Episode 3: Comparing Our Libraries

In which our three hosts talk about their personal gaming histories, what games we’ve played and been inspired by, and what we’re working on now. Now with a curated list of references!

3 thoughts on “Episode 3: Comparing Our Libraries”

  1. Excellent episode! I particularly found fascinating the discussion that resulted from Dixie talking about just reading enough information to create a character for a game. I’ve been dying to ask you guys what Onyx path does to appeal to new roleplayers and hearing Eddy discuss creating the perfect balance of fun read and useful textbook was brilliant, as well as hearing you folks discuss which games of yours are the most accessible. I often wonder how game writers attempt to woo new players while still entertaining their core fans. Thank you for this insight.

    • Thanks Rob! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Pathcast! Appealing to new players is probably the biggest, most pressing challenge for any RPG company. I think that’s why Pugmire works so well, as it’s a game that appeals across a broad spectrum both in art and writing.

  2. I’m definitely looking forward to Geist the Sin-Eaters 2e. I’ve never played a tabletop RPG before, even though I always liked the concept. Something about Geist’s premise (the players died, and were brought back by an aspect of death) caught me. I bought the book and coerced some co workers into playing a campaign with me.

    I had trouble with the theme – I thought trying to create “ghost stories” would make sense, but quickly found it’s difficult when the players can see and shoot the ghost. The blogs giving more detail and purpose to the Underworld definitely helps come up with goals and ongoing plots for the players. It seems to broadly shift from combating ghosts to helping ghosts (unless that was the point all along and I’m just dense). Plus, of course, having an official 2e ruleset would be nice.

    Just wanted to add a +1 to the cult following.


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