[Scion] Pantheon Preview: Orisha

This post originally appeared as a July Kickstarter update. Greetings, true believers! Sorry for the delay in the update, but Scion: Origin and Hero are both coming along nicely as we speak – I’m integrating the final playtester feedback, editing down the World into a coherent setting, and making sure everything syncs up with the first corebook. We’re coming … Read more

[Scion] Pantheon Preview: Shen

This post was originally featured as a May Kickstarter update. Greetings, true believers! Besides mechanical work (we’ve integrated all of the Team Trinity improvements to the system – and I’ll preview our version of the advancement rules very soon – and we’ve been testing the new Purviews added after the Kickstarter), I’ve been working with … Read more

Excerpts and Explanations [Vampire: the Masquerade]

Beckett: Providing I’m not immediately immolated, I’ll yell the safe word. Cover to “Vampire: the Masquerade: Beckett“, by Guy Davis and Vince Locke.   Greetings, true believers! It’s been a while since our last Jyhad Diary update, I know. Joining me as Beckett’s Jyhad Diary developer is Matthew Dawkins. We’re both excited for BJD’s upcoming release, … Read more

Day 21: Terra Incognita

Onyx Path’s Month of Nightmares features games, stories, and more to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. Count down the days with us by reading our excerpts, participating in the discussion, or by taking advantage of our special offers leading up to a haunted Halloween. Off the coast of Ireland are four city-islands: Murias, Falias, Gorias … Read more