Mummy: The Curse Actual Plays

As I’m sure you saw yesterday, we released Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition via PDF and Print on Demand over on DriveThruRPG! Here’s the link in case you need it:

In my experience with Mummy, I’ve found some folks really want to play a game but don’t have any experience with a game quite like it, and so feel daunted by the prospect. Although we have an excellent Storytelling chapter in the book, we also have access to a whole bunch of actual plays and podcasts where you can find out a little more about Mummy: The Curse, and hopefully grow your confidence with it!

If you’re interested in playing Mummy, we recommend the following shows:

Onyx Path Con Mummy: The Curse Actual Play, with Storyteller Rick Wheeler:

Red Moon Roleplaying’s Mummy: The Curse Actual Play – Eternal Reward
Episode 00 – Character Creation:
Episode 01 – We’ll Always Have Paris:
Episode 02 – Resistance:
Episode 03 – The King’s Head:
Episode 04 – The High Ground:
Episode 05 – Mercy:

Gehenna Gaming – The Contagion Chronicle – Mummy: The Curse Actual Play:

Onyx Pathcast Episode 78 – Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition Deep Dive:

And stay tuned to the Onyx Pathcast, because we have another Mummy: The Curse deep dive episode coming up soon!







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