Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition

WraithOblivion2ndLogo… it’s happening. Late 2014. Developed by Rich “Deadguy” Dansky.

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66 responses to “Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition”

  1. Michael Silva Avatar
    Michael Silva

    Shut up and take my money!

    1. Rob Avatar

      I think you mean, “Shut up and take my obolus!”

      1. Kyle Avatar

        I thought the plural was Oboli. I only correct because I know I will be giving the plural to the team to buy whatever precious’ there are. To the point that if they have a weird be a character or what not, I want to do that. Goal to be able to throw at this right now is 1k. Just need to convince the wife this is ok lol


        1. Romeo Avatar

          I dont care just give me this!

        2. gothmate Avatar

          Plural is Oboli. You’re right.
          “Take my last thirty friends turned on Oboli!! You may have their souls.”
          That would be a good sentense. 😛

  2. Kyle Avatar

    You’ve made me, so so happy. I will begin saving money now to do whatever the special book treatment is and get a second and possibly third copy.

  3. EndlessKng Avatar

    And the crowd goes wild.

  4. Jason Avatar

    … I love you guys so much it’s probably not legal.

  5. Marcelo Avatar

    Best news ever! Thanks guys!

  6. Melody Avatar

    Take all the money!

  7. SteveH Avatar

    *Cue rampant salivation*

  8. Josh DIllard Avatar
    Josh DIllard

    This is so fantastic!

    When can we start requesting stretch goals? Is now to early? How about now?

    (I want a Dark Ages: Wraith writeup so much it’s crazy…)

  9. black swan Avatar
    black swan

    Shut up and take my money indeed…

  10. Ed Avatar

    I’ll go change my pants.

    1. Megalos Avatar

      hahaha I too friend!
      Wraith is sooo fucking shit!

  11. Tedthulhu Avatar

    Developed by Rich “Deadguy” Dansky? That’s all you had to say…

  12. Yossarian Avatar

    O20? WO20? Woe20?


  13. Kiusugi Avatar


  14. joseph Avatar

    oh this is great your going to be saving a copy for me I know that 🙂 I cant wait.

  15. Darker Days Mike Avatar

    They did it. Those crazy dudes did it!

  16. Keleas Avatar

    Where’s the Kickstarter so I can spend all my hard-earned money on it?

  17. SebastianF Avatar

    I totally vote for glow-in-the-dark Wraith logo for the special cover treatment! Consider my money spent….

    1. Kyle Avatar

      I dunno…I kind of want an inlaid Obsidian pattern 😉

      That or just you know, pound it out of poor cowled souls. b^^b

      Really have not been this excited about ANYTHING gaming related in over a decade!

  18. Tyler Avatar

    Is the Wraith 20 gonna have info on Orpheus? I loved that game and Wraith too.

  19. Mara Avatar

    Not my favourite of the OWoD settings. Actually, I think it is the one that I have never tried anything with. I am just looking forward with anticipation to Changeling: the Dreaming 20th..that ones is going to have a real stained glass cover for the SUPER special edition, right? 😉

    1. Quiet Storm Avatar
      Quiet Storm

      I’m going to buy this one, just to help inflate the purchase numbers so that Changeling 20 will be printed . . .

      And then, I may buy two copies of that. 😉

      1. Quiet Storm Avatar
        Quiet Storm

        Oh, and I’ll be buying Wraith 20, because I want it, too . . . gotta get `um all 😀

  20. Vict0r Avatar

    Made my day, I’ve got one year to yearn, but it will be worth it.
    Thanks a lot for this.

  21. V_O Avatar

    First Classic World of Darkness 20th anniversary deluxe edition book to be printed in black and white? Just because of the setting 😉

    Anyway, I’m really happy Wraith is getting the 20th ed. treatment.

    1. Kyle Avatar

      You know, Black and White would not upset me because that was part of the feel of Wraith to me. Just think, instead of Color, maybe we could get something else?

      I hope to see all of the Arcanoi that were printed in the book, as well as content around shadow play in a more players/gm friendly format (the shadow scared away my players a lot so I had to houserule).

      Oh and Ferrymen! oh man…I love this setting too much

    2. IanW Avatar

      I’d rather we go colour.


      Comparison shots of the vibrant Skinlands versus the muted washed out tones of the Shadowlands. A landscape of the Shadowlands, with a bloated red sun casting its baleful glare over hollowed-out buildings. The sickly green glowing eyes of Intimation.

      There are many possibilities.

      1. Kyle Avatar

        oooooooo I hadn’t thought of that Ian. That is a very good counterpoint for color. I retract my thought above.

      2. V_O Avatar

        Sounds cool, Ian!

      3. Mike Avatar

        I love this idea. Muted or subdued use of colors….I could just see an illustration of an intrepid Wraith, flush with the vibrant hues of his passions braving a Byway through the Tempest as dreary, gray anvil clouds loom in the horizon. Awesome sauce.

  22. Teejinx Avatar

    I just died and went to Stygia. 😀

  23. TiwazTyrsfist Avatar

    Yay! The return of everyone’s favorite soul-forged Ashtray!

  24. Mike Avatar

    AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHhhhhhh! Hurry up and be 2014 already!

  25. Walter Avatar

    Ever since V20 first appeared I’ve been hoping and praying for Wraith20 to eventually arrive. My friend sent me this link on Monday and I’ve been on cloud 9 since then. And the fact that Rich Dansky is coming back on board to develop is absolutely fantastic. I will definitely be throwing as much money as I possibly can at this kickstarter to make sure it’s the best that it can possibly be.

  26. Mike Avatar

    Yeah…I’m normally content with PDFs but I think I’m going top tier with this one.

  27. Chris C Avatar
    Chris C

    I’ve got a bunch of the oWoD books but I’m new to the 20th Anniversary format.

    I guess my question would be…

    Are these the old books just in a new release and with a facelift…or are these rewrites and new material?

    (Nothing wrong with either, I’m just curious which it is.)

    Loved the Wraith books…even though I never got to play.

    Wraith: The Great War was my favorite of the non-modern setting books.

    1. IanW Avatar

      While each X20 contains material from other previously-published books (V20’s count was over a dozen other books), the 20th anniversary books themselves are wholly new. The setting is updated to the modern day, and providing a balance of different editions in both look and feel to smack you right in the nostalgia gland while presenting to you the ultimate rulebook for your preferred game.

      1. Chris C Avatar
        Chris C

        Thanks Ian!

        Just what I needed to know!

      2. Discobutcher Avatar

        Hi !
        So the most important questions are – what is left of the shadowlands after the sixth maelstrom (so is there any place to actually play 😉 ) and if you’re going to include the plot of Orpheus – and probably if you mention the “land in the west” from Mummy the ressurection..
        I’m currently the GM of an Orpheus chronicle with nWoD rules (see Mr. Gone’s site for the rules).

        So much anticipation …

        1. IanW Avatar

          With our other 20th anniversary offerings, the setting has been moved to somewhere around the cusp of 2e and Revised. The end of the world is still coming, but it’s not an immediate concern. I imagine our treatment of Wraith20 will similarly be pre-Maelstrom.

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  29. Feral Gangrel Avatar
    Feral Gangrel

    Is now too soon to give you money?

  30. William Sanford Avatar

    I remember as a teen visiting my local, now defunct game shop City of Atlantis and all these gothy, black lipstick and Marilyn Manson t-shirt wearing gamers talking about their Vampires or Werewolves and what-have-you’s with fangs and claws, oh my (some of these guys were my friends; gasp). And here I was, this pudgy, overweight teen who wore polo’s and jeans, trying desperately in my own angsty way to simply not stand out in any meaningful way what-so-ever. City’s hosting this all night gaming event and I notice there’s this softcover book in the White Wolf section, with its cold cold iron chains and this glow-in-the-dark emblem and my Goth friends warn me, “Oh, that game is boring; stay away.” What they couldn’t understand is that this understated, black and white, and softcover book was calling me. It whispered to me when I snuck outside to smoke cigarettes in the dark, snowy Indiana cold and then, I purchased it and my goth friends giggled,” I can’t believe you bought that? There’s nothing cool in there.” I read the book like I’ve never read any gaming book and I so desperately wanted to run it, or just perhaps play it under a good Storyteller. I even bought a few of the supplements. But alas, it is the one game I own and have never played. Fast forward to my later adult life; college graduate, dead end job, back living with my parent, my only hope for the future is the possible toying with the idea of Graduate school. But, I’m blessed with a couple of gamer friends and we’re more mature, taking more gaming risks and I’m building a possible campaign idea out of Geist the Sin-Eaters and another friend is flirting with either FATE or Vampire the Requiem; maybe both. And then, I read this little one line post about Wraith 20th anniversary. You made my 30’s Mr. IanW, sir. I will be contributing to the Kickstarter. Thank you.

  31. […] If you’re interested in playing as a Hunter, this is the book of you. Rich Dansky has also announced that Wraith: the Oblivion 20th Anniversary edition will be coming out in […]

  32. JSun Avatar

    I ran a LARP Wraith game for many years. Hands down, the best RPG ever. Wraith was so skillfully detailed and so playable and so creative. With all the X20 games coming out, I never though I’d see this. I am SO thrilled. Please tell me they will flesh out the other 7 Guilds that never got Guildbooks. Please please please please….

  33. Aeoris Avatar

    So excited. Am actually running a Wraith game right now. Sign me up:)

  34. Avernus Avatar

    How do you get around the over-the-top bleakness of the setting? I’m not talking about the being dead part or even the Shadow (both of those things are manageable despite the bad rap), but the fact that the people and institutions look like they came from Warhammer 40K. Pretty much everyone will try to enslave, sell and soulforge you at the first opportunity, you can be executed for simply knowing half the arcanoi in the game (and you carry obvious tell-tales), and pretty much “your afterlifespan is measured in minutes.” Assuming the troupe ignores or severely downplays that, there’s a sharp divide in the game’s already indistinct focus: is the game about a ghost dealing with the living, or about a ghost dealing with the bizarre afterlife? There’s no real connection between the two and you will be executed for trying to associate with the living.

    The game has a very, very good idea at its core, but the execution is far too extreme and loses sight of the original point. You’re dead, so obviously trying to deal with the living with be fraught will problems, but it’s absurdly cruel to create a horrible, malevolent afterlife society that actively discourages you from pursuing your unfinished business.

    On top of that, I sometimes got the impression from discussions that players were often more interested in playing the afterlife bureaucracy or surfing the the river Styx than actually dealing with the wraith’s unfinished business, so I’m not sure if anyone else shares my view.

  35. […] … it’s happening. Late 2014. Developed by Rich “Deadguy” Dansky. Facebook page  […]

  36. Eric Avatar

    I hope this is true! I’m actually planning on starting a W:TO chronicle in the Fall of 2014, so the the timing for this would be perfect. 🙂

  37. Yandros Avatar

    I am so happy about this! I am currently participating in a Wraith game and absolutely LOVE it! This is hands down my favorite WOD setting.

    I too would love to see the other guild books released!

    Would also like to see some beautiful artwork and further images/emblems for things like Oboli, different ranks in the Hierarchy, etc.


  38. Ben Wenham Avatar
    Ben Wenham


  39. Anthony Kuchta Avatar
    Anthony Kuchta

    Take my Oboli! Im so hyped right now.

  40. […] “ … it’s happening. Late 2014. Developed by Rich “Deadguy” Dansky. Facebook page”  […]

  41. James Avatar

    I never, ever thought in a million years that I’d see this game reprinted. My copy sits right next to Kindred of the East (another awesome book).

    V20 is amazing. I will definitely be kickstarting this one.

  42. Ryan Avatar

    Oh Wraith, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

    But seriously, I started my foray into the world of RPGs with the typical AD&D. I later found myself enthralled in the then FASA Corporations’ Battletech. Next, a friend introduced me to Vampire: The Masquerade. I soon learned of Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension. But, I wanted my own storyteller game. So, I went to the now-closed game shop in my hometown and found this hard cover, gray book with chains and a weird diamond on the cover. I purchased it and was addicted to Wraith. I started with 2nd Edition and now own every single book except for a real physical copy of Spectres Dark Reflections, but I did find a PDF and printed it out. I even found a soft cover version several years later. I really wished the other Guilds would have gotten Guildbooks. I even remember emailing Lucian Soulban directly to ask why was Wraith being destroyed in Ends of Empire.
    My friends never really got into it, but until this day they do still talk about the Wraith Western I ran from Midnight Express. They actually enjoyed that game. I know some people now who are just as big of fans as I, so at least we have something in common. LOL
    Anyway, my point is I love Wraith and I can’t wait for Wraith 20.

  43. Ever Avatar

    This is awesome! But, what happened to the 2014 release schedule for WtO 20? Of course it can be pushed back, but it’s now listed as “…On the horizon.” Would you let all us fans know what’s up?

  44. Piotr Avatar

    Any news on the Kickstarter for this game? I`m sooooo waiting 🙂 Take my oboli now!

  45. Quiet Storm Avatar
    Quiet Storm

    Gen Con announcement said that Changeling: the Dreaming is getting a 20th Anniversary edition …

    Check FaceBook folks. There is a page for all of the Kickstarters; Including Wraith & Changeling.