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  • [Pugmire] May update!

    This was originally posted as an update to the Pugmire Kickstarter. Hello, good dogs! It’s been a couple of months since the Kickstarter ended, and I wanted to give you an update on where things are with me. March and April was preparation work, including: Working out logistics with Onyx Path and Earplay Initial design discussion with…

  • Pugmire Crowdfunding News! [Pugmire]

    Pugmire Crowdfunding News! [Pugmire]

    Hey all! I know things have been quiet on the Pugmire front lately, but I wanted to take a moment to give you an update on the Pugmire crowdfunding campaign. First off, back at Gen Con we said that we would have the crowdfunding campaign by the end of the year, but that isn’t going…

  • Dark Eras Progress Report

    Dark Eras Progress Report

    You get a Dark Eras update if you can answer me these questions three. No, not really. So, here’s the deal with Dark Eras. It’s progressing more or less on schedule, as is the Dark Eras Companion, but “more or less” is an important distinction. Dark Eras is a weird project because a) it’s huge and b) rather than having…

  • Demon: The Descent Prestige Kickstarter has begun!

    The Demon: The Descent Prestige Edition Kickstarter has officially begun!

  • Demon Prestige Kickstarter: 24 hour warning!

    Demon Prestige Kickstarter: 24 hour warning!

    What rises must fall. What has fallen may rise again. The Kickstarter for the prestige edition of the Demon: The Descent rulebook will begin tomorrow, November 12, at noon (12pm) ET!

  • A Dread Names, Red List Update

    Kindred Most Wanted was one of those cool, but a little strange, original Vampire supplements that everyone liked, but didn’t actually get a lot of use at the table. It had these terrifying “bad guys” that made for dangerous villains so bad the entire Camarilla wanted them dead. Admittedly they had pretty good reason because…

  • Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Kickstarter: 24 Hours Left!

    Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Kickstarter: 24 Hours Left!

    24 hours left on the Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Kickstarter! You’ve busted through 17 (!!!) stretch goals already, adding a ton of extra content. We’ve just passed the $100K mark, and there are more stretch goals to go! This deluxe edition will never be available again! Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds Kickstarter

  • Exalted 3e Deluxe Kickstarter: 24 hours left!

    Exalted 3e Deluxe Kickstarter: 24 hours left!

    (This update is reposted from the Kickstarter page: Update 36: One Day of Glory Left) How could this month have flown past so fast? One day left for this amazing, record-breaking, KS-busting, crazy fun-house of a Kickstarter! We’ll be saying this again, but its never too early: we are awed by the support and devotion…

  • Exalted 3E Deluxe Kickstarter: Advance Warning

    As is standard, we’re providing 24 hours’ notice before opening the Exalted Third Edition Deluxe Kickstarter to the public. 24 hours from now — noon EDT on Thursday, May 9th — the Kickstarter will open. The link will be posted here and on our social media. This gives everyone a chance to get in and…

  • Mummy: The Curse Kickstarter is Live!

    The Mummy: The Curse Deluxe Kickstarter is now live! We’ve got some great reward tiers and stretch goals available, so please check it out.