An update on Lore of the Clans open development

I wanted to give folks a bit of an update on the status of open development for Lore of the Clans. Don’t worry — it’s not dead or anything (well, not any more dead than usual, ha ha vampire joke). However, originally I said I was planning to have open development wrapped up by the time Gen Con starts. For a variety of reasons, that’s not going to happen. Instead, I’m going to put up each Clan as it makes sense and leave it open for comments for a week, but I’ll be taking a break from the process over Gen Con. I think this will not only solve some logistical problems on my end, but I think it’ll help to focus on a few Clans at a time instead of all of us drowning in commentary. Further, it means that people won’t have to rush to catch it all before Gen Con, and attendees won’t miss anything. Besides, while I’m falling behind on my personal timetable (because I’m fucking insane — just ask Rich or Rose), from a production standpoint I’m actually a little ahead of schedule, so I’m going to use the extra time to better use.

Clan Assamite should be going up tomorrow!


7 responses to “An update on Lore of the Clans open development”

  1. Joey the Killer Avatar
    Joey the Killer

    I’ve got hiiiigh hopes, high apple pie in skyyyy hopes.

    ….Could you explain why my ex-IRA ginger assassin will one day look like a more freckled Morgan Freeman with flaming red hair…..or at least give a system or REASON for why that happens?

    1. Matt Avatar

      Look at it as if it were in the vein of the Nosferatu or Samedi changing effect. It’s in the blood. It’s linked to this Clan’s founder and history and legacy.

    2. Alan_Alexander Avatar

      I actually started to put a reason in, but wordcount became an issue.

  2. Quinn Y Avatar
    Quinn Y

    I’m really looking forward to this book. I hope it’s huge!

    I’m sure the art will be as beautiful as ever

  3. Mu Avatar

    The Assamites is one of the difficult ones. Good luck 😉

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  5. Miranda Graves Avatar

    Oh, that’ll be great. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the Ravnos!