Down the Darkened Hall

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After a (long) hiatus, allow me to cordially welcome you back to the blog. Back when I kicked this thing off, the initial intent was just to run it full-throttle through the Mummy Deluxe Edition Kickstarter, but it appears some people have been missing my updates and teasers (dawww), so I’m back to re-engage all you fine, Wodding folks here. Sure, there are other sources out there for product information and the like, but there’s only one Mummy blog, and this be it. As ever, thanks for tuning in.

So, with Guildhalls of the Deathless now in layout (and looking sharp, if I do say so), it seems a great time to tease a new game element that will be debuting in that sourcebook — one that my team and I are pretty excited to see all you fine players and Storytellers incorporate into your games.

It’s about talismans, see. And what, exactly, is a talisman to the Arisen? Well, have a gander at the bit of text below, which comes straight from the sourcebook, and you’ll find out.



Arisen scavenge the relics they once helped manufacture and steal counterparts made by mortal prodigies the world over. They can often forget their unnatural state until confronted with the fact that true life includes a subtle creative power denied them by the Rite of Return.

But in the millennia since the fall of Irem, Arisen steeped in the lore of their guilds learned to bypass this restriction, after a fashion. Through a form of occult cannibalism, they created talismans. They learned to sacrifice a fraction of Sekhem to a relic of the maker’s guild — a ready-made vessel for Arisen Sekhem. In this way, the Deathless modify relics to manifest novel abilities and enhance their innate powers.

Sesha-Hebsu say they discovered talisman-making in their research and shared it with the other guilds. Scribes might deserve praise for releasing this knowledge, but according to rumor, they unearthed it by investigating the Lost Guild and the Deceived. (Thus, some think creating them may call upon the same forces that led others astray.) Suspicious mummies don’t have any evidence, and the Judges do not punish Arisen who make talismans. Most treat the craft as a morally neutral if risky pursuit with undeniable rewards: mighty Utterances, Sekhem, and bulwarks against weakness and destruction. Some benefits go to the talisman’s maker, others work for almost any being, and others still… are best used by thieves.


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13 thoughts on “Down the Darkened Hall”

  1. Woooo! Great to have ya back!!
    That is such a great teaser. Just brings up more questions and ideas!
    Thank you, and keep up the excellent work!

    • Thanks, Z-Grim.

      My art director and I are always happy to hear from guys who can rock some mummy visuals. Drop a line and whatever portfolio you want to send to and that’ll get itself into my A.D.’s hands. 🙂

  2. Hurray! More Mummy! And more comments and teasers from CAS. I am so excited about this whole line. Cant wait to get my hands on GotD.

  3. There is not, alas. I’m a guest at Dragon*Con, and will be good and cooked thereafter.

    Do tell me how it goes, though, and if forces conspire to get me out there in the future, I’d certainly relish the chance.

  4. a talisman can modify a relic
    and a mummy is a living relic
    so can you make a talisman that modifies a mummy?
    because the idea of a mummy with these magic artifacts lying around
    that are the source of (some)its powers seems pretty neat

  5. One thing I’m curious about – it seems the mechanics in Mummy are “pre” the God Machine Chronicle updates / modifications? Is that something you chose as a design decision – if so, why?

    Most particularly I’m interested in Beats and Conditions. Would some supplement be considered to provide people who do want to work with those tools a translation?


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