2016 Year in Review: David Hill

Most fun project: This is a really hard one, but Changeling: The Lost, Second Edition. I worked on a lot of things I’m very proud of, but Changeling gave me the chance to dig into what I really feel is the core of Chronicles of Darkness. By that, I mean using horror, fantasy, exploration, adventure, … Read more

Hurt Locker: Equipment Appendix

Howdy. Thought I’d share a draft while Hurt Locker’s on its way toward editing. This is the appendix for the book featuring weapons, armor, and equipment. This is more or less what the appendix will look like, with some minor changes here and there, edits, and what-have-you. It features a slightly different take on the way … Read more

Hurt Locker: Psychic Vampires

Hey everybody. I’m wrapping up work on Hurt Locker, just about to send it to editing (probably later this week, or this weekend). Last week, I shared two pretty specific template character types, one based on strange luck, and one based on radical pacifism. This week, I’m sharing a much more general template, one for … Read more

Hurt Locker: More Templates

Hey all, It’s been a while. I’ve been away. Been busy. Been dealing with things. All that. Anyway, I’m just about to wrap on Hurt Locker, and Changeling: The Lost – Second Edition. I’m basically in the phase of Hurt Locker where I’m knitting drafts together, filling in blanks, applying some notes from my play testers, and … Read more

Changeling the Lost Second Edition – Kiths

Hey all. It’s been a bit. I wanted to share some second drafts with you. This is like… 75% of the kiths that’ll be featured in the core rulebook. Here’s the document. With these and the Seemings, you have the foundation for a Changeling the Lost Second Edition character. I’ll be working on Contracts soon, … Read more

Changeling the Lost, Second Edition Inspirations

I’m knee-deep in redlines for Changeling: The Lost. I’m close to the point where I’ll start sharing things with the intent to playtest, and we even have one playtest group organising in the forums right now. But, in the mean time, I figured I’d share the Inspirations section. This might give some insight to my … Read more