Taxing! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Yes, today is April 15th and here in the US that mean’s it’s Tax Day when we have to file our income taxes. So, not really a “yay!”, which is why it’s not the topic for the Reason To Celebrate all the way down there at the end of the MMN Blog, but a big … Read more

ARGH! My EYES!!! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Why didn’t anybody tell me not to look straight at the sun during an eclipse?! Actually they did, and also, I didn’t look at the sun. But… Here are safe to view shots of today’s eclipse as posted by our very own Ian Watson: Looks like things got a bit strange up there north of … Read more

Mee-ow and Us Now! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Just one more delightful piece of art from The Curious Cats of Mau – which I didn’t have time to show during the crowdfunding campaign that successfully wrapped up last Thursday. Over 200% funded and we achieved the Jumpstart that Travis was so excited to be doing if the stretch goal was met! Thanks everybody … Read more

Cat Smash Fever! [Monday Meeting Notes]

We smashed through the Backerkit funding goal for The Curious Cats of Mau in just under 48 hours! Now let’s smash through the Stretch Goals that follow! Thanks to all of you furious feline fans who pledged to get us there! Now we’ve got to get the word out there! Pugmire creator and all around … Read more