiration] Plot Seeds, cont.

We gave you a sneak peek into some of Scion: Divine Inspiration’s plot seeds in our last preview. Now let’s delve deeper into one of the plot seed packs this book contains in abundance:. 

Plot Seed Packs

This chapter is dedicated completely to plot-seed packs, which span multiple acts and easily serve as a story — or even campaign — arc in their own right. The following is one such pack:

Stars and (Skunk) Stripes Forever

(Pre-Visitation Scion Origin)

Use this plot-seed pack to jumpstart a new campaign with Origin-level characters, drawing the players into the action and pushing them toward finding a way to deal with low-level threats before the stakes start to get higher. Perhaps they may even experience their Visitation during this plot-seed pack, likely in Act II when confronted with the Skunk of Unusual Size, which may or may not turn the tide of the events in their favor.

  • Act I begins as the skunks invade and quickly overwhelm a local Gathering of Three Fires. The stench can be smelled from several blocks away and seems to be growing ever stronger. Nothing has driven the skunks out of the burrows as far as anyone can tell, but that doesn’t mean something supernatural isn’t in play.
  • Act II reveals there is one Skunk of Unusual Size which seems to be the ringleader of a roving Band of skunks, roughly two to three times the average size. Even the bravest of canine companions are going “nope!” at it, and the Band will get caught up in a crush of humans, Denizens, and pets stampeding to get away. As far as anyone can tell, the skunks seem to be heading toward a convergence of sorts. The location can be wherever the Band is located. The Storyguide should choose whatever works best for the story or creates tension.

Act I: Who Let the Skunks Out?

Across North America, there have been reports of large migrations — and noxious encounters — with populations of American hog-nosed skunks. At first, no one thinks twice about it because skunks are a common sight, especially during late spring and early summer as many new kits are born. These surfeits of skunks have, quite succinctly, put a stink on traditional summer celebrations and folks from every walk of life and pantheon in the World have had enough.

Pulling Fate’s Threads

Trickster and nature deities, as well as pantheons allied to or are friendly with the Manitou have good reason to show up and be of assistance here — and they, in turn, nudge the pre-Visitation Band toward the problem. This plot-seed pack provides an excellent opportunity to introduce the characters to one of the Indigenous North American pantheons and discover their own connection to the land, perhaps developing better relationships therein.


  • The biggest of these skunks is immune to Knacks involving manipulation of animals and seems to be sentient. Whether or not the Band can communicate or find a way to deescalate the stinky situation will require them using problem solving skills.
  • A concerned citizen (Marisa Pillton) uploads a video to Nymphstagram that appears to show one of the skunks exhibiting rabid behavior, making the situation both more dangerous. This can also make the problem personal if it’s in their home neighborhood. Pillton’s broadcast also leads to an influx of curious onlookers, increasing the tension and severity of the situation unless they can get the video taken down.
  • That very same “concerned citizen” who uploaded the initial video on Nymphstagram has also been spotted trying to get close enough to the surfeit of skunks to take several candid shots with them. This makes her a clear target for some very mad (and potentially rabid) creatures.
  • A local dog got into a fight with one of the skunks, which — while being part of the surfeit terrorizing the area — is behaving differently. This one is an Animal Doadem (Scion: Titanomachy, p. 36) belonging to a (potential or current) Scion of the Manitou pantheon, the longstanding enemy of Aniwye. If the Band aids the Doadem creature, they may gain a new Creature Birthright. If they do not assist this singular skunk, they may find themselves in hot water with a Hero, Demigod, or even a God.      

Act II: A Mighty (and Stinky) Wind

If the Band successfully manages to either round up or get the convergence of skunks into a singular area, such as a sports field or stadium, they may find themselves facing an even greater threat than they perhaps imagined — Aniwye, Manitou Titan and all-around pain in Nana’b’oozoo’s ass, is once again trying to assemble what others have taken to calling “Skunkatron.” That is, assuming his “final form” to prove to the Manitou (and humanity) once and for all who is the chief stinker of them all.

Pulling Fate’s Threads

At this point, the Bandmates may start to realize they aren’t just run-of-the-mill individuals trying to enjoy their summer events — they took charge of a stinky situation and others are looking to them for guidance. While no local Heroes (or Demigods) have made an appearance at this time to assist with the situation, that doesn’t mean they won’t offer a helping hand.


  • During the course of the confusion and turmoil, and while needing to defend against possibly rabid skunks, the characters find a hardened pipe-looking object which they can use to swipe against the animals to keep them away. This item is a Pawaugun (Scion: Titanomachy, p. 36) — a Relic belonging to a Manitou God who may want it back.
  • Elsewhere, there is clearly another mortal (Nero Delaune) who is trying to almost play a game of chicken with the skunks as they continue to amass in droves. If he gets too close to the largest of these (purportedly Aniwye himself), he will get sprayed, and it is up to the Band whether to assist or let him be.
  • A deity from a different pantheon is attracted to the rumors and, believing the SOUS is an actual skunk, wants to claim it for their menagerie, not realizing what the creature truly is. They ask the characters to either capture the skunk for them or to smooth over the diplomatic mess they made trying to trap Aniwye.


Aniwye (he/him), Titan (Manitou). The OG Stinker. Even among Titans, Aniwye is not taken seriously — he is literally a skunk of unusual size — but he is determined to get the respect he feels he is owed and is willing to cause problems on purpose to get his point across.

Nana’b’Ozoo (he/him), God (Manitou). Nana’b’oozoo is a strong believer in folks figuring out things on their own — it builds character! But if things are truly dire, he can come appear in a pinch and take another whack at Aniwye — for old time’s sake — if he can just find his pipe…

Marisa Pillton (she/her), pre-Visitation Scion (Bogovi). The “concerned citizen” who uploaded the video of the skunk riot on Nymphastagram. She is constantly trying to be an on-the-ground, on-the-go type of guerilla journalist, but she fails because she lacks credibility. Pillton can either serve as foil or ally, depending on if the Band takes her aspirations seriously. 

Nero Delaune (he/him), pre-Visitation Scion (Òrìshà). He attempts to play chicken with some giant skunks (it makes for a great story to tell later) — Nero clearly does things just because he can, and you never know if he’ll be a help or hinderance. 

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