[They Came From Beneath The Sea] The Director’s Chair Preview

Ahoy there! Matthew here, with a blog post about our upcoming B-Movie sci-fi game, They Came From Beneath The Sea! This game is all about the thrills of the cinema, whether it be special effects, death-defying stunts, awful one-liners, or horrible monsters. They Came From has a rose-tinted view of the era in which it’s … Read more

Open Dev: Closing the Review Window for Hunter: The Vigil 2E Submissions

Hey folks, long time no see! First, thanks so much for sending in your submissions and following my instructions. I wanted give you a short update today to let you know where we’re at, and what my plans are over the next couple of weeks. Closing Submissions for Review – Submissions sent to us after … Read more

Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition Open Call and Thoughts on Hiring

Hello! Today, I want to talk about the Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition, and run through some of the decisions I’ll be weighing as I review candidates. I want to share with you what my thought processes are, too, so you understand some of the responsibilities I have as the developer for this game line. … Read more

5 Essential Tips to Becoming a Successful Vitaephile [Vampire: The Masquerade]

Think you’ve got a handle on choosing the best-tasting sources of blood? Believe the taste of vitae can only be described as “coppery” or “intoxicating”? Guess again. In an exclusive with Sanguinary Magazine, Ventrue antitribu and renowned vitaephile Blair Montgomery-Worthington offers us her top five tips for finding, selling, and properly storing vitae for future … Read more

Hunter 2E Open Dev: Slash! Slash! Slashers!

After spending the last couple of posts talking about compacts, I want to flip over and address slashers before we move onto conspiracies and, afterward, cells. A lot of what I’m talking about in this post, with respect to slashers, is speculative as opposed to definitive because I’m still in the brainstorming pre-outline phase. Also, … Read more