Now Available: The Hollow King for Scion: Dragon, plus At the Gates Ashcan!

Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: The Hollow King, a Storypath Tasty Bit for Scion: Dragon!

Descend into the depths of the Appalachian Mountains to search for a missing Heir seeking Draconic memories. The Hollow King is a Story Seed for Scion: Dragon that presents a sleeping Dragon’s lair and possible adventures to explore inside it.

This tasty bit includes:

  • Story hooks to get your brood invested.
  • Detailed information about the cave system presented.
  • A map for use while exploring that is VTT compatible.

Also available in PDF: At the Gates, Ashcan Edition!

On the continent of Everend in the world of Gaia, magic suffuses everything, keeping all in harmony. The seven nations of Everend maintain peace after centuries of struggle — a peace now rapidly deteriorating. In an explosive demonstration of power, one nation pierced reality and called forth daemons from the Void through the resulting gates.

Now, all nations rush to gain daemonic magic for themselves. As the nations prepare for battle, common folk go about their daily lives fearing the brutality of war and the daemons’ incomprehensible power. All the while, the Void spilling through the gates collides with Gaia’s magic, creating Void-tainted landscapes. The taint transforms wildlife into ravenous beasts that rove across Everend. The balance has been upended.

Everend needs heroes to stop the march of destruction and to help people understand their place in the new world.

Will you heed the call?

At the Gates: Ashcan Edition is an early access experience designed to introduce you to the world of Everend and get you started playing the game today.

Inside you will find:

  • Details on how to play Storypath Ultra.
  • Four pre-made characters, along with all the rules necessary to play and understand them.
  • Rules on two nations and a couple of antagonists in which to set your story.
  • A short scenario to introduce you to the world.

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