Episode 43: Let Us Sell You On Some Games!

In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew ask for people to mention Onyx Path games they don’t know well or have been on the fence about, and spend five minutes each talking them up.

  • Dixie’s curse rubs off on Eddy
  • Matthew makes it gross
  • Suddenly it turns into a morning radio show
  • Dixie: Exalted Third Edition
  • Eddy: Legendlore
  • Matthew: Promethean: The Created Second Edition
  • Dixie: Cavaliers of Mars
  • Eddy: Pugmire
  • Matthew: Werewolf: The Forsaken Second Edition
  • Dixie: Geist: The Sin-Eaters Second Edition
  • Eddy: Trinity Continuum
  • Matthew: Demon: The Descent
  • Dixie: Scion Second Edition
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5 thoughts on “Episode 43: Let Us Sell You On Some Games!”

  1. Thank you for this episode! It was a lot of fun, and I’ve been wondering about a couple of these game lines. I was wondering if you’re planning to do an episode on Hunter 2e some time? I’m really curious about it.

  2. A very good episode.
    The way you “sell” your products is by showing what is cool about them and what can be fun or interesting about them. This doesn’t feel pushy or superior in any way but actually demonstrates the passion that OPP has for their various game lines.
    A lot more enjoyable than telling me that ‘this is the must have, best fantasy setting where over 1 million fans can’t be wrong’ or some such marketing BS.

    • I generally agree. There’s some people who gravitate to hard selling, but I know it’s not something I’m personally inclined towards. So I generally sell in the way I’d like to be sold to. Glad to hear that some other people feel the same way!


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