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  • Roll20Con Scion Bundle

    Roll20Con Scion Bundle

    Roll20Con is coming up, and we’ve got a Scion 2nd Edition bundle that’s running until the end of the con! Roll20Con runs October 21-23. Our Scion 2e Bundle includes Scion: Origin and Scion: Hero, bundled together for 30% off. The bundle is available right now, but the sale only lasts until the end of the […]

  • Now Available: Scion 2e Players Guide!

    Now Available: Scion 2e Players Guide!

    Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: The Scion 2nd Edition Player’s Guide: Saints & Monsters! Discover what lurks in the hidden corners of myth. There is more to The World than the children of the Gods — more than Heroes and Demigods. Legends speak of stranger things; of mortals who challenge the very […]


    That’s right, once again we’re turning the media blog over to YOU, with the aim of profiling your creations! THE SPOTLIGHT So what do I mean by YOU? Well, every week we provide a glittering spotlight to some plucky content creator or other who produces actual plays, podcasts, reviews our books, or writes blogs about […]


    This week’s spotlight shines on Mage: The Podcast! The perennial podcast of magickal excellence has returned once more to the gleaming lights. THE SPOTLIGHT Mage: The Podcast is a show with a lot of merits, not least of which is its consistently high quality output and willingness to tackle a wide variety of Mage and […]


    This week’s spotlight shines on… me! That’s right. I’m taking over. THE SPOTLIGHT The Gentleman Gamer (which is to say, me) hosts a channel on YouTube where the occasional deep dive, character creation session, or breakdown of a popular game line takes place! Why is it receiving the spotlight this week? Well that’s because at […]


    Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week’s spotlight will shine on a fantastic member of our roleplaying community and a classic among the YouTube storytellers: The Primogen. THE SPOTLIGHT The Primogen has been making videos for years now, spanning many of the corners of the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness. We’d love to see them […]


    It’s time for a new media spotlight blog, and this week we’re giving special focus to the ever wonderful OpCast! THE SPOTLIGHT The OpCast is a Trinity Continuum focused podcast that spans all aspects of that wonderful gameline, from Adventure! to Aberrant, and everywhere in between and surrounding. Coming soon, they’ll have a breaking interview […]


    We return with a new media spotlight blog, with this week’s effort going toward the stunning new TRINITY CONTINUUM AIRWAVES podcast! THE SPOTLIGHT TRINITY CONTINUUM AIRWAVES is designed to be a community conversation about the ultra-coolness of the Trinity Continuum (their words, not ours). The show consists of short episodes featuring geeking out over mechanics, […]

  • Media Spotlight: Dork Tales

    Today we’ll be floating elegantly to one of my favourite RPG YouTube and Twitch channels: Dork Tales! The Spotlight Dork Tales provide what is very much a renaissance channel of RPG content, with actual plays of a huge array of games (not all of them Onyx Path). They approach every game with an infectious enthusiasm, […]

  • Media Spotlight: Devil’s Luck Gaming

    I’ve been asked “why do you profile Devil’s Luck Gaming so often, Matthew?” The reason is a simple one: I honestly feel you can find actual play content produced at such an excellent quality in so few other places. The Spotlight We return to Devil’s Luck Gaming as they venture deep into the world of […]