Now Available: Adventure! Addendum, plus Adventure! VTT

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: the Adventure! Addendum for Trinity Continuum: Adventure!

“What sort of self-respecting overlord doesn’t have a base. Not just some hole in the ground, or house where you keep your trinkets. No, there must be art! There must be panache! It must FLY!”

— Dr. Manfred von Zorbo

The Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Addendum! is a supplement for Trinity Continuum: Adventure! and contains additional rules and information to support games in the Adventure! era.

Inside, you will find:

  • Rules for creating non-human characters.
  • Rules for creating and investing in a special base of operations for your characters.
  • Information about three new alternate timelines created by Max Mercer’s time travel.
  • Over a dozen strange devices housed in top security Branch 9 facilities.

Also available: Adventure! VTT Assets!

“Don’t try to pin my success on mind-reading, kid. Nothing beats hard work and worn soles for getting to the bottom of a good story. I was a success well before I covered the Hammersmith affair. The only thing that’s done for me is make the world a much more exciting place to get a scoop.”

— Helen Perkins, Mesmerist

Trinity Continuum: Adventure! is a game of pulp action and daring adventures.

This set of Trinity Continuum: Adventure! VTT Assets includes 186 character tokens drawn from the Trinity Continuum: Adventure! rulebook! Upload them to the virtual tabletop platform of your choice to tell your own heroic tales!

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