Welcome back! Before we get into our next Beast reveal, I want to mention that if you happen to be attending GenCon in Indianapolis this summer, you can sign up to play Beast: The Primordial. Just plug the word “beast” into the “game system” slot when searching for events. I’m running the Thursday 8PM slot … Read more


One of the big themes of Beast: The Primordial is family. The characters in Beast refer to themselves collectively as “the Children” (or, if they’re feeling formal, “the Begotten”) and consider themselves the offspring of the Dark Mother. The first monster, the mother of nightmares. Lilith, Tiamat, Hekate, the Queen Mother of the West — she’s been called … Read more

The Scintillating Flame – Qashmallim [Promethean: The Created]

They have been with us since the beginning, adjusting and guiding Humanity’s destiny. Often quiet and subtle, sometimes terrifying and awe-inspiring, the strangers promote change; distillation and entropy. They have been frequently mistaken for angels, and religious alchemists named them qashmallim, the Dominions. Of all the World of Darkness’ inhabitants, Prometheans know them best, as … Read more