CURSEBORNE yaaaay! [Monday Meeting Notes]

At this last weekend’s Onyx Path Virtual Gaming Con (more on that later), we were finally able to talk about our newest game: Curseborne!

This is a totally new game world/line that we’ve been working on for many years that features our return to horror and dark urban fantasy in a big, big way!

I’m not going to do the whole “elevator pitch” here, right now, because…

…we also released a DTRPG link for the Curseborne Ashcan Advance PDF at the convention so that folks could get a taste with a selected portion of the whole game. With the info in the Ashcan, vids from the convention, all sorts of discussions on our social media, etc, I’m going to let y’all discover the macabre details of Curseborne at whatever pace you are comfortable with. There’s plenty of time for more overt reveals about the game. I am, though, going to clarify a couple things, like:

If you’ve been following some of our recent crowdfunding campaigns, you’ll know what an Ashcan is, but for readers coming to this term for the first time: an Ashcan is a bare-bones slice of the game designed to give readers an idea of the overall line yet to come. We’ve chosen to also include some pre-generated characters and a scenario to play through so folks can jump right in, but have only included the rules and lore we expect you’ll need to have a good time.

There is soooo much more to come.

Another thing I feel like it’d be good to clarify, especially for folks that are new to how we do things, is that the Curseborne Ashcan is an Advance PDF right now. That means that we fully welcome folks poring through it and letting us know what doesn’t make sense to them. That’s why there is a link to our handy-dandy errata sheet in the sales info DTRPG sends to you when you order. We really appreciate it when readers take the time to send us things that stood out as odd to them!

After a week or so, we’ll take that sheet, review it, incorporate whatever ones the devs feel are needed, and prepare the final PDF as well as the physical Print on Demand versions. Anybody who purchased the Advance PDF gets an updated final PDF they can download easily in their DTRPG “library”.

But now, let’s get back to Curseborne and this Actual Play vid we premiered for the convention, as a new group of Curseborne player characters begin to explore this supernatural world so much like our own:

Meanwhile, at the convention, we had a fantastic attendance and tons of panels – including those where we announced some other exciting new projects. In fact, this may have been the most new projects that we’ve revealed or announced in all of our Virtual Cons!

What else was announced:

For Scion, we had previously hinted at a project called Mythic Shards that was coming next as a crowdfunder, and during the two Scion panels we ran, a lot more concrete info was provided, including a list of the alternative setting Shards already planned for the book:

  1. After the End – Post apocalyptic.
  2. Cyber-Scion
  3. Farewell to Heroes – Scions distrusted by the public.
  4. Four-Colors – Scions as Golden/Silver/Marvel Age superheroes.
  5. Space Odyssey – Like it sounds: Scions in Spaaaaace!

There was also some hints given out as to some additional chapters that backers may be getting to vote on for adding to the mix during the campaign if it does well!

There was also a surprise announcement in the Closing Ceremonies that the No Gods, No Masters Advance PDF would be on sale this Weds!

For Exalted 3e, we confirmed that the next “fat-splat” coming after Alchemicals will be Infernals – with more details coming out about that and other projects being worked on during the Exalted panel.

Pugmire creator Eddy Webb talked about both the upcoming Threats and Curs monster book, as well as a new book tentatively entitled the Expansion of the Realms!

Trinity Continuum: SteamWars was announced, and it’ll be the TC’s first real Tangent (bubble/ parallel dimension) featuring a late Napoleonic Era world much like our Earth, except for the towering, steam-powered, humanoid war engines that stride across the battlefields! Created by the delightful mind of Larry Blamire, we’ve just started the process of taking Larry’s setting and fleshing it out into a full roleplaying game experience.

Hot on the heels of The World Below, and At The Gates, we announced the third of the Earthbane Cycle game lines: Monster Kingdoms. The Earthbane panel vid contains more hints from Matthew as to what to expect from this game, and we’ll definitely be revealing a lot more in the months to come!

All of these panels are still available with a subscription to our Twitch channel, and then will be ported over to our YouTube channel in the weeks to come – so you should be able to check out the ones you’re interested in!

No Gods, No Masters art by Niko Pope

And now some notes from the Monday Meeting crew describing their experiences at the convention:


It seems like it was only a year or two ago we were putting on the first OPP Virtual Con due to the lockdown, and now we’re in year 5! Thanks to everyone who attended, played and ran games, sat on panels, and ran tech: y’all are amazing. I was part of six events this weekend and everything but the cursed

Opening Ceremonies went off without a hitch!

It’s so refreshing to get to talk more about Curseborne, and I can’t wait to see what people think of the book when it goes to Kickstarter in October! I really enjoyed working on the ashcan and the quiz, and having other people finally get to see and acknowledge the team’s hard work on everything surrounding the announcement was incredibly gratifying. There will be more Curseborne talk in the future!

As usual, I had a blast on the What’s Up panel, as well as both the opening and closing ceremonies. The afterparty on Saturday was also great! It’s always fun to play silly games with the community and I hope to do it again before too long. The only gameline panels I was on were Curseborne and Realms of Pugmire, but that’s fine as those are two of my favorite games to talk about. I’m beyond thrilled at the rollout and roadmap for both of those games (RoP’s second edition!) and can’t wait to see where they go, whether I’m writing on them, editing them, laying them out, or just getting to read them as a fan!

Thanks again to all who attended, and I hope to see you at conventions both virtual and in person in the future.


Onyx Path Con is always a thrill. It’s fantastic to get to hang out with my colleagues (admittedly in a virtual environment) and talk to the fans directly (admittedly via camera) and get their engagement and feedback immediately (admittedly via text chat). The response to Curseborne was amazing! The Ashcan is already an Electrum Seller on DriveThruRPG, and it’s barely been out for three days! Monsters Kingdoms and Steam Wars – two games I’ll be heading up or co-chairing – were also received really well, so keep your eyes open for them in the coming months!

The They Came From, Earthbane, and Curseborne panels were all a huge amount of fun, and all in different ways. They Came From entered a weird realm of strange movie discussions (and previewing Danger Zone and Witchford Academy, among other projects), Earthbane went deep into The World Below, At The Gates, and the upcoming Monster Kingdoms, and of course Curseborne… We’ve been waiting a long time to talk about it. I’m so happy it was received so well.

I have to give a big thank you to everyone who watched live and followed my request to rate any games you’ve purchased over the last few months. Our ratings and reviews have spiked, so let’s keep that momentum going! If you bought something this year from Onyx Path, please leave a rating and a review, whether it’s on DTRPG, RPGnet, ENWorld, or wherever. We appreciate it. I also want to thank Travis Legge for such excellent organising of the con. It wouldn’t have been possible without his stellar work and he deserves his flowers.

And even more than that, thank you, readers, for giving us your support and enthusiasm. Keep talking about our games, keep buying them, and keep playing them! The Ashcan is out now, so play around with Curseborne and let us know what you think.

Mirthful Mike:

Sat in on the Community Content panel on Sunday afternoon with the hopes of answering some questions about how creators could make their Storypath Nexus, Canis Minor, and Slarecian Vault content look more polished. Also referred some creators to several websites where you can obtain design assets, fonts, and other things that can help make their projects have a more professional look and in turn be more eye-catching on the Drive-thru site. 

We also covered the subject of AI generated art. We do not allow any AI generated artwork in any OPP publication or Community Content publication. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the creation and use of AI art is Theft and should be called out whenever it crops up. 


I sat on 6 different panels/ceremonies this weekend, which is more than I’ve done at any other OPP Con (or as Terry said in the Exalted panel, op-con). It was a lot for me, but it was extremely fun and satisfying to get to talk about all the cool things I’ve been working on. A lot of the things we talked about this year were things I’ve been working on in some form or another for nearly 5 years. That’s such a long time to be keeping work under wraps, or actively working on a project, that time has lost a lot of meaning for me.

I had a few great highlights. The technical issues aside, it’s always nice to watch during the What’s Up with Onyx Path as people get really hype about our teasers for the weekend’s announcements. Of course, finally getting to talk about Curseborne was such a delight. I’ve been sitting with it for so long, that it’s hard to say how much I’ve wanted to share it with you all. I was thrilled to see so many people show up to its panel and ask so many questions. We know you have questions, we know you want it *now*, but don’t worry, October isn’t that far away.


Another Onyx Path Con is in the can! Lots of incredible announcements, which my coworkers have already covered. The Trinity Continuum panel saw the announcement of Steam Wars, our first tangent rulebook, and our first Storypath Ultra rulebook, adapting the Steam Wars graphic novel by Larry Blamire of They Came From…! fame. That’s exciting for us for a lot of different reasons, and it’s a bit of a different direction for us, so I’m excited to see where it goes. That project’s being shepherded by Matthew Dawkins, as he did with Aether. He’s already got the time period down, and obviously he’s got that existing relationship with Larry, so it’s a natural fit.

I also pointed out that, as Aberrant’s 1st edition released in July 1999, that means (assuming a release date of July 15th for the sake of convenience) that as of this Wednesday, Aberrant will have been an Onyx Path property for longer than it was with White Wolf. It also means that next month is Aberrant’s 25th anniversary! Aberrant d20’s 20th anniversary is also sneaking up soon, now that I think about it.

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by the panel. Whether you’re new to the Continuum, or you’ve been with us 5 years since the release of the TC core, or 13 years since Onyx Path was founded, or 20 years, or 25 years, thank you so much for your continued support. We couldn’t do this without you.

No Gods, No Masters art by Marco Gonzales


Once again, OPP Con was a great experience, even if I was sick during a large chunk of it! There were a lot of great moments, but I’ll keep myself to three that really stood out to me.

The Curseborne panel was great, because honestly it was so nice to actually talk about a project we’ve been working on for quite a while now. Seeing so many people excited about the game and asking a lot of very insightful questions was really heartening, and really makes me excited for the future of the game!

The Storypath Q&A was fun, partially because it’s always fun to talk Storypath design with Danielle, but also because it was great to really dig into the nitty gritty of what’s coming up, as well as talking about the Storypath Ultra Core Manual. It’s not as sexy as something like Curseborne, but I’m really excited about continuing to refine the backbone of all these new games we’re working on.

Finally, naturally I was happy to talk about Realms of Pugmire at the Pugmire panel, and getting a chance to talk about the books coming out, but also announcing the new (and very provisionally titled) Expansion of the Realms! Between Threats & Curs and Expansion of the Realms, I’m excited to show that this new edition of Pugmire won’t be just “the old books with some new stats,” but rather a whole new way to approach the game.

I can’t wait until next year!

Finally, our hard-working Con-cierge, Travis Legge:

This year’s convention was a resounding success! We unveiled the Curseborne Actual Play with simultaneous broadcasts across all our partner channels and provided several encore presentations throughout the weekend to allow as many people as possible to get a chance to see it. We also released the Curseborne Ashcan Edition at the time of the launch, which has sold very well and garnered excellent reviews! It was great to be able to see the audience’s response in real time as we rolled out the Curseborne Ashcan!

Each year we coordinate programming across five channels to bring you a weekend packed with panels and actual plays. This year Dork Tales, Plastic Age Plays, Rolling Nomads, and SimulacraTV hosted games (and a bonus Scion panel) permitting us to showcase a wide variety of the games we publish! Our partners did a fantastic job providing a fun environment and sharing our games with the audience. We are ever grateful for their hard work and I recommend folks visit each of those twitch channels and check out their regular content!

In addition to announcements and actual plays we hosted a panel on our distribution methods, which I recommend everyone check out to glean some insight on how our games get into your hands. We also held a panel on Community Content creation, where Mike Chaney provided a wealth of wisdom and advice for making your products look as good as possible. We discussed all the cool things one can do on Canis Minor, Storypath Nexus, and Slarecian Vault. We also held a panel to discuss our charity of choice, the Bodhana Group, and all the wonderful work they do.

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our amazing tech team who held the whole weekend together! I’d like to thank our Actual Play participants, both Storyguides and players, who shared the joy of play with the audience. I want to thank our panelists for sharing their expertise and passions with us all. Most of all, I want to thank the audience who showed up, engaged with our panels, and talked about the news on our discords. I am extra grateful to all of you who took our requests for ratings and reviews to heart! Seeing more ratings and reviews show up on DriveThruRPG is not only heartwarming, but also immensely helpful to Onyx Path for getting our games in front of new people!

I am very pleased, very greatful, and very tired. Thank you all!

So say we all!

Curseborne Ashcan cover art by Rhodri McCormack

And then, we dragged ourselves to the Monday Meeting (yay.):

Another thing we had going during the Onyx Path Virtual Gaming Con was the demos and panels talking about the new game created by our friends at The Bodhana Group: Branch Riders! Both panels and the Actual Play sessions featured some of the game’s design team, and really go a long way towards showing just how much fun this very easy to play game can provide! We’ll be getting those vids up on our YouTube ASAP so you can check them out while their Kickstarter is still running!

In particular, as important as Branch Riders is to us since we’re publishing it, I strongly suggest that folks take the time to watch the Bodhana Group panel with myself, Eddy, and Jack Berkenstock (their Director) as Jack goes into the history and mission of TBG. Jack explains things in an entertaining and informative way so that you can hear real-world examples of just what good The Bodhana Group has done using tabletop games. Especially if you’ve ever donated to the group via one of our charitable sales drives, as you helped them make these good things happen!

Dixie and Eddy will be on this Friday’s Onyx Pathcast interviewing Jack about the Branch Riders game and TBG, and if you are at the Origins Con later this week, The Bodhana Group has a booth and you can get the deets in person from Jack or one of their wonderful booth crew!

And for all of you who can’t check any of all that out, here’s Jack describing some of his favorite aspects of Branch Riders:

Of all of the elements of Branch Riders, here are some of the elements I consider my favorites:

The Realms.  Wow is all I get when I look back over the eight distinct realms and see all of the lore we have provided. The settings are a wide expanse of options so they can easily satisfy the cravings and interests of any player at the table.  Also, we provided enough backstory in each of our pre-made settings and starter locations – complete with people, places, and events as well as some great story starters to help you visualize great missions for your table. Already we have seen a wealth of creativity from our beta playtesters, some who have been using the game in multiple settings for over a year.  It never fails to amaze me how the Realms have inspired creativity.  So many stories to tell.  I love that variety as well as the way we have mixed in the skill areas.  The superhero realm of the Heights is one of my personal favs.  Superheroes, but a villain invented social media to keep his enemies and his “colleagues” in line.  Capebook was born.  The skill area is social capacities, so we can talk about the image we put out there, the impact of social media, maybe the story of a hero infected by the Blight to be jealous of other heroes that have better ratings than they do. Every realm has a ton of possibilities.

Our 3 Die Pool Mechanic.  The use of approaches instead of the standard array of attributes is a design choice we made early that also highlights a lot about the game.  What you use in our opinion is less compelling that what you are trying to accomp;lish.  We have five Approaches – Creative, Forceful, Knowledgeable, Observant and Social. This prompts the question of what you are trying to accomplish right into any attempt you make in the game.  Thus any description before you roll gives you the answer of what happens after the roll.  You were being forceful – forceful how?  Aggressive? Assertive? Direct?  These three styles of forceful give different results in the story and take the story where the player wants it to go.  Then you add your technique.  You combine, with very unique results, your approach with either the skill or your Gift.  Now with skills, there are 11 skills to choose from and you can combine them with any Approach to have creative freedom with your actions.  Forceful Approach with the Art Skill.  This could be a chainsaw sculpture, critiquing an artist’s work in the Borderland, or anything else the player can think of.  The Gift you use further has four different levels you can use it at, so even the special powers you have contain a variance that adds a lot of creative play that drives the story forward. Then the addition of the Situation Die, which is drawn from the Exposure Tracker.  Roll them and simple – 4 and higher is a success.  3 successes – Yes And; 2 successes – Yes; 1 success  you choose either “fail forward” or “succeed with a cost” and 0 successes is a No And.  It all runs narratively.  Not a lot of bogged down mechanics, just take the story where it needs to go.  And your GM doesn;t roll dice – smooth and sleek but very diverse and expansive.

Condition Cards – Again the idea of instead of number crunching you just have these cards that have words describing what happens to you when the action occurs.  Very simple and adaptable. You either assign the Condition based off the enemy’s attack, which for Blight Powers is statted, or you choose which makes sense given what is happening in the story.  And the conditions can operate for multiple scenarios.  We define it simply as either physical, emotional or social damage. Again, what makes sense for the story.  Plus player’s can give each other Edges, which are positive conditions – again to “heal” the player by removing the condition along with the flow of the story.  And in table play, your character sheet has slots where your conditions are kept.  Your team can see around the table how close to being taken out you are and help to keep the team in action. Its another element that moves the story and the action along, instead of just number crunching. Its also great as it really inspires group interaction and strategy.

Speaking of Origins Game Fair, which runs from June 19th – 23rd, we’ll have books for sale (and On Sale) at the Studio 2 and Indie Press Revolution booths.

Much like Eddy, I also came to the OPVirtCon with a cold, and it continues to remind me that it wants me to finish this and get some sleep. So, before I go off on a coughing jag again, let me wrap up with thanks again to everyone who attended, asked great questions during the Q&As during the panels, and ran and played in games for both your enjoyment and that of your fellow players! It was quite the weekend!

It sure is nice to have one time during the year when everything comes together, and everybody comes together, to share our:

Many Worlds, One Path!



BRANCH RIDERS – Funded in less than one day!

From our friends at The Bodhana Group:

COMING NEXT: Scion: Mythic Shards

Onyx Path Media!

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And we know everyone has been looking forward to the Curseborne actual play from Onyx Path Con, so here it is:

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The Monsters of the Deep Compendium with all of the monsters added to the They Came From Beneath the Sea! Compendium core, including Tokens for VTT play, will be on Roll20 and DTRPG this FOUR MORE DAYS!

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Origins Game Fair – June 19th – 23rd

We’ll have books for sale at the Studio 2 and Indie Press Revolution booths.

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And since we released this by surprise on Friday at the Onyx Path Virtual Gaming Convention (see above), the Curseborne Ashcan Advance PDF is NOW live on DTRPG!


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Here are the projects that moved to the next stage of production:


Realms of Pugmire – Curious Cats of Mau Jumpstart

  • Eddy: Our a-mew-sing jumpstart for Curious Cats came to me for redlining, and I was able to dash off some thoughts before OPP Con. It’s now back to Travis for his final draft!


Scion – Mythic Shards

  • Matthew: The discussion regarding this upcoming book was a big hit at the convention this last weekend! Check out the panel on our Twitch channel to find out about what’s going to be inside this amazing Scion book.


In Art Direction

  • The World Below – Continuing to send out notes….
  • TCF Cyclops Cave and Classified Jumpstarts – Splats and halves in for the Classified Jumpstart… big pile of maps continueth.
  • TCF RPG Anthology – Sending out notes.
  • SCION Demigod Companion – Getting this moving. 
  • SCION Mythic Shards (BK)– Signing off on Sketches and Finals.
  • SPU Rulebook (BK) art – Getting this rolling along with Maria this week. 
  • Branch Riders (KS) – Rolling along.

In Layout

  • M20 Victorian Weird Wonders and Revolutionary Magic
  • Pugmire 2e
  • TC Player’s Guide 
  • SCION Path to Apotheosis 


  • Ex Essence Charm Cards – Attempting to wrap these up this week.
  • Ex 3 Exigents Screen 
  • Pugmire Threats and Curs


  • TC Aether – Wrapping this up and getting PoD files uploaded.
  • Scion God – putting in index and page xxs.

At Press

  • Reprints:
  • Scion Origin – Printing.
  • TC Core – Printing.
  • Exalted Essence – On the boat. Toot! Toot! Tooooot!
  • Ex Essence Screen – At Studio 2.
  • TC Anima Terra Surge Screen – Sending info to screen printer for quotes.
  • TC Anima – Pinging printer about cover specs again.
  • M20 Lore of the Traditions – On the boat. Toot! Toot! Tooooot!
  • Ex 3 Exigents – Getting quotes for trad printing.
  • TC Aether – Going ahead and getting that quote going too.
  • They Came From the Cyclops Cave! – Prepress issues fixed.
  • They Came From CLASSIFIED! – Prepress issues fixed.
  • They Came From the Cyclops’s Cave Screen – Sending info to screen printer for quotes.
  • They Came From CLASSIFIED Screen – Sending info to screen printer for quotes.
  • Ex3 Sidereals – Errata gathering and sorting…
  • Squeaks in the Deep Companion – Awaiting errata from devs.
  • Ex Essence Jumpstart – Awaiting errata from devs.
  • CofD Contagion Chronicles RMCs – Errata gathering.
  • Curseborne Ashcan – Errata gathering.
  • SCION No Gods, No Masters – Advance PDF available this Weds on DTRPG!

Today’s Reason to Celebrate!

Today in 1994 was the release of Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game! 30 years ago and my strongest memory was hand lettering the chapter titles! Then Tuesday, it’s Happy Birthdays for Matthew Dawkins, that flame-haired imp Neall Raemonn Price, and also for Michelle Webb! On June 19 (approx) Aberrant will have spent longer as an Onyx Path property than WWs! Last year on Friday, Jun 21 2023 we released the World Below Ashcan and on Saturday, June 22 2022 we released Scion Demigod 2e. Also on Saturday, we sadly have the seven year anniversary of the passing of WW founder and my excellent friend, Stewart Wieck. Still miss you, buddy and celebrate all these works you set in motion!

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  1. Happy birthday today to young Mr Dawkins from a fellow Brit! Also, very eager to read through my newly-purchased copy of the Curseborne ashcan – rest assured, I will be backing every piece of output you can produce for this product line!

  2. Glad to see the Demigod Companion is finally getting rolling, it was stuck in Art Direction Hell for quite a while.

  3. Rich,
    Thank you for commemorating Stewart each year. It’s wonderful that you continue to celebrate his legacy with a remembrance of joy. May we all be so remembered.


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