Changeling the Lost: Tinkering and Toying

Hi everyone.

Some people were all, “Where’s Changeling at? I want to play with it.” To which I respond, “Um, okay?”

So I just want to start this out by saying here’s the core Changeling template rules.

Pretty cool, right? A lot of this is familiar. Some of it was already shared via forums and previous teasers. Some is totally new. But, this is basically the difference between a Changeling: The Lost character and a Chronicles of Darkness mortal character.

You know what else? I can predict the future, and act accordingly to change the course of time itself. Because right now (well after I wrote this post) you’re saying, “That’s great, but how am I supposed to toy with this material if I don’t know what Contracts look like?”

It’s cool. I’ve got you covered. Here’s Contracts. This isn’t all of them, but it’s a more than healthy sample.

And before the next question, don’t worry your head. I know you love the way we’ve been doing Merits in Chronicles of Darkness. So I want to give you some of those to play with, too. Again, this is not a complete list. In particular, it doesn’t contain many of the Merits that deal with subsystems like dreams.

Wait. Dreams are a subsystem in the core book? You think I’d let you down like that? Here’s dream walking.

Okay. So, you’ve got all these fun systems to toy with. But how can you put those together into characters you can actually play? I guess you’d need the character creation rules to do that.

I shared plenty of Kith and Seeming material before. That still exists, and you can find it and other previews collected here. If you have the Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook, this should be playable. Or, Changeling the Lost, First Edition with the God-Machine Chronicle rules update.

Now, what would I like from you? Mess with things. Have fun. Play games.

If you get the chance, fill out this questionnaire. I’ll be using these notes as part of my final pass through the text. Like I said before, this is hardly complete; it’s a few targeted chunks. But it should be enough to get a feel.

What I don’t need is notes about typos and stuff like that. This isn’t through editing. So it’s just a waste of everyone’s time. We’ll run it through an editor, I’ve still got revisions to do, then we’ll look at all that polish on the back end.

Edit: I’m feeling generous. Here’s Pledges.







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  1. CJ D Avatar
    CJ D

    I am so happy right now.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      I aim to please.

  2. Leetsepeak Avatar

    Be still my beating heart.

    Read through Merits. Hats off to you Dave, I think you really nailed it with the ones spoiled. They cover stuff that’s interesting and a lot of them really help customize stuff like Kith Blessings and the like.

    I think these are some of the best splat specific merits done so far for 2e.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      They are pretty phenomenal, aren’t they? I’m super excited for them. Merits are pretty much my pet thing in Chronicles of Darkness, since I’ve written so damned many of them. So they gotta be good.

    2. Jeremy K Avatar
      Jeremy K


  3. Matt S. Avatar
    Matt S.

    Awesome, thank you for the hard work!

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Thank you for your kind words.

  4. dat boy Avatar
    dat boy


    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Any time.

      You know, so long as that time is now. Because this is a specific thing you’re thanking me for.

  5. Yossarian Avatar

    Mic. Dropped.

  6. Chris Newton Avatar
    Chris Newton

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see how you bring it all together.

  7. Chris Newton Avatar
    Chris Newton


  8. Phaolan Avatar

    I am excite! My troupe is going to get excited! The excitement is exciting!

    …Seriously, though, I’m so glad for this, sir. Thank you.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      But of course.

  9. Falco1029 Avatar

    I really like the Dreamwalking rules (haven’t read the rest yet), but I thought Changeling was going to be compatible with Beast and Mage, using the Dream Form rules and such.

    I mean, I can see Changelings being “physical”, and using the stats mentioned for themselves, but the fact that the dream form rules aren’t even mentioned or referenced for anyone dreaming non-physically seems like it will create problems again; the whole “Changeling uses one system, Mage uses another, any other game has its own unique rules too, and it’s about impossible to make them work together, whee!” thing from 1st edition was REALLY annoying, and I’m very upset seeing that being present again.

    I get that the powers are different, but the mechanics for baseline effects of the realm shouldn’t be. Why can’t their system just use soul-shocked and dream forms for non-physical participants too (including Oneiroi)? Again, I do like their unique capabilities, and the way those work as presented here, I just dislike that the baseline system isn’t even compatible. It’d be the same as if Mage said “All mortals in the Shadow are solid and can’t interact with ephemera” and Werewolf said “Everything, including mortals, is turned into Ephemera in the Hisil and interacts normally”, you know? Sure, Mages and Werewolves work differently in the Shadow on their own end, but I’d expect both books to give me the same mechanics for the baseline.

    1. Falco1029 Avatar

      *Er, to be clear, Dream Form was the part I meant “Including Oneiroi” for, not the soul shocked part, would be weird for something made of dreamstuff to wake up somewhere.

    2. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      It’s partly because these games aren’t developed by the same people, and partly because they’re developed congruently in time in many cases.

      Laying down a “unified system” for every game is a lot of work, and asks a lot of work of each successive writer in making them all compatible.

      1. Falco1029 Avatar

        It seems like a minor thing in this case, developmentally speaking, which makes a big difference for the sake of gameplay. The dream form rules I know were made a little while back, right? And there’s nothing game specific in the main block, it seems pretty easy to transplant, from my view.

        Like I said, nothing wrong with leaving the Changeling part alone; they go into dreams physically, as that’s just how they are, no need to change any of that, but instead of the ‘damage downgrade’ thing for anyone else, you insert the sidebar about Dream Forms for non-changelings, though do then need to fit in another condition.

        I mean, you guys managed to keep Clash of Wills consistent between games this time, and I honestly think that’s about the same amount of work (about a sidebar or subsection), but I admit I could easily be missing something.

    3. Eolirin Avatar

      Changelings do not have access to the Astral. So here is no common realm. Dream walking involves entering the dreams of sleeping people. The Astral isn’t a dream or a dream realm, it’s the literal inside of the soul. They’re completely different things.

      1. Falco1029 Avatar

        I didn’t say anything about the Astral. From what I read on the forums, I had thought Mages that dream travel (NOT go into the astral) via Mind magic used the same Dream Form rules, as did sleeping mortals in either Mage or Beast.

        1. Eolirin Avatar

          Mage isn’t out yet, how can we even compare the dreamform rules for mind spells like that?

  10. Kismet Rose Avatar
    Kismet Rose

    I like most of the idea of having a way to drop the Mask as a changeling; it’s a nice counterpoint to being able to strengthen the Mask in the first place. I do not see why it would make nearby gateways to the Hedge open, just because they happen to be close to a changeling whose *personal* Mask has been cracked. That just seems to be overkill and to extend beyond what is called for. That it would alert Huntsmen would at least make some sense.

    Also: Why would iron affect changelings as strongly as the True Fae, when they are more removed and did not break whatever contract was broken with iron directly?

    Of as much concern are archetypes. If you’re going to have changelings acting out archetypes related to their Mien, why not tie them even more to fairy tale tropes, and make them more fae in feeling? That would put them in a more dynamic position with the archetypes for the Mask, based in the real world as they are, rather than rehashing archetypes that were seen years ago across old WoD materials.

    Triggers seem to have a number of major potential problems. There will be few incentives for players to activate them given the potential consequences, and they will possibly penalize characters even more than old Clarity rules, since you might end up triggered for uses of powers at mid levels. Why play a supernatural character with an array of powers if you are going to risk being weakened for using your powers? Putting the choice in player hands does not negate the flaw behind the primary assumption. I could see gaining Conditions, perhaps, for triggers, but risking the loss of Clarity is a bit much.

    Banes and frailties, as previously, could use a lot more examples. Like, some charts for them, at various strengths, would be awesome.

    I do like that there are touchstones for changelings. This very much makes sense and examples could (and perhaps should) also extend to objects and places of significance.

    1. Xenesis Avatar

      Triggers make a heck of a lot more sense once you’ve digested the Clarity rules – as someone following the pre-release where they certainly *do* look problematic, once the Clarity update was out it all made a lot more sense.

      With the new rules, succeeding on a Breaking Point roll grants the Acuity condition. When Acuity is resolved, you gain a point of clarity – this is one of the only two ways shown to gain Clarity in the new edition. Clarity can’t be purchased, you can only gain it by acting in accordance with your Seeming (as shown earlier) or resolving Acuity.

      As such, hitting breaking points where you’ve got positive modifiers is the best way to gain Clarity.

      So, powers that trigger a breaking point could be a means of *gaining* Clarity, not just losing it.

      This is coupled with the fact that regardless of gaining or losing Clarity, you’ll generate conditions that give you Beats, as well.

      1. What Avatar

        “Problematic”? How? That is the vaguest word anyone could possibly use.

        1. Leliel Avatar

          It means that, up until we realized Clarity triggers are more akin to normalization therapy (controlled exposure to something traumatic until it loses its terror), it seemed the only way you could regain Clarity was the self-destructive Blessings and XP.

          Since that isn’t the case…

  11. Enokh Avatar

    Holy shit this is INSANELY exciting to see! Love Onyx Path more and more. Immediately shot the link to my friends. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  12. Alkius Avatar

    Major detractor here. For those who like the changes. I hope you enjoy it.

    It’s a completely different game for the new edition, that’s for sure. In fact, it’s hardly recognizable as being Changeling the Lost at all. I got through the template… and some of the dreamwalking. I couldn’t take much more than that.
    Your character is plagued with tumblr-whine triggers that ~will~ be completely ignored except when Beat-fishing. Tying Clarity to perception modifiers was never a good rule. Interpreting the world through the lens of your Arcadian experience doesn’t mean you’re having a bad trip. It’s Don Quixote charging the windmills.
    Iron vs Changelings? Because they’re not fragile enough? Now they have to carry the weaknesses of the True Fae back home with them for a broken promise they had nothing to do with?
    Are the other splats getting a Going Loud mechanic like Embracing the Wyrd? Anybody know? Don’t answer that.
    For all the uphill push that Lost did to get away from Dreaming, this drops to its knees and gives up. It lets that Sisyphus boulder just plow it down into the dirt to the filthy rock bottom. We’ve left behind beautiful madness and drooled our way into internal division.

    For what I like? Huntsmen are a good start. It’s a brand of Loyalist and an easier to apply antagonist.
    Touchstones have some real possibility for character development. Making them a merit that ties to your Clarity is going to get messy.
    The Dream business is an interesting change, making it pretty universally accessible. I don’t know about the Bastion dream bubble thing, but the magic item creation from Cobbling and Hedgespinning could be fun. Still nothing for group dreams, however.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      I’m not sure what this has to do with Tumblr.

      I hope you can find material in it you enjoy and that can improve your stories.

      1. Alkius Avatar

        The tumblr reference has to do with their love of whining about ‘being triggered’ or ‘trigger warnings’ in the blogs to cower and snivel away from pretty much anything uncomfortable.

        I’m hoping to find some tools in there I like. I really do. Lost has been a favorite of mine since it was introduced to me, and house-ruling some of the holes in the system has been a sizable project.
        We have hope. We really do. Our sandbox is not anyone else’s sandbox. We’re digging deep in yours for lost treasures and trying to avoid surprise nuggets. 😉

        1. Dr Ether Avatar

          I think you have totally missed the point about the term trigger here.

          In all of CofD, ever since the GMC update a couple of years back, and the change to the Integrity system, the term “trigger” with respect to events, horrors, and actions that lead to Integrity being tested and eroded, has always been used. It has nothing to do with the Tumblr usage of trigger or triggering. The use here is in the simplest and clearest form.

          Also Cold Iron did indeed harm Changelings in Lost 1st ed. In fact a fair bit is still the same, if actually easier to enable within a game, given how bloated some systems were in 1st ed (Pledge system, Dreams).

          1. Alkius Avatar

            Jesus Christ, I make one snarky reference and the rest of the post is completely sidestepped.

            Ok, let’s focus in on it. By placing the call for triggers completely in the hands of the players, they’re going to avoid the risks to their integrity scales, particularly since Clarity is tied to some very basic, common rolls for perception. Writing it to trust all players leaves loopholes. Let the ST call for a roll.
            Players will, 100% WILL use mechanics to their advantage. It’s a game. That’s what you do. If you can dodge a potentially harmful roll, you will. If you have control over if you have to make the roll at all, and by default suffer no consequences for ducking a trigger roll, it’s just wasted system.

            Now, I bow out. Falco1029 and Kismet Rose are far more civil and eloquent than I. I reacted with a kneejerk, and while still displeased, I know that discussing it here is not going to make me like it.

          2. Leliel Avatar

            Alkius, you apparently weren’t around for the full Clarity spoilers.

            Namely, the Acuity Condition? Is also the primary way you REGAIN Clarity. The Seeming Blessings are just the non-risky, self-sabotaging ways useful when it’s beginning to flag extremely low.

            If a player is creating a character who doesn’t encounter anything that provokes a Trigger, they’ve left a big hole in their defenses that says STAB ME to any passing Huntsmen; it’s been revealed at least some of their distinctive weapons damage Clarity, and a Huntsman usually has at least one.

            So it’s not a cheater’s escape, it’s risk/reward. Do I have a frequent trigger and recover Clarity easily enough when facing Clarity-eating opponents, or a rare trigger and avoid the risk of losing it frequently?

    2. Belial Avatar

      “Tumblr-whine triggers” did you mean PTSD triggers?

      Changelings are pretty explicitly abuse and trauma survivors, and have been since the opening paragraphs of first edition. The clarity trigger system is pretty obviously an abstraction of how lingering psychological trauma works. A pretty elegant one, I think. The fact that it resembles how other abuse and trauma survivors in the real world talk about their experiences is probably not an accident.

      Might I suggest that if you don’t have a lot of empathy for that sort of thing, telling stories about it may not be the best idea for you?

      1. Alkius Avatar

        Ohhh. Ad hom. *golf clap* Classy.
        Too bad I can’t tap internet rage for glamour.
        I won’t even try for a troll feeding joke. Wholly unnecessary in a Changeling discussion.

        The PTSD aspect has been, for a very long time, one of the least liked parts for many players. Rather than moving away from that, the 2nd ed pushes your nose into it. It’s not that I lack empathy… I just have a wider imagination than limiting all of my Changeling characters to being ones that are mentally scarred from their time in Arcadia. Not every person who has a traumatic experience requires deep psychological readjusting to bring them back to the ‘normal’ world. Not every Vietnam vet is like my father, waking up in the middle of the night and throwing my mother off the bed, barking orders because Charlie’s shooting at them. He certainly didn’t drop into flashbacks frequently. In fact, beyond that incident, he didn’t. While a very small sample size, it’s a real world example I can draw from.
        “Sanity” is measured in two factors: quality of life and day to day task completion. It’s not a disorder until one of these is influenced in a negative fashion. If every last changeling is suffering through their continued existence in this world because of the tortured nightmares they survived, then you’re right… this isn’t the game for me. That game is a narrow-viewed narrative of tortured life on a bleak, and frankly dull, scale. You can have that game if you find that fun. I don’t. I never have through over two decades of this system.
        Oh, and kindly go [edited] have a Snickers. You’re mean when you’re hungry.

        Leliel – Thank you for being objective and pointing me to the correct areas. I’m still not sold on it, but the way you put it, I would be willing to give it a chance. YOUR reply is logical and addresses the argument. The sacred cow of the integrity/morality system isn’t something I’ve ever liked. In my sandbox, it’s not a tool we even use. I try to keep my eye on it for improvements that would make me reconsider it, but beyond side-systems that are tied to it, it just doesn’t work for the playstyle of my troupe. We’ve tried, and beyond the infrequent use of Kenning in Lost1.0, it’s simply never been of use.

  13. Falco1029 Avatar

    So, with regards to char creation and the template:

    Character creation seems all good, except the template document mentions a free specialty but the character creation doesn’t mention that at all, unless I missed it?

    As for the template,
    Really like that you built into the core that other supernatural senses can beat the mask by default, rather than using the somewhat difficult mask piercing system from 1e. Mask strengthening does imply that only fae can use the clash of wills, though, is that intentional?
    I love the mechanics for scouring away the Mask and having that enhance your fae side a bit in the form of contract bonuses, as well as causing you some hardships with gates and implementing the Bewitched condition (which I also love). I do think the distance on the drawbacks is a little high though.
    The scar bit is a nifty, flavorful tidbit, I like that.
    I like that cold iron has more of a bite on Changelings now, doing agg to them in addition to true fae.
    Caging a Dream is awesome, simply put, and well made to not be an instant I Win.
    Embracing the Wyrd seems a little potent, but it’s hard to say for sure since it does have a drawback and likely needs to be seen in play for me to be sure.
    Incite Bedlam is much cooler, but I think it should come into play earlier than Wyrd 6; that always felt like an unneeded prerequisite.
    The Reticent condition seems like it’s a bit too potent of a drawback to characters targeted by a harvest; it hardly seems like nobody’s harmed if they’re losing all willpower and keeping it off, especially since it lasts for so long.
    Clarity’s benefit against all magic seems to be a bit high to me. I think it might be better if you use the same perception chart and have that modify the willpower bonus (so, Clarity 6 gives +4 or -3).
    By contrast, I do love kenning being reflexive, usable by all, and costless if you’re at Clarity 5+.

    As a note, I do want to try all of this out. I need to see if I can convince the ST for the Victorian Lost game we’re starting up soon to let us use these rules, so I can give some actual playtest feedback, instead of just blabbing about my at-a-glance opinion >_>.

  14. ArcadianAwakened Avatar

    I’m noticing that the contracts mentioned in the court creation document aren’t listed anywhere, is there a reason for this?

    That aside, this is extremely exciting and I’ll try to play through a bit of this and send a response back as soon as I can rope in players. Thanks much!

  15. Glauber Avatar

    I,m so glad to see that.

    Thank you!!!

  16. Fumus Avatar

    My group is going to use these rules for a game this weekend. We’ve been discussing characters and a court all night. We’re going to do a court based on the old tales of the knights of the round table and King Arthur. Including the bulwark being a betrayal of the King by a “Mordred” every 7 years (the storyteller is the one who wanted it that long, I personally voted for every year or so.) I’ll give feeback in the questionnaire and on the forums when we do it.

    I’m building my Darkling Mirrorskin / Brallachan right now. So much awesome stuff in contracts though, I’m having some trouble choosing.

  17. Ag Avatar

    Is Bite of the Wooden Fang intended to use brawl instead of weaponry? Weaponry seems like it makes more sense.

    Any chance the Steepscrambler kith is coming back? It is my favorite! I am slightly worried since it’s 1e blessing has become a 2 dot contract.

    Over all I love it, thank you for all of your hard work!

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      I think Steepscramblers make an appearance. They MIGHT have been folded into another one. I can’t remember off-hand.

      And yeah, I think it uses Brawl. But that’s an easy one to house rule. I’ll also look at it for future revision.

    2. Jeremy K Avatar
      Jeremy K

      Steepscrambler made the cut! They’re the Bugatti Veyrons of vertical movement.

  18. Max Deltree Avatar
    Max Deltree

    Holy crap!! Thank you a lot, Mr. Hill! I’ll try to mess with it as soon as I can. 🙂

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Awesome. Can’t wait to hear.

  19. BryanC Avatar

    I might actually want to play or run second edition Changeling, based on these amazing improvements. It feels like there is a lot more room for personal creativity and dramatic play than before.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Awesome. That’s exactly what we were hoping for.

  20. ale Avatar

    Whats the lifespan of a changeling in this edition?

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Depends on their Wyrd.

      1. ale Avatar

        Are we talking centuries or just some tens of years more?

        1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
          David A Hill Jr

          It could be a few centuries if they mustered a high enough Wyrd.

  21. Lian Avatar

    I think there may need to be greater clarification on the Iron issues. What exactly is meant by half iron because Steel is an alloy with less than half iron, blood has a pretty high iron rate etc.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      The final version will be more narrative-driven. If people would generally consider something “made of iron”, it counts. So while steel is largely made of iron, most people don’t see a steel sword and think “this is made of iron”. If that makes sense?

  22. Full Time GM Avatar
    Full Time GM

    This is a cool surprise. Thank you! I’m working on a new chapter in a long running chronicle and 2nd edition rules for Changelings will really help mix things up.

  23. Colin Fredericks Avatar

    Awesome. Every game should be designed in the open this way. Huge bonus points to you and Onyx Path for going this direction.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      I try whenever possible. But I can’t fault anyone for not doing so; it actually adds a ton of extra work. It makes the process more difficult. I do think it can make for a better game, but it can also cause problems if we end up changing something that someone really liked in a preview draft.

  24. Conin Avatar

    I am pretty sure the feelings I have would be sufficient to harvest a great deal of Glamour.

    Thank you, for all your hard work. I hope things are going well in life.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Thank you!

  25. Trilogy Avatar

    The Changeling Template references Anchors (Masque, Mein, and Touchstones) but the Character Creation rules say to pick a Virtue and Vice, and make no mention of Touchstones.

    I’m guessing the Character Creation rules are just an older doc? Either way, you might want to fix that to avoid convusion

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Yeah. We’ll be changing it. Mask and Mein will get different names in the final version.

  26. Danparadox Avatar

    Thank you!

    I like the mechanical bonuses to Clarity, and find it very thematic that breaking points are based on Wits + Composure. Though I would like to ask if Clairity shares the same breaking points as Integrity? What about some of the old breaks that include breaking pledges, killing fetches, and my personal favorite “Intimate Contact with a True Fae” (So you’re saying that I slept with a Keeper during the Winter Masque Orgy?)

    I vastly prefer how you redid contracts removing the contract + clause system, it’s nice to have those universal contracts as examples.

    I am so looking forward to getting the stuff on courts!

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      I may add some other breaking points. But no, it’s functionally different than Integrity.

  27. Vyvian Avatar

    I check the onyx path site every other day and enjoy most of the posts, but I always get a thrill when my favorite setting is in any way mentioned. So thank you so much, blessed creature.

    Everything seems really awesome. I love how much simpler pledges seem to be (sealing is so cool) and the new ways clarity rises and falls feels more organic and changeling-y.

    Also contracts???? Are so cool????????? Especially digging the way seeming plays a role. Can’t wait to get the book and looking forward to updates whenever. Until then it’s time to see what happens when my players get chased through the sawgrass, slash pine, and fire of the hedge around Miami. >:]

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      So glad to hear it!

  28. Jack Stephenson-Carr Avatar
    Jack Stephenson-Carr

    Great job! Really awesome to everything coming together. My most anticipated game for CofD 2nd Edition, not only because Lost was one of favorite games of 1st Ed but in no little part due to all the creative effort you and your team have poured into it.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      I’m so glad to hear it.

  29. WelshBoi Avatar

    Thank you David, absolutely outstanding I think we’re all humbled and grateful

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Thank you!

  30. Manu Avatar

    Why do Mask and Mien mean two different things each?

    I love a lot about this, but the fact that Mask/Mien are both two different systems (your Mask can be what you look line mundanely, but also one of your Anchors, while your Mien is what you look like to fae, but also another of your anchors).

    Don’t use the same words to mean two different things–it’s confusing and will generate misunderstandings.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Agreed. The anchor traits will get a different name.

  31. JohnD Avatar

    Question about Goodwill – by my reading of the merit as is, if I have Spring Goodwill 3, I would get the written benefits of Spring Mantle 1, not just the ability to purchase basic winter Contracts (not sure what it’ll look like, but in 1st Ed that would have meant +1 to Socializing rolls). Am I understanding this correctly?

    1. JohnD Avatar

      Side Question – am I allowed to take Goodwill with courts outside of my Freehold’s structure? For instance, if I’m a member of the Ivory Court in Toronto, but have a great deal of travel to San Francisco where (for the sake of argument) the Directional Courts hold sway, can I obtain Goodwill in the South and East Courts as well as the other Toronto Courts?

      1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
        David A Hill Jr

        You could take them outside your city’s structure, yes.

    2. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr


  32. Jack Stephenson-Carr Avatar
    Jack Stephenson-Carr

    Everything looks amazing. I’ve been looking forward to 2nd Ed, not only because Lost was my favorite game of CofD 1st Ed, but because of the stellar work you guys have been pouring into this project.

    I’m surprise Virtue and Vice was kept as the character motivators. Instead, I was expecting something like Mask and Mist, one motivator pulling the Lost towards their Human side, the other pulling them towards their Fae side.

    1. Jack Stephenson-Carr Avatar
      Jack Stephenson-Carr

      Or Mask and Mein

  33. Nightsbridge Avatar

    Glorious! The only gap in this that I can see that would make this hard to play is that, despite their many many mentions, I remain uncertain about what exactly Huntsmen are, which would make having them show up, as they seem to threaten to do, much harder.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Oh sure. Hopefully later material will help with that.

    2. Leliel Avatar

      We actually got a peek at the alpha draft and Arc(ane Arts, one of the official playtesters) revealed the thought process behind them.

      In short, they’re non-Gentry natives of Arcadia that have been forced into physical form until they retrieve a specific changeling. Since they’re more trappers and manipulators than warriors, most have other agendas, and besides, they need to regain their Yearning (combination fuel and health) through non-target related activities anyway.

  34. Caleb Cushing Avatar

    Thank you for including what constitutes “Iron” and “Cold Iron”.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      The iron stuff will get further clarification in later drafts. But I did want to broaden the definition, because as it stood, it was really kind of fringe.

  35. Samuel F Avatar
    Samuel F

    Thank you very much for this Mr. Hill!

    Does the physical starvation effect occur below Wyrd six? It says that all Changelings, not just the most powerful, cannot gain nourishment unless they have at least 1 point of glamour. However, it says this in the Glamour Addiction block which applies to Wyrd 6+ Changelings, so while I would think it happens to all (which really reinforces the supernaturally altered nature of the Lost in my opinion) I am slightly uncertain.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      I’m leaning toward yes.

      1. Samuel F Avatar
        Samuel F

        Thank you, sir.

        1. Samuel F Avatar
          Samuel F

          May I suggest it appear first then, should it be included in the final draft?

          1. Samuel F Avatar
            Samuel F

            Apologies for any rudeness (and that I somehow managed to post this in three pieces). I am certain the final draft will be an excellent book either way.

  36. Belial Avatar

    Wait, does the fairest ability for Changeling Hours do what it sounds like it does? Because it sounds like you could walk into a nursing home and turn grandpa back into a 20 year old.

    1. Pendragon Avatar

      It specifies non-living objects.

      1. Belial Avatar

        By default. The fairest version specifies that it can be used on people.

    2. Sith Happens Avatar
      Sith Happens

      Actually you’d be turning him into a baby.

      “The item becomes as if it were newly made.”

      …I’m going to take a wild guess that that isn’t an intended capability of the Contract.

  37. Angelus Avatar

    So, I may have compiled all the content into a single pdf to run my playtest. I don’t know if that’s a thing I can share,

    Oh yeah, I spell checked and grammar checked it while I was at it and changed the text references from Virtue and Vice to Mask and Mien.

    Who can I ask about permission to share this document?

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Do it.

      1. Angelus Avatar

        P.S. I’ve also got a bunch of additional content that I’ve written over the years, which might be appropriate for submission. I’ve flung some stuff to Richt to pass on to you, but otherwise I have some interesting stuff around cold iron and hedgecrafting.

        I think a bunch of the stuff I made will probably be redundant, but who knows.

  38. Epimetheus Avatar

    So how would no seeming work because my character had it and it’s fairly important to the character.

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr

      Characters with no Seeming simply have no Seeming advantages and disadvantages, and do not inherently get any Seeming benefits for Contracts; they have to buy them.

      1. Epimetheus Avatar

        Hmm in the older edition it was a merit. I assume it’d be free in this case. Though, it sucks that he just can’t take an advantage upon purchasing the contract at random.

  39. Katfeathers Avatar

    o.O a Fireheart can what with his flames; if he *wills* it!! So, what if his keeper intended those flames to be not *just* fire, but *Sunfire*? And when sunlight matters? O.O

  40. RedRoseCourtier Avatar

    I noticed that in the Court Goodwill section mentions the Rose Courts, which I saw on the forum thread on Court Creation. Should we be expecting the Freehold of Paris to be represented with the others?

    1. David A Hill Jr Avatar
      David A Hill Jr


  41. Barr2 Avatar

    Loving the write-up,it feels like the game just got got deliberatly ramped up in all things badass.

    two things stuck with me,however:

    -in as much as i sighed with releif at seeing some of my most hated clauses in Changeling 1.0 re-written (im looking at you,Might of the Terrible Brute.) my number one pet peeve is still Armor of the Elements.

    -I apreciate it having a shorter duration,to offset the new impressive actual armor part. what irks me is its offensive aspect is problematically vague,as it is thematically promissing.

    Yes,i have an aura of flames around me, touch me at your peril,great. how does that affect an equally armored foe,both with mundane protection or supernatural shielding? is my offensive reach to all foes literally bound by direct touch or the reach where i can +potentially+ move (base speed) ?

    I was hoping one could use the former offensive aspect come back as a throw attack option for those playing a dragon emulating it´s flame breath or a sand elemental extending a long fist at his foe.

    The other thing was Chrysalid contains a bit too many things in it,to the point of making cloak of the bear´s massive form redundant.

    theres already the former Odd body shapeshifting aspects (done with an open note for unplanned modification,bravo!) and turning into inanimate objects,i beleive turning into animals should remains the sole province of the 5 dot Beast contract.

  42. Ludditte Avatar

    for play testing does Vainglory effect supernaturals? I only ask because the way its written it could go either way. I am assuming that is does effect supernaturals just less potently as written.

  43. Anteros Avatar

    Thank you so very much for this.

    Also, congatulations. Not everything is as I would have wanted it (obviously), but I think everyhing seems functional and almost everything is enjoyable which is a huge thing. Kudos.