Rich’s Revised Remarks with William O’Connor

Here are Bill’s revisions to his sketches for the three Book of Nod-based book openers first previewed and discussed here: Here are my comments to him: “Bill- love panel one (Caine and Abel), and the architecture of panel 2 seems right to me- remember that we should show the city at night, and I … Read more

Rich’s Round Robin with Ken Meyer, Jr.

Today, as an experiment, I’m posting Ken Meyer, Jr’s sketches for his V20 art assignment. Ken has graciously allowed me to post these and to make our communications visible as they occur, and I’m hoping that he’ll just pop over here and comment directly on my comments as well as yours. That’s right, how about … Read more

Richt’s Ramblings #1: The One Where We Get the Artists Started

Originally posted by Rich at the V20 Blog So, while I’m also involved with Justin, Eddy and Shane in the creative direction of the book (being Creative Director and all), my primary role on this project is as Art Director; like I was on so many Vampire books through the years. It’s pretty cool just … Read more