Anarchs Unbound: Redlines and Rewrites

Hey, gang: As the final touches are put on Hunters Hunted II in preparation for Kickstartery, I wanted to offer you a forward-looking peek at some of the Anarchs Unbound work in progress. You can find one of the redlines here. If you’re unfamiliar with our process, a redline is when I as developer take … Read more

Anarchs Unbound Dev Scenario: Stealing Alexander

I’m using the the following scenario as a playtest bed for some of the Anarchs material that’s rolling in. It’s for an elders one-shot or mini-chronicle that uses some of the concepts and mechanics of Anarchs Unbound, currently in development. The Prince of Atlanta has much to deal with during the week that the city … Read more

Hunters Hunted 2 and Anarchs Unbound

A lot is happening in Vampire-land. First, the outline for Anarchs Unbound has been posted, and awaits your commentary. Feedback on the Hunters Hunted 2 outline was strong and definitely helped us refine the direction of the book, and I’m hoping we can see some similar strength in feedback on the Anarchs outline. The writers … Read more

Open Development: Anarchs Unbound Live Outlining Session Results

The community outlining session of Anarchs Unbound at Atlanta by Night was a massive success. The group of players in attendance had a nonstop stream of great ideas, which we added to my basic skeletal outline. I didn’t know what to expect going into this Open Development session, but the assembled players certainly didn’t disappoint. … Read more

WTF Is Happening With Vampire, You Slack Bastard?

It’s ben a while since I’ve blogged about what’s happening with Vampire, you know. Sorry about that. So, in an attempt to rectify the information flow as we’re just under a month outside Atlanta by Night, here’s where some things stand. V20 Companion After many long months, people are receiving their prestige print copies of … Read more