Back From Vacay & Wingin’ It! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Hey, hey! It’s the last couple of days for our BackerKit crowdfunding campaign for Trinity Continuum: Aegis!

We just passed 200% funding and listed our next two Stretch Goals, so even though the campaign ends Thursday, there’s still time to pledge and to get the word out so we can achieve those goals!

As you might have guessed from the art posted above, TC: Aegis is concerned with the heroes and demigods, monsters and terrors, of the time frame around the collapse of the Bronze Age and the start of the Iron Age. A time that is absolutely filled with potential stories for players!

Now, two things about that.

The first is: because it is during a transitional time in Earth’s history, what is true and what is myth can be blended as much or as little as your table wants. Plus, there’s wiggle-room presented in the book if you want to have your TC: Aegis game run earlier or later throughout history. Or away from early Europe entirely!

(Which is where the Stretch Goal for the TC: Aegis Atlas will really come in handy!)

TC: Aegis art by Gong Studio

The second fun aspect for dealing with this time-frame is the built-in setting fact of this being the Trinity Continuum. Does TC: Aegis lead to TC: Aether lead to TC: Adventure!, etc? Like on a linear time-line? Only if you want it to. The Continuum is designed so that these parallel setting dimensions can connect, connect for a time, slide past each other, whatever works at your table.

You want to have Divis Mal from TC: Aberrant develop a time travel device and show up in ancient Egypt (like the whole Dr Doom/Rama-Tut/Kang thing in the old Fantastic Four) and change human history as we know it?

Do it! Up to you whether that changes the history of the other games or not!

So, tell your friends, like and share our social media posts, all that stuff – and we’ll see if we can achieve the next couple of Stretch Goals! Thanks!

Coming up next for our crowd-funding: a two book set of Scion: Titanomachy and its sequel – Scion: Titans Rising! The campaign being designed to get both traditionally published books into your Friendly Local Game Stores! Expect that very late in August or very early in September.

TC: Aegis art by HIVE Studios

Back In The Saddle Again!

Thanks Danielle, for covering for me last week! Hope everybody enjoyed D’s fill-in MMN blog!

If you enjoyed Danielle’s blog and her mention of the special Q&A session all about our creative processes that she held just over a week ago on our Discord, you can hear a recording of that session this Friday on the Onyx Pathcast. It’s well worth listening to if you’re curious as to why we do what we do the way we do.

Do, do, doooo.

Also, speaking of our processes, our Managing Editor, M. K. Anderson, was the guest on last Friday’s Pathcast, as D and Dixie delved into a dynamic deconstruction of the dangerous domain of editing. No text is complete without it, yet so many folks really don’t know just what game book editing entails: this Pathcast episode delivers those deets.

Some DTRPG Sales are either happening right now or coming really soon, so keep an eye out for them! The ongoing one is on the Storyteller’s Vault, which also contains links to our books over on the DTRPG main site.

The thing is: we’re not on SV, we are on DTRPG – alhough you can see ads/links for our stuff – as our official license from Paradox means that our books aren’t non-canon, community-created. SV is entirely owned and managed by Paradox and we have nothing to do with it as a company, even if those links pop up or some of our freelance creators put some of their own projects up there for your enjoyment and edification.

(I bring this up now because while I was on vacay somebody messaged me demanding we change stuff over there. Sorry we have no mechanism that lets us change anything on a site we don’t own, but there you are!)

TC: Aegis art by Marco Gonzales

Honestly, still catching up from the time off. Our Monday Meeting was actually pretty packed because of that, but not really with fun stuff to share, unfortunately. I did get to do a bunch of concept art for The World Below while I was off – hey, for me uninterrupted time to draw is a sweet vacation – as well as designing the symbols for all the settlements, churches, guilds, heritages, etc. Plus, I realized we need a couple of new writing systems down there, so they need designing!

I haven’t told Matthew about those yet.

Finally, just like I got a week off, we’re cycling through breaks for all of our team as Summer starts to wind down, so you might not see some newer art today as Mirthful Mike takes some time this week, or as many project progress jumps or even Twitch shows as folks take well-deserved time off! We’ll all come back rarin’ to go and ready to bring more magic to our:




Trinity Continuum: Aegis!

Over 200% funded! More Stretch Goals coming!


Here’s a link to the BackerKit campaign landing page!

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Project status updates!

Our full list of projects will be available monthly on our blog! Check out July’s full list report here:


Here are the projects that moved to the next stage of production:

First Draft

Realms of Pugmire – The Curious Cats of Mau (was Mau 2e)

  • Eddy: The next Realms of Pugmire book is underway! Because I’m still working on another Pugmire book, I’ve asked the ever-elegant Lauren Roy to co-develop this one with me so we both land on our feet!

Manuscript Approval

Exalted – Abyssals

  • Danielle: It’s finally here. I can’t wait to sit down with a nice hot tea and read this for the next week.


In Art Direction

  • Ex3 Many Faced Strangers – First batch of stuff turned around.
  • Ex3 Eight Directions – Navella is gonna handle the maps…
  • Ex3 Exigents – First batches of sketches in.
  • TCF Cyclops Cave/Classified – Cyclops Cave AD’d… and yes, maps too.
  • M20 Victorian Weird Wonders and Revolutionary Magic – AD’d.
  • SCION God 2e – Getting this rolling.
  • SCION Titans Rising – Prepped so it can go to KS for approval this week.
  • TC Aether – Getting this rolling when i get back.

In Layout

  • Ex Essence Novella I – What Lies Forgotten  – With Dixie. 
  • TCF Classified – It’s ready for layout.


  • TC Assassins VTT Adventure – Should be good to go out when i get back.
  • Wallpapers for Essence
  • Ex Essence Screen
  • Scion Dragon Jumpstart
  • TC Adventure Addendum
  • Ex Essence Novel 2 – Scoundrelsong 


  • TC Anima

At Press

  • TC Anima – Errata incorporation this week so we can get the index going.
  • TC: Adventure! – Should see press proofs next week.
  • TC Adventure Storyguide Screen and Booklet – Printer quoting.
  • Exalted Essence – Quoting with Printers.
  • W20 Apocalyptic Record – Interior and endpages done… working on LtD cover.
  • W20 Apocalyptic Record Screen & Booklet – Printer quoting.
  • M20 Lore of the Traditions – Errata input and page xxs. Also working on the printer quote for the LtD version.
  • Legendlore: Legacies of Earth – Errata input and page xxs.
  • Ex 3 Crucible of Legends – Errata gathering ends Weds.

Today’s Reason to Celebrate!

15 years ago today, Hunter: the Vigil first edition was released. Yep, I actually do remember it well; working with the awesome super Chuck Wendig and making a huge presentation to the combined teams from White Wolf and CCP explaining just what it was. And, of course, we at Onyx Path then created Hunter: the Vigil second edition (available in POD and PDF on DTRPG, and traditionally printed books through your FLGS and our pals at IPR and Studio 2)! You might say that we kept the light burning!

11 thoughts on “Back From Vacay & Wingin’ It! [Monday Meeting Notes]”

  1. Was a very early adopter of H:TV. We were running a 4e game we’d just started and a Scion game that was running out of steam. The group dynamics with the way experience was determined and the tiers of play were such a unique concept at the time that I picked up the core, and that week we had a group conversation about dropping Scion while I prepped our Hunter Chronicle. It remains one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time.

    Fifteen years later and the same table of players are hip deep in our H:TV 2e chronicle.

    • That is fantastic! Hope your 2e game runs as long or longer than your 1e. Really glad your players and you dug the group dynamics and tiers – both things were what Chuck and his team came up with back then when I told them we needed a way for folks to player HtV from Scooby Doo through the X-Files styled games. I wanted to play up the range of games a Hunter toolbox would be capable of, and the team really delivered!

  2. Regarding the art for Across the Eight Directions, who or what is Navella, and what does it mean that maps are being handles by Navella? Are the maps being changed in substance from what they were before, or did people just no like the look of the first go at the maps?

    • Navella is what I have in Mirthful Mike’s notes. As noted in the blog, he’s on vacay, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they are a studio filled with talented artists. As for what is the story behind bringing them on, it’s not a good practice to go into those things outside of the business relationship with have with artists. I’m sure you understand.

  3. A few months back I made note of how little movement there had been with Exalted 3 products in the previous few months. Certainly, in this week’s update and in general over the past few weeks, things have changed. I wanted to say that I noticed, and I appreciate it. (I hope more of the Ex 3 fans feel the same).

    • Thank you for your patience and we appreciate you letting us know that you have noticed! Exalted is like a massive ship, and any course correction takes way more time to accomplish than anybody wants. Then throw in the metaphoric tidal wave that was Covid smashing into the ship’s side, and it sends that vessel spinning and off-course again. Took a while to get back to where we wanted and we’re still making up lost time!


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