Release Retrospective: 2021

Whew, what a year! We were all hoping that the pandemic was coming to an end, but how wrong we were. We’re still trying to cope with the fallout in terms of rising prices and material shortages, but we’re trucking on in any case. What’s been your favorite Onyx Path release of 2021? What are … Read more

Release Roundup: December 2021

Stay tuned for the 2021 Release Retrospective later today! Here’s just this month: Scarred Lands: Champions of the Scarred Lands (Amazon PoD) Scion: Tales of Heroes: A Scion Anthology (PDF/print) They Came from Beneath the Sea!: Party Beach Creature Feature! Jumpstart (print) They Came from Beneath the Sea!: TCfBtS! VTT Tokens (file) They Came from … Read more

Now Available: They Came from the Jumpstart Double Feature!

Now available in print: Party Beach Creature Feature!, a Jumpstart for They Came from Beneath the Sea! It’s a beautiful, sunny weekend on the beach. The kids are partying, the beer’s cold, and someone’s passing around what the locals call “jazz cigarettes.” Let’s be honest — life couldn’t be much better in this 1950s slice … Read more

Now Available: Technocracy Jumpstart

Now available in PDF and print: Welcome to the Rock: A Technocracy Reloaded Jumpstart for Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition! Welcome to the Technocratic Union The Technocracy Reloaded Jumpstart contains everything you need to tell a story of Enlightened Scientists in the world of Mage: The Ascension: 20th Anniversary Edition. This book contains a condensed … Read more

Release Roundup: November 2021

Here’s what we did this November! We hope our American friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving, and hope everyone else had a great month! They Came from Beneath the Sea!: Party Beach Creature Feature!: A Jumpstart for They Came from Beneath the Sea! (advance PDF) Trinity Continuum: Aberrant: Storypath Tasty Bit: Amalgamated Idea Dynamics (PDF) Legendlore: Legendlore … Read more

Now Available: Aberrant New Team, and Aberrant CC Assets

Now available in PDF: Storypath Tasty Bit: Amalgamated Idea Dynamics for Trinity Continuum: Aberrant! Amalgamated Idea Dynamics (A.I.D.) is a corporation dedicated to the expansion of human knowledge and prosperity through science. Founded by nova philanthropist, inventor, and superhero Yuki Yanagi — a.k.a. Doctor Dynamic — A.I.D. works to push humankind’s understanding to new heights … Read more

Media Spotlight: Polyhedron Podcast

Unsurprisingly, this week’s media spotlight goes to the fine folks at the Polyhedron Podcast (of Metahedron Studios), as they’ve been doing a fine job hosting and producing a recent run of Trinity Continuum: Anima, with our very own Eddy Webb as the Storyguide! This actual play was specifically designed to show off and make accessible … Read more