Now Available: M20 Sorcerer

Now available in advance PDF: M20 Sorcerer for Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition! Magicians and Mentalists The shadows of the World of Darkness have always concealed supernatural secrets. Monsters exist and magic is real. Hedge wizards and psychics dwell on the edges of those shadows and of human society, straddling the liminal space between … Read more


This week’s spotlight shines on… me! That’s right. I’m taking over. THE SPOTLIGHT The Gentleman Gamer (which is to say, me) hosts a channel on YouTube where the occasional deep dive, character creation session, or breakdown of a popular game line takes place! Why is it receiving the spotlight this week? Well that’s because at … Read more

Now Available: They Came from the Bikini Beach Party!

Now available in PDF: Storypath Tasty Bit: They Came from the Bikini Beach Party! for They Came from Beneath the Sea! It’s time for fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun! Every They Came from Beneath the Sea! takes our heroes to the beach at one point or other, and this book is built specifically for … Read more


Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week’s spotlight will shine on a fantastic member of our roleplaying community and a classic among the YouTube storytellers: The Primogen. THE SPOTLIGHT The Primogen has been making videos for years now, spanning many of the corners of the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness. We’d love to see them … Read more

Now Available: Terat novella! Plus: VTT tokens!

Now available in ebook and print: Terat, a novella for Trinity Continuum: Aberrant! When Ken Clements ends up in an accidental crash that triggers his eruption, he is plagued by fear and doubt as the changes to his body feel unfamiliar and alien. News of Ken’s eruption becomes a talking point for anti-nova pundit Jordan … Read more

The Trinity Continuum: Aether Kickstarter has launched!

Trinity Continuum: Aether is a game of steampunk adventure, exploration, and mystery set in 1895 in the Trinity Continuum. In the decade prior, Nikola Tesla identified and learned to harness Aether, an energy source capable of spinning new realities or unwinding the effect to restore reality. Now, Aether users dot the globe, silently spinning and unwinding with ease … Read more


It’s time for a new media spotlight blog, and this week we’re giving special focus to the ever wonderful OpCast! THE SPOTLIGHT The OpCast is a Trinity Continuum focused podcast that spans all aspects of that wonderful gameline, from Adventure! to Aberrant, and everywhere in between and surrounding. Coming soon, they’ll have a breaking interview … Read more