Now live on BackerKit: The World Below!

The World Below provides. But you must dig. You must explore. You must map. You must build. You must defend. The World Below provides, but only to the worthy. 

Your surroundings are horrific and wondrous. Extract gemstones and find natural springs of nourishing water, but be cautious: excavate too far, and you’ll wake the creatures in the walls, the caves, and the Dark.

The World Below is a game of adversity, heroism, terror, and awe. Your characters will overcome or be defeated by terrible beasts, environmental calamities, and Kaos storms ravaging their surroundings and the souls around them. They will chart their journeys, chronicle their tales, and pass their stories down to their descendants, who will in turn become your characters when your old ones perish or retire.

The primary purpose behind this crowdfunding campaign is to enable Onyx Path to create a fully-developed PDF and two hardcover versions of The World Below. With your support we create a standard full-color hardcover book, which will be sent out as a reward to backers and also made available to game and hobby stores through Onyx Path’s distribution partners.  In addition, we want to create a limited edition deluxe version, with special cover design featured on a leatherette cover and a bound-in bookmark that’ll be available only through a special pledge tier.

>>> Join us now in the World Below! <<<

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