Taxing! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Yes, today is April 15th and here in the US that mean’s it’s Tax Day when we have to file our income taxes. So, not really a “yay!”, which is why it’s not the topic for the Reason To Celebrate all the way down there at the end of the MMN Blog, but a big deal anyway.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go into detail all about corporate taxes and quarterly payments and all that biz stuff. I’d like to think about taxes a bit less, not more! But, since most of our creators are freelancers who have to figure all this stuff out rather than having an employer do it for them, I hope you all will give our wide-spread freelance community a bit of a break if this week we have little to show in the Project Progress area.

We do have progress even if no milestones have been jumped over, though, so no worries, and at least some of our writers and artists are out of the US, so have a different tax schedule to worry about. Eddy, living now in the UK, is pretty screwed though, as he has to file in both the US and UK!

You might have noticed that I used a piece of Brian LeBlanc’s art from They Came From the Cyclops’ Cave! for our lead-in art today. I dunno if that stone guy is the taxman coming for his due on the golden apples, but that’s how it feels sometimes!

More importantly, we have TCFtCC! having just gone up on DTRPG last Wednesday, and They Came From [CLASSIFIED]! going on sale this Wednesday – so it’s a great time to remind folks that both of these books are core books for the They Came From game line, albeit two very different genres. Fantasy movies and TV in the one case, and 60s – 70s super-spies in the other. And while they’re going on sale, Mirthful Mike is getting them ready for traditional printing so we can first fulfill their crowdfunding campaign, and then so we can get both game books into game stores.

If you missed it, yep, they were both funded by the same crowdfunding campaign. We called it the They Came From Double Feature, and it seemed like a natural fit at the time with the old drive-in double features and a fun theme for the campaign!

Did it work, make sense, appeal to folks?


TCF[CLASSIFIED]! art by Luis Sanz

This is one of the things we do in the Monday Meeting: review and consider whether a particular way we handled things actually did what we expected. (We also do a lot of this analysis before we make decisions, too. It’s not just postmortem, we pre-mortem, too!) My question is: did the Double Feature put the emphasis on They Came From more than on the individual books?

Because these two books provide two very different spins on They Came From – as if Sea and Grave weren’t different enough, already. They really immerse the reader/player in their respective genres, and I think do that in a very focused way.

And much like the previous They Came From books, we followed through with that immersive thinking when it came time for doing the layout. Cyclops’ Cave feels appropriately like a mix of mythic, historic, and Hollywood versions of fantasy genre gaming when you page through it. Mirthful Mike’s design of the pages, colors, fonts, draws from all those influences so it’s unlike any of our other fantasy games visually.

Also, the full pages pieces of art by Larry Blamire are designed to look just like movie posters of the past – you ain’t gonna see that in D&D books!

(I’ll have a lot more to say about the design of [CLASSIFIED] next week, but let me just say that I researched the heck out of the visuals used for spy movies and TV, and did graphics and used colors I’ve never used before!)

If you want more info on how the writers and developers evoked that sort of Ray Harryhausen stop-motion fantasy/Ator the Fighting Eagle/Xena feel in Cyclops’ Cave, you can join our Discord and check it out where a lot of our creators hang out talking about the book, and/or listen to this coming Friday’s Onyx Pathcast where Dixie and Danielle debrief the book’s developer: Michele Masala.

Sidereals art by Navela Studio

Taxing Meeting Today:

Let’s start with a quote: “Travis is the meanest, the prettiest, the baddest low down in this town”!

I’m not even sure how we got there, it might have been during his report on how the upcoming Virtual Onyx Path Convention is going. But he seemed to like the reference, so there you go.

In the midst of our usual updates, we also fell into a long discussion on how Storypath Ultra handles when to roll the dice and when to just “do it”. We’re actually going to make sure that our wording emphasizes that the system is actually built to enable the players to develop elements of their game with rolls that both succeed and fail. This isn’t just “failing forward”, as complications are kind of staging points to add to the story you’re trying to tell.

I’m not going to go too deep into it, suffice to say that I’ve found that the unexpected results of dice rolling are a huge part of my playing as they throw something unplanned at you that can be great to react to. Maybe that’s just me, but it’s sort of why Improv folks love to do those skits where they take shout-outs from the audience. Those suggestions give you something solid to work with, and I think complications do the same thing.

Game theory aside, our CofD Bundle of Holding Sale is wrapping up, but there’s still time to get some great savings!

Sidereals art by Melissa Uran

Wanted to shout out to one of our Twitch contributors and the bi-weekly show he has been running: Meet Your Makers with Phil Keeling! It’s an interview, kind of a talk show format, where Phil sits down with one of our creators and talks about what they do and their process in doing it, what their influences are, what they’re working on next, the whole thing!

Coming up this Saturday at 2pm Eastern US time on our Twitch channel, Phil talks with Kim Godwin, who has been doing some fantastic work for us across our various and sundry game lines!

Various & Sundry? Sounds like a good name for a pub. And on a Tax Day, that might be a great place to visit! Or you could enjoy non-taxable fun visiting our:

Many Worlds, One Path!



Coming Next: At The Gates!

Check out its ashcan on DTRPG!

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Project Status Updates!

Our full list of projects will be available monthly on our blog! Check out March’s full list report here:


Here are the projects that moved to the next stage of production: No movement this week, things are progressing without moving to the next stage.


In Art Direction

  • The World Below – Sending out artnotes.
  • M20 Victorian Weird Wonders and Revolutionary Magic – tweaking some art based on Paradox notes.
  • SCION No Gods, No Masters – Just missing 5 halfs from one artist… but the rest is in.
  • TC Player’s Guide – contracted.
  • TC With Great Power – contracted.
  • Pugmire 2e – Sent sketch feedback and requested some redos on specific pieces.
  • At The Gates  – Backerkit Prep.

In Layout

  • Ex3 Sidereals – Art approved. Starting layout.
  • Ex Essence Charm Cards – Progressing with Dixie.
  • Exigents Screen
  • CofD Contagion Chronicles RMCs
  • Squeaks in the Deep Companion 
  • Ex Essence Jumpstart – Getting Travis the paragraph styles for Essence stats.


  • M20 Victorian Jumpstart – Inputting some quick fixes and getting 2nd proof over.
  • DTR Clade Companion – First proof.


  • TC Aether
  • Scion God 

At Press

  • Reprints:
  • Scion Origin – Looking at proofs.
  • TC Core – Looking at proofs.
  • TC Aeon – Printer files uploaded.
  • Exalted Essence – Printing.
  • Ex Essence Screen – At Studio 2.
  • Ex 3 Exigents – Inputting XXs and index… then out putting PoD/Press files.
  • TC Anima Terra Surge Screen – Sending info to screen printer for quotes.
  • TC Anima – Pinging printer about cover specs.
  • M20 Lore of the Traditions – Printing.
  • They Came From the Cyclops Cave! – Pinging printer about cover specs.
  • They Came From CLASSIFIED! – Pinging printer about cover specs.
  • TCF Classified and Cyclops Cards – PoD proofs on the way.
  • They Came From the Cyclops’s Cave Screen – Sending info to screen printer for quotes.
  • They Came From CLASSIFIED Screen – Sending info to screen printer for quotes.
  • CtL 2e The Hedge – PoD proofs ordered.
  • At The Gates Ashcan – PoD proofs ordered.
  • They Came From CLASSIFIED! – PDF and PoD versiuons on sale this Weds on DTRPG.

Today’s Reason to Celebrate!

Couple of anniversaries, which are certainly reasons to rejoice: Today, on Apr. 15 2020, Dystopia Rising: Evolution was published, and then at the end of the week, what may be our heaviest book came out 8 years ago: Exalted 3e!

7 thoughts on “Taxing! [Monday Meeting Notes]”

  1. Is there any chace backers’ll get to see the Clade Compaion soon? I’ve recently remembered that Deviant existed and I’ve been having fun time with it.

    • Sure, by some definitions of soon! Seriously, just keep watching it bop down through the production stages each week and it’s almost like a visual aid for a book’s progress.

  2. I was very happy to have the Double Feature TCF Kickstarter. Two books in one go? Sign me up for more! I run a lot of TCF, so having both KS copies in my hands has let me plan well ahead for release — once I get past the current slate of BtS, BtG, CML, and homebrew games at least. My players are excited for the chaos to come…

  3. I suppose the Heavy Metal Edition of Werewolf 20th Anniversary is even heavier than Exalted 3e…

    And Mage 20th is also quite a tome…

    • True, true – but I suppose if we’re going for Ultra Deluxes then we need to consider the Ultra Deluxe EX3, which also has a sheet of metal. I think it’ll be close! If anybody needs to know this, and also has both Ultra Deluxes ready for a weigh-off, please do let us know which books win this very important contest! 🙂


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