[The World Below] What do you do?

Matthew here once again, excavating more of The World Below! Last week we examined the Dialectic Path of The World Below, being your attunement to the environment around you, reflected in many of your abilities and future powers accessible to you. I asked you to write in the comments what you wanted to see next, … Read more

[They Came from CLASSIFIED!] Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it…

Greetings all, Matthew here again with another blog! This time we’re entering the thrilling world of international espionage, where you’ll come up against all manner of alphabet agencies, rogue governments, secret societies, and eccentric tyrants bent on world domination. I am of course talking about They Came from [CLASSIFIED]! I love all the They Came … Read more

[The World Below] Dialectics

Matthew here, with another delve into The World Below! Last week we dove headfirst into the wonderfully grim settlement of Glowstream, which I’m sure a lot of you will be exploring in adventures to come. But at the end of that blog, I asked you what you wanted to see next regarding The World Below, … Read more

[The World Below] Glowstream

Matthew here, with another slice of The World Below for you! Last week I gave a short teaser about the lost settlement of Glowstream. Glowstream was one of the most populated, most well-defended, and most “civilized” settlements in the World Below, at least until the last Kalm season (a season with a somewhat ironic name). … Read more

[Legacies of the Earth] Earth Crossings

Matthew here with some Legendlore: Legacies of Earth teaser text! We’re closing in on this book’s release, and thought it would be an excellent idea to show off some of the flavourful content within. Much of the Legendlore gaming experience surrounds the nature of the Crossing. How did your characters reach the Realm? How are … Read more

[The World Below] Umbral Wisdom

Matthew here, because you can’t get rid of me! Last week, our The World Below blog addressed the Farsighter and Silhouette Callins, and our poll for this week was split between Umbral and Heliogy Wisdoms, with Umbral taking the vote by a nose! Who’d have thought you people are fans of darkness… Every Sorcery in … Read more

The World Below: The Klo’tha

Matthew here, following on from Rich’s tease of the klo’tha in Monday’s blog! Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed the art for the klo’tha show up during Rich’s Inktober campaign, during which he illustrated, drew, or painted a different beast for The World Below each day of that month in 2022! Rich subsequently posted about the … Read more