14 thoughts on “Demon Prestige Kickstarter: 24 hour warning!”

  1. Excellent. You guys have gotten me very excited about the core concepts of Demon. Much like Promethean before it, the game seems to upend some of the typical World of Darkness formula and allow you to tell a different kind of story.

    So I’ll wait patiently, as throwing my credit card at the screen does nothing… yet.

  2. Great!

    What about the PDF/POD version of the game though? Will it be released with when the Kickstarter begins for the Prestige version, or at a later date?

    • It’ll be released when it’s ready.

      It’s 99% complete now. We’ll probably wait to get backers’ names in at the end of the Kickstarter before the PoD/PDF goes public.

  3. Having played Demon @ LA BY Night (Thanks Dave Martin @ The Wrecking Crew) I am really excited for this game.

    Cant wait to see what the reward tiers look like tomorrow.


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