Actual Play Spotlight: Littlebrook: Reunion [Changeling: The Lost]

Hello friends!

We’re going to be doing a regular spotlight on some of the fantastic actual plays that have been organised and run for games we publish. Some of them have been hosted or broadcast on our Twitch or YouTube channels, others are on podcasts or via media separate to our channels, but each of them deserves recognition for the excellent work they’re doing bringing new eyes to our games.

The first spotlight goes to the ongoing Littlebrook: Reunion, a Changeling: The Lost chronicle run by Chris of The Primogen YouTube channel.

This game has covered many highs and lows, along with much of the adored tragedy, hope, and horror of Changeling: The Lost. Not only does Chris invest time and energy crafting his wonderful story, his players routinely bring stellar performances to their show.

You can find Littlebrook: Reunion in a couple of places!

If you want to view this chronicle live and up to date, check it out over on our Twitch channel:

If you want to watch the library of existing sessions of Littlebrook: Reunion, you can find them on this playlist on our YouTube channel.

And if you’re interested in buying a copy of Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition, here’s a few links for where you can pick up copies: