Dark Eras Kickstarter: 18 hours left!

Dark Eras Title

There are only 18 hours left to go in the World of Darkness: Dark Eras Prestige Edition Kickstarter! Beyond the nine eras included in the base book (one for each WoD game line), with stretch goals we’ve added a ton of user-voted content, including: Era summary sidebars Expanded the Requiem for Regina era One combo…

Heart of Ice? [Monday Meeting Notes]


This Monday Meeting we’re trapped here by freezing rain coating the roads with a loverly slick surface, so once again I love that we can Skype our Onyx Path meetings and don’t have to commute to an office. This also is a vital tool, when, like this week and a bit of last, Rollickin’ Rose and I are calling…

Dead Walking Sale

The Walking Dead

To celebrate the return of a TV favorite, DriveThruRPG has collected some top selling Zombie titles and marked them down by 20%! And of course we have several offerings as part of the sale as well: Wraith: The Oblivion: The Risen Hunter: The Reckoning: The Walking Dead World of Darkness: Antagonists Monte Cook’s World of Darkness

Dark Eras Twitter Chat Tomorrow

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We’ll be hosting a Q&A over Twitter tomorrow (Wednesday, February 4) at 8pm EST. Some of our Dark Eras writers and developers will be answering questions. We’ll be running for at least an hour. Keep an eye on the #DarkEras hashtag, and keep track of updates from us by following us at @TheOnyxPath. Ask our…