Now in Print: April 22

Book of Crafts

Now available in print on DriveThruRPG! VTDA: Liege, Lord, and Lackey MTAs: Book of Crafts And from our friends at White Wolf: Big Eyes, Small Mouth 3rd Edition. Hardcopies of BESM3 have been going for $150 or more on Amazon and eBay, so now it’s back in print at a price everyone can enjoy.

It’s the Clans, Stan.

Clan - Gangrel

Hey look, some Clan symbols. I put these up because I just got the proposed outline for Blood Diaries of the Clans (current title) from Eddy Webb and these were two of my favorite ones that I did. Reading through his instructions for the writers was pretty cool, as was his confirmation of his continuing…

WoD MMO News and Views


As many of you may have heard already, CCP has cancelled and/or shelved the World of Darkness MMO and laid off the remaining MMO team. Some team members, I hear, have been given a chance to stay with CCP working on EVE. Because I was once part of that team (you can see me wearing…

World of Darkness Skull Shirts


World of Darkness Skull shirts are now available at our RedBubble store! Including: Mortals “Gearhead” God-Machine Chronicle Vampire Strix Werewolf Mage Promethean Changeling Hunter Geist Mummy Demon As always, our shirt offerings are just getting started, and there’s definitely going to be more to come.

Now Available: Demon Condition Cards and more!


Demon Condition Cards are now available on DriveThruRPG! Part of the new Demon: the Descent rules, Conditions add an additional layer of consequence and reward to certain actions in the World of Darkness. Various things within the course of a game can cause Conditions. These include exceptional successes, supernatural abilities, and really any situation where the Storyteller thinks…

-Work In Progress-


We’re in a week with progress, but a lot of that is way behind the scenes, so not even a highlighted project to show right now. We wrestled the Mage20 Quickstart (not Kickstarter) to press today thanks to heroic efforts from Satyros Phil Brucato, Mirthful Mike Chaney, Dauntless David Hill, and Rollickin’ Rose Bailey, and…

International TableTop Day Deals!

TableTop Day

April 5th is International TableTop Day! As part of the celebration, DriveThruRPG has a bundle of RPG products worth about $70, all for FREE! This bundle includes: Trinity RPG Quickstart Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Termana World of Darkness Rulebook (Products are only free as part of the bundle linked above, so those links are to…

Now available: More Screens!


PDF versions of some of our past Storyteller Screens are now available for download! Use ‘em on your favourite tablet at game time, or print them out for use in a customizable screen set! Werewolf: The Forsaken ST Screen Promethean: The Created ST Screen Changeling: The Lost ST Screen