Interview With Mummy Developer: Part Two

Mummy the Curse

Recently, we posted the first round of interview questions with Mummy: the Curse developer C.A. Suleiman. Today, we’re happy to present you with second and final part of a two-part interview. Enjoy!

1. You gave a great description of the Su-Menent as the ‘IT guys of the tomb’ and you would contact one not because you couldn’t repair your tomb but because they could do it faster. I think this elevator pitch for the guild is perfect and really helps me grok them as a group. How would you pitch the other guilds?

Well, I know that the Egyptian-sounding names can catch some people up, so I’m all in favor of the informal “short-hand” they’ve been given: The Maa-Kep are Laborers, the Mesen-Nebu are Alchemists, the Sesha-Hebsu are Scribes, the Su-Menent are Priests/IT guys, and the Tef-Aabhi are Masons. If I only had 25 words or less with which to pitch one of the guilds, my pitch would likely revolve around its nickname.

2. Does Anpu have a particular plan for the Arisen?

He certainly does play a central and unique role in their unlives, doesn’t he. Whether that role constitutes a “plan” is a different question, I think; and another question still might be, “If it does constitute a ‘plan,’ is it really Anpu’s plan?” You’re right to ask the question, though. The workings of Fate are a core part of the game for a reason, after all.

3. Why did the Shan’iatu bargain with Ammut in particular for power?

This question is interesting in that it pre-supposes that the Shan’iatu had a choice.

4. Any possibility of incorporating other kinds of mummies in future books or is it gonna be restricted to Iremites only?

As it says in the corebook, there really aren’t any other kinds of true mummies. That’s the reason they’re special: they’re the only ones. What you might see in a future supplement, though, is some attention paid to the various attempts on the part of ‘inheritor’ cultures to reproduce either the concept or the effect of the true Rite of Return.

5. How would you use the Judges of Duat in the context of an action game? What role do they get to play?

They really only serve as background – motivation and the absence of it – for the Arisen. If a story features an element pertaining to a mummy’s Judge’s portfolio, then the mummy’s pursuit of that element would heighten his Judge’s role in the game, certainly. And depending on which Judge he serves, and what that Judge’s portfolio is all about, the twists and turns of that side-trek could prove as thrilling as any action story could be. One conceit I particularly enjoy is the notion of the unstable mummy who runs around doing stuff in such a methodical, fanatical way that he effectively becomes his Judge’s avatar on Earth.

6. Are there any new antagonists planned to rear their ugly heads in future supplements of the new Mummy line?

You bet your boots, there will. As anyone familiar with my work can tell, I’m a pretty big fan of stocking the pantry with plenty of villainy, and Mummy: the Curse is no exception.

7. What concept(s) in the game get you excited to the point where you start to become jittery?

I try not to get too jittery unless I’m too cold to do anything about it, but I definitely get excited thinking about the overall aesthetic of the game and its themes. I’ve had some version of it in my head for years, so it’s glorious to see it all come together. I’m also excited to hear stories of other people doing interesting things with the game. Any time someone comes up with an idea that I wish I’d thought of, that’s pretty exciting for me.

8. Will there ever be hints of The God Machine Chronicle in the Mummy line?

Momma told me “never say never,” so I’m going to call it highly unlikely.

9. Will we see any information on how the other splats (Werewolf, Vampire, etc.) interacted with the Nameless Empire?

This question is very similar to the last – and begets a very similar answer.

10. Will the Mummy line ever let the Shan’iatu present their side of the story; why they chose to do what they did in the last days of the Nameless Empire?

A thoughtful question, and ultimately one that only you, the fans, can answer. Depending on how much support the line gets in these first two years, we could see all manner of things explored in future sourcebooks. It really does depend on you guys.

11. Was the work of Egyptologist R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, whom I have long found fascinating, a major influence on Mummy: The Curse?

A major influence on the game, no. An influence on me personally, yes. Budge makes for more accessible points of reference, but De Lubicz did a lot of the real brainwork in Egyptology.

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  1. this is great and the game is great. but i do really wish it was compatible with GMC. 🙁 please continue to consider a conversion guide.


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