Media Spotlight: Devil’s Luck Gaming

We’re here in 2022 for the weekly media spotlight blog, now posted every Tuesday! We were of course posting every Tuesday in the latter part of 2021, too, but now our spotlight will take a different form: you’ll be given the headline act you really must check out, and then we’ll provide you with round-ups and links for all the other media we’ve been sent or want to promote for the week!

Some of the Devil’s Luck Gaming team prepping to play Exalted: Essence

The Spotlight

This week’s spotlight goes to the fine folks of Devil’s Luck Gaming, who are still running their superb actual play of Exalted: Essence over on their Twitch channel, which you can find here:

Their chronicle – Hymns of the Unconquered Sun – draws a lot of viewers and we understand they’re already planning their second season! So if you want to watch an Exalted actual play with high production values, excellent roleplay, and fantastic costuming, Devil’s Luck are the people you want to follow and subscribe to. If you missed any of their videos, you can access them all by just giving them a follow over on Twitch!

The Round-Up

Our media minions were quiet over the holidays (understandably) so expect this section of the blog to expand as the weeks go on and more and more people start running games, producing deep dives, and conducting interviews.

If you’re not already following The Onyx Path on YouTube and Twitch, now’s an ideal time to do so. We produce a wealth of content on Twitch every week with a group of stellar partners and content creators, and much of that content makes its way to our YouTube channel too. Don’t take our word for it, however; you can check it out for yourselves:

In the past week and a bit, we uploaded the following videos to our YouTube channel:

Scarred Lands – Sins of Shelzar – S2E7:

Scarred Lands – Sins of Shelzar – S2E8:

Trinity Continuum: Anima – Storypath Showcase – E3:

Trinity Continuum: Anima – Storypath Showcase – FINALE:

Trinity Continuum: Anima – Polyhedron Podcast – E8:

Trinity Continuum: Anima – Polyhedron Podcast – FINALE:

Trinity Continuum Core – Hard Holidays – One-Shot:

Calling All Creators

Onyx Path are looking for groups who want their actual plays of our games spotlit or hosted on our channels! Plus, we’re very keen to showcase people’s reviews, deep dives, and character creation videos! Feel free to reach out here:… and we’ll get in touch.

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