Now Available: Æon Ready-Made Characters and Vigil Watch Part 1!

Now available in PDF and print-on-demand via DriveThruRPG: Ready-Made Characters for Trinity Continuum: Æon!

Don’t wait, humanity needs you now!

Do you want to game but your players aren’t sure what to play? Looking for inspiration to get you into the world of Æon? This book is for you!

These six ready-made characters cover a range of psions eager to face whatever challenges your story brings. Each character is complete with background and roleplay suggestions. Or, if your players would prefer to explore something different, each character has alternative versions of the paths their lives may have taken. For Storyguides, every character also includes an antagonist character sheet so you can use them as foes, foils, or friends for the player’s own characters. 

Æon Ready-Made Characters includes:

  • Six pre-generated player characters, ready to explore the world of Trinity Continuum: Æon
  • Two alternative versions of each character, detailing the changes required to bring them to life.
  • An antagonist character sheet for the primary version of each character.
  • Four story hooks to help Storyguides build their worlds, either as starting points or to drop into existing campaigns.

Also available in PDF via DriveThruRPG: Vigil Watch Chapter 1: The Toe Islands!

Ghelspad Expanded!

Ghelspad is a massive and diverse land. Once a paradise, this continent is now scarred by the ravages of the Titanswar. In the wake of divine bloodshed, and beset on all sides by titanspawn, the people of Ghelspad survive and thrive on this befouled continent. Vigil Watch explores six different locations across Ghelspad.

From the bloody shores of the Toe Islands in the east to the Sweltering Plains of the west, Vigil Watch provides an in-depth look at a variety of locales and cultures.

A Land Where Legends Walk

Drawing enthusiastically on Greek mythology, the revised and re-imagined Scarred Lands nonetheless retains its place as a modern fantasy RPG setting. This is a world shaped by gods and monsters, and only the greatest of heroes can expect to be counted among them. The most populous continent of Scarn, Ghelspad, plays host to vast unexplored regions, hides unsolved riddles from ancient cultures, and taunts adventures with the promise of undiscovered riches hidden among the ruins of older civilizations.

Yet the myths of the Scarred Lands are relatively recent events. The effects of the Titanswar still ripple through the world, and the heroines and villains of many of these stories are part of living memory, if not still alive themselves.

Finally, last week’s Chicago by Night for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition is now available from IPR!


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Kickstarter Update

We have one week left in the Kickstarter for Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition! We reached our $25,000 funding goal in under three hours, and are currently at $77,313, or 309%! Our thanks to the 1,544 backers!

We’ve reached the following stretch goals so far:

  • Hunter Storyteller Screen
  • Tending the Flame: Cells: A chapter on navigating Tier One hunter society. Compacts: A chapter on navigating Tier Two hunter society.
  • The Ascending Ones archive: A bundle of Hunter 1e products, including Night Stalkers, Blood Drive, Dark Eras: Fallen Blossoms
  • Malleus Maleficarum scrolls: A bundle of Hunter 1e products, including Spirit Slayers, Bad Night at Blackmoon Farm, Under the Skin
  • Records of the Lucifuge: A bundle of Hunter 1e products, including Mortal Remains, Block by Bloody Block, and Tooth and Nail
  • At-cost Backer T-shirt
  • Digital wallpaper

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