[Heroes of Action and Wonder!] Story Hooks

A few months ago we previewed the Antihero Archetype from Heroes of Action and Wonder!, which acts as an upcoming sourcebook for They Came from [CLASSIFIED]! and They Came from the Cyclops’s Cave! Now we’re previewing some of the crossover content in that book, so strap in and enjoy the trailers: Story Hooks and Scenarios … Read more

Now Available: They Came from Cyclops’s Cave and Classified VTT Assets and wallpapers!

Now available from DriveThruRPG: Digital wallpapers and VTT Assets for They Came from the Cyclops’s Cave! and They Came from [CLASSIFIED]! Also available in advance PDF on the Storypath Nexus: It’s here! Bloody Boroughs for Trinity Continuum: Assassins! Bloody Boroughs is similar to the Frostlands of Fenrilik for Scarred Lands — a community content-exclusive setting. … Read more

Episode 309: They Came from All Over the Place!

In which we make They Came From…! characters from different books, including [CLASSIFIED]!, Cyclops’s Cave!, and They Came from the Steel Dragon Fighting Tournament! Links: Onyx Path YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnyxPathOnyx Path Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/theonyxpathOnyx Path Discord: https://discord.gg/5uckcBk

Release Roundup: April 2024

Welcome to the Release Roundup! This is where we update you on what we’ve been up to for the last month, from weekly releases to crowdfunding projects to production status updates. This month’s Onyx Path releases include: This month’s Community Content, from the Storypath Nexus, Slarecian Vault, and Canis Minor includes: Crowdfunding Update Coming to BackerKit May 7th: At … Read more

Now Available: Classified and Cyclopean Cards, plus a Storypath Tasty Bit!

Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: The Ministry of Disorder, a Storypath Tasty Bit for They Came from [CLASSIFIED]! The Ministry of Disorder introduces a collection of SPECTRE style villains and their henchpeople to They Came from [CLASSIFIED]!  Within these pages, you’ll find a group embedded in the heart of British, US, and Soviet intelligence services, fit … Read more

Now Available: They Came from the Cyclops’s Cave!

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: They Came from the Cyclops’s Cave! Other Recent Releases Did you miss one of these recent releases? Sales In celebration of theSolar Eclipse, Indie Press Revolution is offering 40% off Exalted stock, plus they continue to offer 75% off some of our remaining CofD stock! Crowdfunding Update … Read more