T-shirt Roundup


As of this post, Onyx Path now has an incredible 162 shirt designs available! With all the options for colours and styles, this bumps options into the thousands. Far far more than has ever been available from White Wolf in the past. Let’s have a look at what’s available: Onyx Path Publishing Onyx Path 2014…

Acting One’s (Dark) Age


Our image this week is an amazing Nosferatu piece by the ever-talented Kieran Yanner from V20 Dark Ages that relates to a couple of the topics Eddy, the Onyx Path crew, and I discussed today. But before I get into that, I just want to thank everybody who joined last week’s blog discussion on RPG reviews.…

V20 Clan Tshirts Now Available


Our RedBubble store now offers Vampire: The Masquerade clan shirts featuring the Tim Bradstreet illustrations from V20! Each of the thirteen clans are available. Edit: And I can’t forget the Retro VTM design to add to our collection of Retro VTM shirts.

Onyx Path Kickstarters: Worldwide, Not Just for the US

Background V20DA Badge

A couple of days ago someone from the UK asked me why Onyx Path’s Kickstarters only shipped to the US, because they wanted to contribute too. Others chimed in with similar sentiments. Onyx Path’s Kickstarters have all shipped globally. In general, if you live in an area where things can get shipped to you, you can…

Alchemists: Mixologists of Evil [Promethean: The Created]


Look, you want updates while I’m mid-coffee, you take your chances with the post titles. Now, glib titles aside, alchemists are not necessarily evil. Mark Stone proposed, while we were brainstorming Promethean 2nd Edition (then known simply as The Firestorm Chronicle) that we should include mortal alchemists as antagonists. I had to noodle that – I knew…

Carthian Merits and Law: The Voice of the People [Vampire: The Requiem]

There’s a difference between vampire revolutionaries who see humans as the proletariat, and vampire revolutionaries who see humans as the means of production. –Greg Stolze Since we got into the grisly magic of the Circle of the Crone last time, I thought this time we’d talk a little about politics. Of course, the Carthians would…