Now Available: A Scion Tasty Bit, plus an Apocalyptic Screen!

Now available in PDF via DriveThruRPG: The Village, a Storypath Tasty Bit for Scion: Demigod 2nd Edition!

Many villages dot the United Kingdom; each has a history and a story. The Welsh village of Bodedern on the Isle of Anglesey has kept a secret for nearly two thousand years: it is here that Julius Caesar killed the Nemetondevos’ God of the Hunt, Cernunnos, on his demigod’s path to apotheosis. A massive oak tree grew from his blood and the few loyal druids still living built homes here to watch over the tree. In the 21st century, a handful of devout druidic lineages remain, their faith unbroken.

This Tasty Bit for Scion: Demigod contains a short scenario, “The Village.” It also provides a map of a village suitable for VTT play. It requires a copy of Scion: Origin, Scion: Hero, and Scion: Demigod to play.

Also available in PDF, the Apocalyptic Record Storyteller Screen for Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition!

The PDF version of the Storytellers Screen for the Apocalyptic Record supplement for the Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition roleplaying game, a World of Darkness RPG, provides a collection charts and other info to make the Storyteller’s role a little bit easier.

Print it out for your table or add it to your tablet for quick reference when storytelling a game of Werewolf!

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Crowdfunding Update

They Came From the RPG Anthology! closed last week! We ended with $31,011 (or 155%) of our $20,000 goal, thanks to our 559 backers!

This is a core rulebook, not a supplement, so it includes all the rules you need to play. Plus! a host of new potential settings:

  • They Came from Cowboy’s Gulch! (cowboys)
  • They Came from the Mean Streets! (noir)
  • They Came from Bridgton Rectory! (costume dramas)
  • They Came from the Bard’s Quill! (Shakespeare)
  • They Came from the Interstellar Starship! (sci-fi)
  • They Came from Chapter X (an additional genre to be determined, added via stretch goal)
  • Plus, you voted for adding:
    • Week 1: They Came from the Billiard Room with the Candlestick! (mystery)
    • Week 2: They Came from Beneath Capes and Cowls! (superheroes)
    • Week 3: They Came from the Meticulously Planned Bank Job! (heist and gangster media)
    • Week 4: They Came from Avast Behind! (pirates)
    • Diplomat: A $5000 pledge tier was purchased, allowing the Diplomat to pick one of the previous non-winning options!

Coming up next: Trinity Continuum: Aegis, a Trinity Continuum game set in Ancient Greece during the Bronze Age collapse!

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