From Gen Con: Onyx Path Release Schedule, Aug 2013-Aug 2014

OPPLogoBASEglass.jpgThis information is also contained in the Onyx Path brochure available at Gen Con, so this information may have been spoiled already. Fair warning.

The schedule page will be updated with this information shortly.

August 2013

MTC- Ready Made Player Characters – Five pre-generated characters for Mummy: the Curse including history and Storyteller advice. 24 pages. PDF/PoD.

September 2013

MTAs – Convention Book: Void Engineers – As promised, this book is one of those in the Convention Book series that wasn’t finished when cWoD ended and which has been clamored for by the fans ever since. 104 pages. PDF/PoD.

W20 – Book of Changing Breeds – A deeper look at the Fera compatible with the info in Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition. 200+ pages. PDF/PoD/deluxe limited edition.

MTC – Guildhalls of the Deathless – This book delves deeper into the factions within the Mummies, the Guilds, with new Merits and powers and detailed background information that provides cooler flavor and also ties the Mummy background more tightly into the nWoD. This book also offers the first “chapter” of a three part adventure designed to lead from supplement to supplement in a three part story arc. 160 pages. PDF/PoD.

October 2013

Demon: The Descent – A new game line and a new look at those creatures of fire and darkness: fallen angels, nightmares from the nether realms, servants of the God Machine or something else entirely? Includes codified rule sets of those rules developed over the last few years including: SASs, Tiers, and a rich background for players to immerse themselves in. 320 pages. PDF/PoD/deluxe limited edition.

Exalted Third Edition – The new edition of Exalted developed by the current team who have united and energized the fans, and featuring the return of original developer Geoff Grabowski; this edition will rekindle the original excitement of the setting, while the systems will be fine-tuned, balanced, and play tested more rigorously than any White Wolf product ever before. 400 pages. PDF/PoD /deluxe limited edition.

MTC – Cursed Necropolis DC – This sourcebook will present the political and supernatural situation in D.C. from the point of view of the Arisen, and thus provide a blueprint for how players can structure their own ongoing, city-based stories and chronicles. Like City of the Damned: New Orleans, this book will come with a starting story included. 104 pages. PDF/PoD.

November 2013

Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition – A letter of love to our Ascension fans. In style and philosophy a matching volume to V20. 400+ pages. PDF/PoD/ deluxe limited edition.

DTF/DTD – Demon Translation Guide – This book provides the ability to translate characters from Demon the Fallen to Demon the Descent and visa versa. 50 pages. PDF/PoD.

VTR – Blood & Smoke: The Strix Chronicle – This book combines both setting and rules info to create a default Chronicle for VtR that still allows the sandbox play that nWoD is known for. The Chronicle focuses on the legends of the Strix- the owl spirits that prey on vampires. A threat unique to VtR and used to great effect in the historical Rome books, this book will show the effects of a world where the threat of their return has warped vampire society. Will contain default tweaks to the rules and in-depth history and backstory of just such a setting. 280 pages. PDF/PoD.

EX3 – Arms of the Chosen – The definitive tome of artifact weapons and armor for the Exalted. Most importantly, Arms expands and develops the Evocation system to be introduced in the corebook. 64 pages. PDF/PoD

W20 – Rage Across the World – This book will pull together lose ends and expand on several topics from W20, all based on a “travelogue” that provides deepened backstory to the struggle of the Garou. 120 pages. PDF/PoD/deluxe limited edition.

December 2013

DA: Darkening Sky – This was an unpublished but promised book for the Dark Ages line that features five chapters (one each for Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Inquisitors and Fae) detailing the effects of the eclipse of 1230. 160 pages. PDF/PoD.

V20 – Anarchs Unbound – Anarchs Unbound continues the reinvigoration of the Anarchs that began in V20 and continued in the V20 Companion. It examines the large scale of the Anarch experience (domains, the Movement inside other sects’ domains, overthrowing tyrants) on down through the local and personal scale of the Anarchs (being in an Anarch brood or coterie, “growing up Anarch,” converting from other sects, and maintaining deep cover or nomadic Anarch ideals). 120 pages. PDF/PoD/deluxe limited edition.

MTC – Book of the Deceived – Both the core book and Guildhalls tease the content of this book: the sixth, Lost Guild that are the dark reflections of the Mummies. Here is where we explore their true history and beliefs and provide all the info necessary for them to be played as characters. Also contains the second “chapter” of the story arc adventure with focus on the Sixth Guild menace. 160 pages. PDF/PoD.

DTD – The Flowers of Hell – This book provides a deeper look into the denizens of the demonic ranks. A combination NPC and antagonist book. 160 pages. PDF/PoD

January 2014

HTV – Monstrous Basterds (title very tentative)- A book examining how the Vigil deals with the Lost, Prometheans, Geists, Mummies, and Demons. Also contains a chapter showing how the rules tweaks offered in the God-Machine Chronicle affect the Hunters. 200 pages. PDF/PoD.

WTF – Idigam Chronicle Fiction Anthology – A lead in to the new Idigram Chronicle which combines some previously published WtF fiction with wholly new stories to provide a richer look at the on-going battle between the spirit world and the Forsaken. 300 pages. 6″ x 9″ PDF/PoD/ePub.

EX3 – The Realm – Covering the Scarlet Empire in the current era, but unlike its predecessors, this book does not end at the shores of the Blessed Isle but also covers Realm satrapies in the Threshold and beyond. It will provide a deep exploration of Dragon-Blooded society and what it means to be a Dynast including a detailed look at the Houses and the Immaculate Philosophy, the beliefs and histories that guide the morality of the Realm and unite the Dragon-Blooded host against the avarice of the gods and the power of the Anathema. 160 pages. PDF/PoD

W20 – Book of the Wyrm – Creatures and spirits to challenge the Garou, including revised and collected info and backstory on such things as Pentex and Black Dog Game Factory. 160 pages. PDF/PoD /deluxe limited edition.

February 2014

V20 – Rites of Blood – In simplest form, this is a collection of rituals practiced among the various Kindred sects including the major and minor sects: The Thaumaturgy of the Camarilla Tremere, the priestly rites and witchy sorcery of the Sabbat, the creepy and alien practices of the Tal’Mahe’Ra, “street” rituals from the Anarch contingent, and some of the mysterious ways of the Inconnu. And, of course, the sorceries of the Assamites and Setites, and new necromancies for the Giovanni. 160 pages. PDF/PoD/ deluxe limited edition.

VTR – Secrets of the Covenants – A clanbook-style investigation into the covenants, building on the rich setting introduced in the Strix Chronicle. 160 pages. PDF/PoD.

MTC – Sothis Ascends – This book examines the Sothic Turn; the cycle of existence that the Mummies live and die within. Since their creation, there have been five Turns and each is examined: one part historical setting, one part grab-bag of artifacts, powers, and antagonists. Also presents the final “chapter” of the three part adventure, with thematic content relating to the Turns. 160 pages. PDF/PoD.

March 2014

W20 – The Umbra – The focus of this book is on the Middle Umbra and the Penumbra as a setting and a storytelling tool, using the detail that we couldn’t go into in W20. 160 pages. PDF/PoD/ deluxe limited edition.

DTD – Demon Players Guide – All the variants and new types of Demons for players, as well as deeper looks into several suggested play styles. 220 pages. PDF/PoD.

EX3 – Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought – This book introduces the Dragon-Blooded for the first time in Third Edition, including character creation rules and the Dragon-Blooded Charm set. This book will give an iconic view of the Dragon-Blooded, showing their creation as the armies of the Celestial Host and detailing their place in the current era. It will feature some further details of the Realm as well as Lookshy, and may feature other locales where Dragon-Blooded are prominent. 220 pages. PDF/PoD/deluxe limited edition.

April 2014

V20 – Dark Ages – The War of Princes rages on. While we’re still one hundred years from the diablerie of Lasombra and the true Anarch Revolt, those sentiments boil beneath the surface. In the mortal world of 1242, power shifted at the rate an army marched. For the Canaille, those limitations do not exist. For the undead, power shifts faster than a fire overtakes a haven. To the Damned, power flows as fast as blood from an ancient heart. 500 pages. PDF/PoD/ deluxe limited edition.

WTF – The Idigam Chronicle – This book combines both setting and rules info to create a default Chronicle for Werewolf: The Forsaken that still allows the sandbox play that nWoD is known for. The Chronicle focuses on the legends of the Spirit Lords that first captivated readers’ interest in the WtF core rulebook and presents a world where the werewolves are still faced with their inimical spirit hordes. 264 pages. PDF/PoD

EX3 – Towers of the Mighty – A setting book for Exalted, Towers covers First Age ruins in Creation and beyond. It will cover classic favorites like Denandsor, Rathess and Mahalanka, but it will also cover places only glimpsed but never explained, such as Lost Zarlath. It will also feature completely new sites, including the Holy City of Namasaro, a city of shrines that chronicled the heritage of the Exalted, and the union of the Chosen who rose up to overthrow the titans. Towers will also feature an amped up and improved system for manse building. 64 pages. PDF/PoD.

May 2014

MTC – Cursed Necropolis: Rio – The companion piece to Cursed Necropolis: D.C., this book covers the game’s international signature setting, Rio de Janeiro. 104 pages. PDF/PoD.

Scion 2nd Edition – Building on our shared love of mythology, Scion unveils a war that shakes the pillars of reality itself. Players take on the role of the children of the Gods, battling the Titanspawn and their own twisted fate. If these Scions live long enough, they’ll ascend to the Overworld themselves to take their parents’ place in a conflict going back to the dawn of time. Begin as a mortal. Become a God.

June 2014

M20 – Digital Web 3.0 – The classic magic infused internet sourcebook updated for M20. 160 pages. PDF/PoD/deluxe limited edition.

MTAw – Fallen World Fiction Anthology – A lead in to the new Fallen World Chronicle which combines some previously published MtA fiction with wholly new stories to provide a richer look at both the occult mysteries of the new World of Darkness and the mages obsessed with uncovering them. 300 pages. 6″ x 9″ PDF/PoD/ePub

EX3 – The Exigents – One of the most important new ideas for Third Edition is the introduction of new Exalts. These Exalts, known as the Exigents, take on themes and powers as diverse as the gods who create them. The corebook will blow the doors off the conception that there are no new Exalted; The Exigents will show the role of the new Exalted throughout history. It will feature a character creation system, a power matrix and a guide for the players to build their own custom Charm sets for whatever Exalted they feel like creating and adding to the setting while Exigents featured in the book will have fully finished Charm sets usable in game. 220 pages. PDF/PoD/ deluxe limited edition.

July 2014

V20 – Ghouls – V20 contained a large section on Ghouls, and this book is intended to expand on that info and really delve deep into the twilight lives of these empowered yet enslaved creatures: lovers, slaves, guardians, betrayers. 120 pages. PDF/PoD/deluxe limited edition.

DTD – Demon Storyteller’s Guide – Deeper looks at the ongoing struggle to survive on the run from the God-Machine, as well as several suggested new Chronicle examples and variants. 220 pages. PDF/PoD.

August 2014

WoD: Dark Eras – For 2014 we are not presenting a new game line- instead each of the previous nine game lines is expanded with an evocative and appropriate historical period. Each Dark Era is being created by a developer and writer who are fully excited by the potential of that Era; for example, Ethan Skemp takes his award-winning Changeling: The Lost to France during the Era of powdered wigs, treachery, and flashing blades. For the first time we will use Kickstarter to construct this book using direct feedback from the fans during the process and increase some Eras’ word-count or add entirely new Eras as the community pushes for their favorites. Initially 320 pages. PDF/PoD/deluxe limited edition.

EX3 – Different Skies – Different Skies is the first in a series of setting books intended to give players an infusion of setting information to flesh out their games and drive their storylines. The first part of the book features our core setting, the River Province. It depicts the River Province at the height of tension caused by the Realm’s temporary decline, the incursion of the Lunars, the appearance of the Mask of Winters and the return of the Solars and the Exigents. The second part of the book covers the War in the West. Like the first part of the book, the West also features a major Deathlord, but the Skullstone Archipelago goes through a fresh reinvention that will grip the hearts of the readers. This part of the book is essential for gamers who are looking for frontier adventure in a lawless land; the Western islands have been transformed into a locus for every kind of adventure imaginable, and the whole region is beset on one side by the Fae and the Realm on the other. 212 pages. PDF/PoD

The Trinity Continuum – A new edition of the fan-favorite Trinity Universe, the Trinity Continuum depicts a world of heroes willing to jump into action, to right wrongs, stand up to tyranny, and make the world a better place. This rulebook contains the core rules for playing games set in the Continuum, which will be the basis for further rulebooks such as The Trinity Continuum: Æon. In addition, it contains a modern-day action-adventure setting where teams of daring men and women confront corruption, solve problems, and defeat the bizarre. Also contains rules for playing Talents, those people who display extraordinary skill or luck.

The Trinity Continuum: Æon – A new edition of the classic Trinity science-fiction game. The year is 2120, a time of Unity, and the world has changed. Fascist dictatorships rule over cyberpunk dystopias, vying for control with bio-engineered utopias. Insane, mutated Aberrants have recently returned from deep space to reclaim the Earth, while psions arise from all corners of the globe to stop them. Ranging from telepaths to teleporters, psychokinetics to psychometrists, the psi orders are a force to reckon with. The Æon Trinity watches over them all.


32 thoughts on “From Gen Con: Onyx Path Release Schedule, Aug 2013-Aug 2014”

  1. Looks pretty awesome. Clarification: is MTA anniversary still Kickstarting in September and releasing in November? Or is it Kickstarting in November?

  2. Part of me is going: oooh, so shiny! Mage and Werewolf Chronicle books! Scion 2nd edition! Tons of cool Exalted books! Shiny shiny shiny!

    The other part of me is saying: dammit, this is all so far away. -_-

    Although Ex3 is still on schedule for October, yay!

  3. Its exciting to me that the games that i’m most excited for in the next year are the same games that kindled my love of the hobby in the first place. Trinity was the first RPG i ever played, Mage was the first i really loved, and Exalted was the first campaign i ever ran. Now, as many years later as i was old when i first played them, i’m thrilled to have new editions!

  4. Nice to see Vampire: Dark Ages coming back. Is the plan for the deluxe edition to match the other V20 books or will it have it’s own look, or hasn’t it been discussed in that much detail yet?

    • W20 is done. Having our writers sit on their hands waiting for the deluxe W20 to be finished doesn’t make any sense when they could be writing.

      • I know there are some issues with the covers but when will the W20 books ship? Several of us want to invest in new books but this one is something like 9 months behind schedule and makes me leary of funding new projects. I know that’s not the writers fault, but it is still disappointing.

      • Sure thing Ian – You’ve gotta point here but also please take a note that Deluxe Mummy Kickstarter project (I mean only sending the books to the backers) is faaar more completed than W20 which started few months earlier than Mummy. And also in like 1,5 months we will have the first KS W20 anniversary – something that we all should be proud and happy of … of course if we actually have the books (physically I mean).

        I am far from bashing You guys – I am Your avid reader and great supporter but … please finish that book okay? 🙂

  5. I guess you skipped over Digital Web 3.0 and Darkening Skies, I take it?

    As for me: Yay! W20 Umbra and Idigam Chronicles!

  6. What a surprising list, for me anyway. I hadn’t heard anything about this “Dark Eras” idea. I’ve loved most of the historical stuff you guys have done, especially recently.

    I have mixed feelings about the Mage: the Fallen World Chronicle. There are certainly elements in Imperial Mysteries that I would want in an updated Mage. On the other hand, I have seen too many reboots change the elements I most liked.

    For some strange reason I never stopped to think how many supplement books were likely for Demon. I expect to really like that game, so I am quite happy to see there are (at least) three supplements planned.

  7. Very nice and ambitious schedule.
    Yet I do kind of miss the clanbook collection for the V20.

    I was way more excited about it then about the basically “cool powerz”-collection and imho not really necessary thaumaturgy extension book.

  8. Awww….I wanted to see a Wraith20 for next year. I am looking forward to the Digital Web and the Dark Eras…that’s a new, surprising thing and I’m interested. You guys are doing awesome work.

    • Wraith20 will happen. But this schedule only goes to August next year, and the 20th anniversaries tend to be a fourth-quarter release/KS.

      Well, there goes my money!

  9. It would really nice if the V20 Dark Ages would also include material from the Long Night period, before the War of the Princes period. A Kickstarter strech goal, perhaps?

  10. I WILL be broke: W20 – Book of Changing Breeds , Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition , VTR – Blood & Smoke: The Strix Chronicle , W20 – Rage Across the World , DA: Darkening Sky , V20 – Anarchs Unbound , HTV – Monstrous Basterds , W20 – Book of the Wyrm , V20 – Dark Ages , V20 – Ghouls , WoD: Dark Eras , The Trinity Continuum , The Trinity Continuum: Æon


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