New Release: Convention Book: Void Engineers

Void Engineers
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The Void Engineers are hiding something. They’ve traded many of their ideals for guns, turned vessels of peaceful exploration into mobile defense platforms, and — most frightening to the Union — forged themselves into an organized military. They’ve kept the rest of the Technocracy grounded as they fight a mysterious war beyond the boundaries of Earth against adversaries too heinous to name.

As much as that’s tearing the Technocratic Union apart, that’s the only way it can be: only the Void Engineers can defend Consensual Reality from horrors beyond. For only they can stand before what lurks out there, hungry to return to Earth.


The world beyond Earth has changed much in fifteen years, and not just from the Dimensional Anomaly. The Engineers have been forced to adapt to a Void growing ever darker. Convention Book: Void Engineers updates Mage: the Ascension with fresh 21st century ideas of the starfaring Convention — once filled with hopeful explorers and rebellious dreamers, now scarred by their secret war.

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  1. Dear Rich or Ian,

    I have asked this before elsewhere and not gotten a clear answer (or maybe it was clear and I just didn’t understand). Perhaps you can help? I was heavy into Mage 2nd Edition but never got any Revised Books.

    I plan on participating in the Mage20 Kickstarter.

    My concern about getting these Revised Convention (or even the Tradition) books is that they’ll be redone again for Mage20. I mean honestly, is it in my best interest to get any of the Mage Revised Books? Or should I buy nothing and wait for the Kickstarter and thus “start fresh” from that point on?

    Thanks in advance for your candor!

    • We only just finished the Convention Books. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll release a brand new set so soon after the last one.

      • Ian,

        I’m not part of the regular fan base, so I don’t know these things. That’s why I’m asking for information.

        A quick search on Amazon shows the Revised Tradition books go back to 2001 to 2003. Taking that into consideration, I don’t think it is a bad thing to be an informed consumer.

        As a side note.. In a different post I reported that I couldn’t see anything but two posts? I closed out Chrome and tried again and still couldn’t see them. I dusted off old Internet Explorer and it worked fine.

      • Uncool vjj.

        Write a review with a real name if that’s how you feel.

        I just wanted to know if the books would be obsoleted any time soon. I get why Ian put “just” finished in italics, but the Traditions books are 10 years old and the Old White Wolf was quite proficient as turning Splatbooks around. I just want to know what to expect.

        • Tradition Books are nearly a decade old at this point, so they’d be more likely to see updates than would the Convention Books. We’re not on the publishing treadmill anymore, so we don’t need to continually pump supplements out just to stay afloat.

          More likely we’d see something closer in concept to the Guide to the Traditions. In any case, there’s nothing like this on the schedule for the next year.

  2. Hey folks!

    Hopefully you’ll see this. I made a comment earlier today, and I see there have been at least two replies since. Strangely enough I can’t see my own reply or any of the posts that have followed since. In fact, all I can see are the first two posts by Tetsuo and Marin.

    I don’t know of this is a website issue? I might try to close out my browser and look at the site with a different one.

  3. Ian, Question:

    Are we going to see more detail on Threat Null in the future?

    Threat null reminds me of one of the extreme facets of reality, like:

    Wyrm = Nephandi

    Wyld = Marauders

    Now Weaver = Threat Null

    The techs and traditions represent the center(balance) but the tech leans more to the weaver while traditions lean more to the wyld. And if you are extreme, the non nephandi infernalists leans towards the wyrm.


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