Blood and Smoke index [Vampire: The Requiem]

Here’s the first cut of the index for Vampire: The Requiem 2eBlood and Smoke:

<Click here for the index.>



15 responses to “Blood and Smoke index [Vampire: The Requiem]”

  1. Yossarian Avatar

    Just in time for my Requiem game tonight!

    One thing I noticed: Humbled is missing from the Conditions list.

    1. Rose Bailey Avatar
      Rose Bailey

      Ah, thanks. That’s probably due to the indexer working from the original PDF, which includes that error.

  2. joe Avatar

    Please tell me you are updating cover for 2nd e.

    1. Rose Bailey Avatar
      Rose Bailey

      Yes. As is traditional for WW games, 2e will use a variation of the 1e cover art.

      1. Oscar Avatar

        Hopefully it’ll be soon, i’ve been waiting for some time now 😀

        1. Rose Bailey Avatar
          Rose Bailey

          We got the first cut of the updated cover in today. Mike’s got some more tinkering he wants to do, and then of course we have to go through proofing all over again.

  3. Dennis Avatar

    Whatever happened to “Aura Sight”? (aka: can someone link the thread where that design decision happened, since I almost remember it being part of Open Design?)

    1. Rose Bailey Avatar
      Rose Bailey

      The forum threads about Auspex were lost when CCP discontinued the old White Wolf forums. The earliest blog post is here:

      Note that what’s posted there is a first draft, and not identical to what appears in B&S/VtR2.

  4. Kilbert Avatar

    Will this be updated into the PDF?

    1. Rose Bailey Avatar
      Rose Bailey


  5. Sicarus Avatar

    Is it different that Blood & Smoke’s? For thlse already owning it.

    1. Rose Bailey Avatar
      Rose Bailey

      The original printing of B&S didn’t include an index. We’re rectifying that, with an update to the PDF and a change to all future PoD copies.

      (This update has not been made public yet, as we’re still revising the index and making other cosmetic changes to the interior.)

  6. The Cowardly Scion Avatar
    The Cowardly Scion

    Once the tweaked Requiem cover is in place, what fate will befall the art for the original B&S cover? Title page?

    1. Rose Bailey Avatar
      Rose Bailey

      As currently planned, it will remain the frontispiece, with the Chandler quote.

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